5 Industries Boosted by the Pandemic 

5 Industries Boosted by the Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the global landscape in many ways. While the pandemic has led to massive losses worldwide for many businesses, it has also resulted in a dramatic increase in demand for some industries. In this article we will focus on these newly rising stars. 🌟

2020 was a rollercoaster for the entire world, regardless of where we live or in which industry we work in. Some industries such as Tourism saw a dramatic fall, and others grew from strength to strength. 🎢

Let’s discover which industries these are and what has led them to success. 💪


Digital tools, software, and anything that is related to remote work

“Remote work”, “working remotely”, “hybrid work”… These are the words we have heard the most in 2020 when talking about business of any kind. Zoom meetings became the new normal, and we all got used to seeing our colleagues on screen, not in person. 😷

Did you know that as of April 2020, despite the decrease in the value of many tech companies, Zoom’s shares rose as the pandemic spread and Microsoft Teams reached 44 million users?

With that being said, how to survive the pandemic and increase revenues are complete no-brainers for software product and digital tool companies that make remote working easier. Just like Brella, a networking platform that has been looking for new talent amid the pandemic. 😊

Brella                                                           Check out Brella’s latest openings!

Based in Finland, Brella is the world’s leading virtual event platform and is proud to have successfully hosted some of the world’s largest conferences and exhibitions. The company covers all bases as it facilitates physical and hybrid events too, not only online ones. 

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Healthcare services, digital healthcare tools, and virtual solutions

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have all become more aware of the limitations of the healthcare system in our country, regardless of where we live. In that sense, the pandemic has made it inevitable that healthcare apps and virtual healthcare solutions are in high demand. 💊

Even in early 2020, when the pandemic had not yet taken hold across the entire world, a boom in mobile healthcare solutions was noted. The market drivers were said to be a large pool of patients, increases in government funding, growing adoption of smartphones and increasing penetration of 3G and 4G networks in developing regions.

So, which leading Healthcare company is collaborating with the MeetFrank app? 🕵️‍♀️

Nortal                                                                        Join the Nortal team!

🌡Nortal offers digital healthcare solutions bringing together distinctive design, software engineering, and strategic consulting. Their favorite keywords are “digital transformation”, “innovation”, and “quality”and they mean it! 💪

If you want to be part of the Nortal team and also work in an up and coming industry, don’t forget to check their openings (because they are up!) on the MeetFrank app! 🎇


Online shopping, e-commerce and consumption addiction 

The incredible transmission pace of the coronavirus and the aftermath of the worldwide lockdown showed us how important it is to be able to have access to digital tools in our daily lives. Sometimes, survival can be as simple as being able to go to the grocery store without risking your life as well as the lives of others. 😷

And also there is another truth we should mention. Staying at home and not being able to socialise has also led to a higher amount of online shopping. According to a global survey, nearly 40% of people say they’re shopping on the internet weekly, up from 30% pre-pandemic. So, you are not alone! 🛒

In the UK, the ONS reported that online sales reached higher than usual levels over the course of the first six months of the pandemic. 🛍

Yaga                                                               Keep an eye on Yaga’s openings!

As the fastest growing marketplace for new and secondhand fashion in Estonia and South Africa, Yaga is a successful e-commerce company from Estonia. The good news is, even during the pandemic, they have kept on hiring new talent! 👏

If you are interested in working in a leading industry while contributing to sustainability, keep an eye on the MeetFrank app to catch when Yaga has a new opening! ✅

Have a look at the latest openings in online shopping in MeetFrank:



Electronic transfer tools and FinTech no to cash, yes to hygiene

“While we could see it coming, once it hit, the pandemic changed business overnight. And when a crisis like this happens, the pace of business is totally different. Weeks start to feel like months, and outcomes are impossible to predict.” This is how Sharat Sharan, CEO, President, and Co-Founder of ON24, a digital experience platform, describes the global pandemic in a Forbes interview. 

Fortunately, some industries have been able to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. FinTech companies offering cashless solutions such as electronic transfer tools and debit cards are a great example. 💰

One of the reasons for the growth of FinTech is that the industry is maturing and providing a more holistic solution for customers. In addition to that, tech innovations in the recent years and big acquisitions such as Visa’s purchase of Plaid have been helping fuel the industry. 🌟

Opera Wouldn’t having a meeting there at Opera be fun?

Speaking of FinTech, Opera is a Norwegian internet company which offers web browsers, news aggregation services, data compression, and privacy software entered the FinTech solution industry in 2020. Overall, they have a global user base of over 350 million, and in other news –  they are collaborating with the MeetFrank app!

