To help companies and job-seekers cope in times of crisis, we’re making some fast changes to the MeetFrank app. 

We have already launched the remote job offers category in our app and launched Insights to show real-time job market data.

But there are also many companies that do not want to risk hiring additional full-time employees right now. Or that simply need project-based help urgently.

To bring together people looking for a job and companies in need of talent, we have launched three new job offer types: 

  • Freelance part-time jobs
  • Freelance project-based jobs
  • Internships

meetfrank job offer types

We hope this will give greater flexibility to the companies searching for top talent, and will also help to bring more opportunities to the market.

Let’s take a closer look at each job offer type in the MeetFrank app. 👀


Introducing freelance part-time jobs

The part-time job offers are a good fit for companies looking to hire people at a lower weekly work volume than a full-time role.

For example, some companies might need a designer only 50-60h per month. The part-time jobs provide an opportunity to hire talent at an agreed-upon hourly contribution.

💎 We recommend to use a part-time job offer when:

  • You’re looking to hire someone at a lower schedule than full-time 
  • You’re looking for a team member or a freelancer for long-term collaboration (6+ months)
  • You’re certain that you can provide a stable workflow to the person hired


Introducing freelance project-based jobs

The project-based jobs are suitable for companies looking to bring top talent into a specific limited-time project.

This could mean a 3-month software development project where you need extra hands, or a one-off consultation from someone highly experienced in their field.

By letting the job-seekers know that a job is project-based, businesses can attract top talent looking for a side gig.

You can get top talent not available via freelance job sites to join your projects. That sounds pretty cool, right?

💎We recommend to use the project-based job offer when:

  • You need extra workforce to a specific limited-time project (1-6 months) 
  • You want to find a top-level expert to consult your company
  • You want to hire a contractor for a limited-time without any commitment


Introducing internships

The spring is here and so will soon be the summer. This means that many graduates and university students will be looking for internship opportunities. 👀👀👀

In today’s grim outlook, taking interns to your team might seem more difficult. But pause and think about how much you could help young talented people looking to take the first steps in their career.

We hope that many companies in the MeetFrank family will help the graduates by adding cool internship offers.

To add a job offer to the MeetFrank app, sign up here or visit the Employer Web if you’re already a user. 

To help job-seekers around the globe to find a job during the difficult times, we are offering all new companies hiring with MeetFrank a free trial and we will extend it throughout the crisis. 

❤️ Help us help the community by adding all your job offers to the MeetFrank app.