Companies with the Coolest Perks and Benefits in Finland in 2020

People are the company's most valuable asset. Those extra things that companies do for their employees are something that makes working there truly special. If there's one thing that's worthy of bragging about at the happy hour, it's the cool perks and benefits that...

Interview: Hanna Kontinen, Head of Talent & Culture at Brella

Brella needs to recruit new talent to keep up with the demand for their event solutions. They are also focusing on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Personality vs Tech Skills in Software Development: Interview with Danas Venclovas, Head of IT Recruitment at People Link

Software speciality is a major force in the job market. Unfortunately the field is strongly stereotyped. It is commonly believed that software engineers are introverts that work silently in the corner – somewhat typical nerds 🤓. #ILookLikeAnEngineer was called into...
It jobs in Lithuania

The Explosive Promise of IT Jobs in Lithuania

The fifth happiest country in the world to live and work is also fast becoming the destination of choice for IT and Fintech. IT jobs in Lithuania never had it this good.

How to get more applicants

5 Tips to 10x Your Job Offer Viewers & Applicants

Writing a great job opening takes time – you can easily spend 3-4 hours putting together a well-researched offer. Next, you’ll hit the “publish” button on your Careers page and start waiting for the talent to knock on the door. But that’s only when the real work...
lithuanian job market report on april 29, 2020

Lithuanian Job Market Report, April 29, 2020

What are the latest job offers in Lithuania? How is the current trend in the sales and development sector? Find out the answers in our latest Lithuanian Job Market Report.

10 Ways to Get More Job Applicants when Hiring

How to get 5x more job applicants when hiring? Here are our secret hacks, from social media ads to writing the perfect job offer.

HR jobs in Estonia

2019 Trends for HR Jobs in Estonia

If you could have your pick of HR jobs in Estonia, which company would top your list? Well, that choice just may change after you’ve seen our fresh data on HR jobs in Estonia.

Finance jobs in Estonia

Finance Jobs in Estonia: 2019 Trends for the Superheroes of Estonian Business

Accounting and finance experts are the superheroes that every business needs. Learn about their importance and the industry for finance jobs in Estonia.

Lithuanian Job Market: November vs May

Discover what has changed in the Lithuanian job market since May 2020 and how the first and second waves of the coronavirus pandemic have affected the market.