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E-Learning, remote learning tools, and remote education 

Did you know that school and university closures have impacted over 1.5 billion learners in more than 180 countries? 🎒

One of the emerging industries boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly been e-Learning. Google Hangouts and web apps like Seesaw have become the new normal for students, and lots of new e-learning solutions are being developed as well. 

It seems e-Learning technologies will continue to advance in the coming years, and remote study will remain as an option if not a new norm when the pandemic is over. 😷 So, if you are on the verge of a career change, definitely consider this field! If your focus is already e-Learning, congrats you are on the right path!

We hope all businesses can adapt to the new normal –  finding innovative ways to not only survive but also to thrive! And we hope that the pandemic ends soon. Until then, make the industries above your priority when you are job-hunting! 🍀

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The Latvian Startup Ecosystem: A Hidden Gem in the Baltics

The Latvian Startup Ecosystem: A Hidden Gem in the Baltics

Not everyone knows that Latvia is the birthplace of many ‘firsts’ from the first ‘spy camera’ used during the Second World War to the first drone with the “follow me” option. ✅

This Baltic country located between Estonia and Lithuania seems to have picked up its neighbours’ passions for innovation, pioneering ideas, and technology. Recently, its growing startup scene has been attracting more and more attention from entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Latvia became a member of the EU in 2004 and also joined the Eurozone in 2014. Since then, the country has flourished with its well-educated and smart talent pool, vibrant startup ecosystem and low cost of doing business. 🚀

Before diving into what makes Latvia a great place for startups and entrepreneurs of any expertise, let’s have a look at the country’s startup ecosystem. 🕵️‍♀️


Introduction to Latvia’s startup ecosystem 

Let’s rewind to 2008 when the economic crisis was shaking the whole world. Latvia is one of the rare countries which recovered from the crisis through entering the startup world. 

According to EU-Startups magazine, “the slump was a turning point for many Latvians to plunge into new ventures and ever since then startups haven’t stopped emerging over the country”.

🥁 Here are 7 facts about Latvia’s vibrant business environment: 

✅ Riga, Latvia’s capital, hosts the majority of the country’s startups. Recently, it has become more popular on an international level as well.

Jūrmala, which is one of the biggest city in the country, attracts startups too.

✅ Daugavpils, a city in southeastern Latvia, is popular in terms of coworking spaces and events. 

✅ The Latvian startup infrastructure consists of 400+ registered startups

✅ Who would not love a fast internet? Latvia ranked as the 10th country with the fastest internet worldwide. Moreover, you can find free wi-fi almost everywhere in the Riga city centre! 

Startup Latvia shares a very interesting insight about why Latvia is a great choice for startups which we will also mention in the following section: as the startup market is unsaturated, you don’t have to be a genius like in Silicon Valley… you just need to be very good. 

✅ Deep tech, fintech, and SaaS products make up the majority of the Latvia-based products (for now!).


What makes Latvia a great country for startups?

Before starting this section, we assure you that this will not be a short one! There are many reasons why many startups have emerged in Latvia over the years and why its popularity is ever-growing . 

Christmas in Latvia Latvia in Christmas time – Photo by Daniels Joffe on Unsplash

👉 If you are a startup founder or planning to start one in the near future, you probably know how much it matters to have access to business incubation programmes and support from the government. Well, it seems Latvia has already nailed it! 

In this Baltic country, if you are a startup owner, you can easily have access to one of the diverse range of modern co-working spaces along with many business incubators – which are supported by not only the government but also the academic and private sectors. 

👉 One of the factors that makes Riga’s business scene even more vibrant is that the city hosts a high number of tech conferences such as TechChillDigital Freedom Festival, iNovuss, and Deep Tech Atelier

👉 So, what’s out there for citizens of non-EU countries? If you are one of them, start packing now – Latvia has thought of you too! 

Did you know that a Startup Law has been passed and now, you and your spouse and children can officially apply for a Startup Visa? The goal is to make the country’s startup ecosystem more productive with the arrival of creative entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and mindsets.

You can find more information about the Startup Visa from Startup Latvia!

Wondering about the Startup Law and the financial support for startups? Here is a couple of points that could encourage you to consider Latvia as your new country of residence: 

➡️ Did you know that Latvia is one of the first countries in the world to pass a Startup Law? Well, now you do! This also indicates that the country has the mindset and openness that every entrepreneur is looking for these days. 

The Law proposes a more entrepreneur-friendly taxation system for startups. So, instead of carrying a heavy tax burden on your shoulders, you can enjoy the advantages of the system in Latvia and put more focus on developing your business.

