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Software development jobs in Lithuania

Software Development Jobs in Lithuania: All You Need to Know

What’s the latest scoop on the best places to work and the best offers for software development jobs in Lithuania? Find everything you’re dying to know, right here.

Marketing jobs in Estonia

Marketing Jobs In Estonia: What’s Hot and Not In 2019

We take a look at what employers are looking for in marketers. Some tasty morsels of insights from salaries, skills and seniority in marketing jobs in Estonia.

HR jobs in Finland

A Guide to HR Jobs in Finland: Data You Need to Know

Talent hunting, recruitment or team management? What skills do you need to make north of €2,500 working in HR jobs in Finland? Find out all the data you need.

Fintech finland

12 Fintech Companies in Finland to Watch Out for in 2019

FinTech is a big thing in Finland. Currently there are 170+ FinTech companies that generated over a billion euros in revenue in Finland in 2018.

starship jobs

Starship Technologies

They are a company building a network of robots ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Starship's mission is to revolutionise last-mile delivery with technology. They offer many interesting challenges at a pioneering robotics technology company. If you are looking for...
designer jobs in finland

What is Trending for The Best Designer Jobs in Finland?

For a country that proudly calls itself the world’s design capital, designer jobs in Finland should be on another level. Here’s why that may be the case.

finance jobs in finland

How Well Does Technology Get Along with Finance Jobs in Finland?

Are accounting and finance jobs in Finland at risk from technology? What skills do you need to succeed in this market? Find out all about it.

Sales jobs in Finland

Sales Jobs in Finland: Are you the right candidate?

With sales reps spending almost 80% of their time prospecting leads that will never convert, sales jobs in Finland can be challenging.

how to fire

How to Fire People Without Getting Into a Scandal

Sometimes conflicts arise in the workplace. What are the next steps? How do you make this not turn into an ugly mess? What’s the protocol here?

startups in lithuania

Startups in Lithuania – 31 Game Changers to Look Out For

Which startups in Lithuania are making waves right now? You’ve definitely heard of some, but there are some innovators that have quietly made it big 🙂