➡️ There are lots of financial opportunities for startups as well. For instance, Latvia’s Innovation Voucher programme offers up to €25K of financial support to startups. The goal is to facilitate the development of new technologies. 

➡️ You think that’s it, right? But there’s more! The LIAA (the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia) has 15 incubators that support the startups as well as the ecosystem, offering mentor support, development grants and more.

“In the Latvian startup ecosystem, we can see the drive and energy to break through to international markets to be recognized as innovators. Lots of great deep tech, fintech, and SaaS products are built here. We are expecting to see larger investment rounds, exits, and accomplishments as the existing companies mature”.

 Janis Rozenblats

Chairman of the Latvian Startup Association and CEO of Mailigen


5 Promising Latvian startups

In this section, we will get to know more about up and coming Latvian startups. 🎊

Founded in 2016, Nordigen offers free banking data and premium insights for banks, financial institutions and lenders. The company works with over 50 global banks and lenders, operating across 13 countries. 

If your expertise is Finance, keep an eye on this promising company and their job openings on the MeetFrank app! 💰

Latvian companies on MeetFrank

Lokalise is a localisation and translation management system that was founded in 2016. 

The company’s expertise ranges from content translation from websites to mobile apps and games. 📱

🎶 Founded in 2015, Gamechanger Audio produces pedals for musicians, which engineers would also love. In their own words, the company is founded by “four friends committed to exploring the uncharted territories of music electronics and creating devices that provide real value while stretching the imagination of both musicians and engineers.” 

Sound like your kind of mindset? Mark their name on your potential-companies-to-apply-to list for 2021!

Vialet was founded in 2017 and is a comprehensive financial management tool

The things you can do with Vialet are numerous, from opening an account to managing your finances anytime and transferring funds. 🤑

Founded in 2015, Atlas Dynamics UAVs is a highly innovative technology company that produces drones with an award-winning aerodynamic design. 💪

The design generates lift and enables increased endurance, speed and weather resistance. If you totally get what that means, you may be a good fit for Atlas Dynamics UAVs!


Last but not least

If you want to start and run your business in an EU country, are looking for efficiency and productivity along with a vibrant startup ecosystem, are fond of nature and experiencing 4 seasons, Latvia is waiting for you. 😊

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Good luck in your job hunt! 🍀

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Discover the vibrant startup ecosystem in Finland

Discover the vibrant startup ecosystem in Finland

What do you know about Finland? That it is the ‘happiest country’ in the world? That there are lots of saunas and reindeers, and of course that it is the home of Nokia? Time to add one more fact to the list. Did you know the Greater Helsinki startup ecosystem is the fourth most attractive location among 100 emerging ecosystems worldwide, according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020, published by Startup Genome? 🤓

Let’s start with what makes Finland such a good environment for entrepreneurs and aspiring startups with some good-to-know facts:

👉 To start a business, you should have a good idea based on market and user insights and a good team to execute it – that we all know. What about the startup environment? What should it offer to entrepreneurs? 🤔

The 3 essentials for a vibrant startup environment are talent, investors, and funding. 

🥁 Attention entrepreneurs; apparently the Greater Helsinki startup ecosystem scores highly for all of them. 

👉 Entrepreneurs can have access to venture capital and government funding. 💸

If you were to open a business, what would you need the most?

🔊 Did you know that Finnish startups receive the most venture capital per capita in Europe?

In this article, we will dive into Finland’s exciting startup ecosystem and get to know some of the outstanding companies better.

First, let’s get started with the Finland-based companies on MeetFrank; the industries they operate in, the size of their teams and their types.


Finnish Companies on MeetFrank

The number of Finland-based startups is increasing every day, as is the number of Finnish companies on MeetFrank.

🔊 As of December, there are many active Finnish companies on the MeetFrank app

What about their type?

Finnish company type in MeetFrank

In the chart below, we can see that consultancy companies make up the majority of the company types followed by startups, scaleups, and SMBs

Next in line is company industries. 

Finnish company industries on MeetFrank


The chart above tells us that Software Development, Technology, and SaaS make up the top 3

The four industries to watch in the Finnish business ecosystem are Consultancy, Analytics & Big Data and  and Cloud Computing. 💡

Working in one of these sectors? If so, stay tuned for the thrilling opportunities from companies operating in these industries!

Finnish company size on MeetFrank


Wondering about the size of these companies? 11-50 people teams make up the majority in this list. This shows us that small but productive teams take centre stage in Finland. 🎊


The Finnish Startup Ecosystem in 2020

“Finland is an ideal test market and springboard for startups looking to enter the European and global markets, with ready access to the eurozone and good connections to Asia. Also, Finnish consumers are tech-savvy and interested in trying out new digital solutions,” says Annamari Soikkeli, Senior Advisor at Business Finland.

If the Finnish startup ecosystem had 4 keywords, they would be support, connections, technology and digital solutions. 

✅  Ranked the most digitally advanced nation in Europe in 2019 by the European Commission’s annual Digital Economy and Society Index, Finland is the new centre of innovation in the region. 

It seems that in 2020 all the rankings have been in favour of Finland. Based on the strength of its startup ecosystem, the country ranks in 13th place among 100 countries according to StartupBlink. 

✅ Finland-based startups are especially strong in Gaming, Biotech, Cleantech, Software, Electronics, and Health.

If all these amazing stats have motivated you to consider a new phase in your career in Finland, let’s find out about the outstanding Finland-based companies on MeetFrank and learn more about what they are up to!




Recently announcing many openings, IsoSkills is the go-to company for companies looking for professional IT development, testing and management services.

They have offices in Helsinki and Bucharest. The Romania team mostly works remotely, although the company also has a cozy office in Otaniemi in Finland. 

If your field is Software Engineering and you are looking for a job nowadays, consider IsoSkills, as they have posted lots of vacancies lately! 😉

Sound good? Exciting? Thrilling? Download the MeetFrank app today to have a look at their latest openings! 📱




Did you know that Finland-based Brella is used by the largest events in the world to help attendees and exhibitors reach their business goals? 🦸‍♀️️

Founded in 2016, Brella is the world’s leading event networking platform for conferences and exhibitions.

And the good news is that they are hiring – even the second wave has not slowed them down! 

If you are interested in learning more about the positions they are offering as well as useful tips on how to get an offer from them, have a look at the interview with Brella’s Head of Talent and Culture, Hanna Kontinen in our blog! 💪


Mediconsult Oy

Mediconsult Oy

As we shared earlier, Finland has become a hub for startups operating in the Technology and Health industries. Given how the world has changed due to the pandemic and the growing need for new technologies for health, it is no surprise that Mediconsult Oy is attracting lots of attention lately. 😉

In their own words, the company “offers IT solutions to meet the needs of healthcare, social care and elderly care organizations”. 🤓

Their services range from a ‘COVID-19 Digital Symptom Assessment’ to ‘mHealth for Professionals’. 

Would you like to be part of their team? If so, be quick and have a look at their most recent openings on the MeetFrank app


Selma Finance Oy

Selma Finance Oy

Do you need a finance advisor in your personal life in addition to a job in the Finance industry? If so, you can find both at Selma Finance Oy. 😊

The company defines itself as a financial assistant for investment newcomers. With offices in Helsinki and Zurich, Selma Finance Oy has 2500+ clients so far and their vision is to scale throughout Europe. 💪

To see their openings from Marketing to Software Development, download the MeetFrank app today!




Is logistics one of the fields you want to work in? If so, meet DroppX – a same-day delivery solution for online stores and businesses. 

Their mission is to reinvent urban last-mile logistics. 👏

With headquarters in Finland, DroppX offers multiple solutions both for companies and couriers.

To hear more about their recent job postings, dive into the MeetFrank app!


First steps to a career in Finland

If you are interested in hearing more about Finland-based companies and the Finnish job market, don’t forget to visit our Insights page and enjoy fresh data every day! There you will gain a better understanding of the opportunities, market competitiveness, average gross and expected salaries and more!

We hope you find your dream job soon! 🎇


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Finnish Job Market: November vs May

Finnish Job Market: November vs May

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has arrived in Finland as well which resulted in new restrictions and measures starting from November until December 15. 😷

In this report, we will compare market competitiveness, the number of job openings, the offered gross salaries and more between November and May. 👍

Our goal is to see how the Finnish job market has been doing in the first and second waves of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Let’s rewind to last month:

👉 Both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline.

👉 Finland saw a slight change in market competitiveness in October. It was somewhere between the “challenging” and “OK” levels. 

Now is time to dig into November’s stats and see the most significant changes since May!


Job Market Overview

As we mentioned above, both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline in Finland.

What about this month?

However this month, similar to Estonia and Lithuania, the number of job openings in the Finnish job market has seen an increase. 📈

However, the number of job applications has decreased this month. This is similar to other countries in the region as well. Apparently, the opportunities outnumber demand. 🤔

➡️ From a different angle, the expectations of job seekers may not be matching with the offerings from companies.

What about market competitiveness?

Market competitiveness in Finland

If you are looking for a job in Finland, we have some good news for you. Nowadays, it is at the happy green level – the “OK level” – to find a job in the Finnish job market. 😊

Wondering about the offered and expected gross salaries?offered and expected gross salaries in Finland

Both salaries saw a small increase as of mid-November. This has been an ongoing trend since October which means the low gap between the salaries persists. 


Job openings in Top 6 Specialties: November vs May

Time to talk about every job seeker’s favourite topic: job openings in the top 6 specialties. 🤓

In this section, we will compare November’s number of job openings (as of today) with May’s. 

🔊 What was the situation like back in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic? What about now – how is the Finnish job market doing in the second wave? 

no of job openings in Finland: November vs May 2020

When we look at the chart, we can see that: 

✅  In November the number of job openings in all industries fell compared to May’s stats

✅ The Software Engineering industry saw the highest fall – more than 50%. Despite this significant decrease, this specialty still has the highest number of job offerings compared to the others in the list. 

Data Analytics already had a low number of job openings in May and now it has decreased by more than approximately 60%.

Let’s see how the data will look in December!


Offered Salaries: November vs May

The offered and expected salaries have been a rollercoaster for most countries and Finland is one of them.

In this section, we will discuss how the offered gross salaries have changed since May.

offered gross salaries i FI: November vs May 2020

➡️ The winners of this section are Design and Data Analytics. These 2 industries saw an increase in November compared to May’s numbers. 

Good for you designers – Design made a giant leap forward as of mid-November! 💃

➡️ Surprisingly, companies operating in the Sales and Business Development industry are offering exactly the same salaries in November as they were in May

➡️ Marketing, PR & Design saw the lowest increase when it comes to offered salaries. 


Market Competitiveness Per Specialty 

In this section, we will talk about market competitiveness and how easy it is to find a job in Finland nowadays. 

We will also dive into the top 6 specialties.

market competitiveness in FI: November vs May 2020

Let’s summarise the data above with 4 main takeaways: 

💡 Software engineers are always at the top of the list when it comes to the most sought-after employees. But as of mid-November, it seems finding a job will be a bit more challenging for them. 

It seems to be at the “OK level” now, whereas it was “easy” in May.

💡 Good news for IT & Sysadmin experts! Now it is very easy for you to find a job in Finland. Our data shows that the market is offering the perfect environment for you!

💡 The market has become more competitive for (Tech) Project Management and Data & Analytics.

💡 The Sales & Business Development and Marketing, PR & Media industries are facing less challenges in November as well. The ease of finding a job in the latter is not perfect though.


Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

🥁 Lately, we welcomed 7 new members to the MeetFrank family: Tovari Oy, Growflow Oy, Combient Foundry, Fondion, Trustmary, Elenia, and AtoZ!

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Estonian Job Market: November vs May

Estonian Job Market: November vs May

Now that the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic has started to hit the world, new travel restrictions came into place for Estonia as of last week. 😷

If you are planning to travel to Estonia, we recommend you check the news more often these days. 👀

If you are asking “is COVID-19’s comeback the only news in Estonia?”, the answer is no! The country is celebrating its 5th unicorn: congrats Pipedrive! 👏

In this week’s article, we will discuss the most recent effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Estonian job market and how the top 6 specialties are doing. 👀

We will also compare today’s stats with those of May, when the effects of the pandemic began to show up in the market data in most countries after the first wave. 

Let’s dive into the overview and see what’s new in Estonia as of mid-November! 👇


Job Market Overview

In our previous report, we shared that by mid-October, the number of job openings finally increased by 12%. What about mid-November?

The number of job openings in the Estonian job market has increased while the job applications saw a small decline. 

This means, despite the second wave looming, there are still opportunities for job seekers out there. 🤩

In the next section, we will dive into the number of openings in November versus in April and discuss the stats from different angles.

expected and offered gross salaries in Estonia

When we look at the chart, we can see that there was a small increase both in offered and expected salaries by mid-November. 📈

The gap between the salaries persists. 

market competitiveness in Estonia

Finally, some good news. Market competitiveness in Estonia – which was at the “difficult level” last month – has almost reached the “OK level”

This means there are more openings and opportunities for job seekers and more need for talent on the employer side. 😊


Job openings in Top 6 Specialties: November vs May

In this section, we will compare the number of job openings as of today with those in May. 🕵️‍♀️

When we look at the chart, we can see that the number of job openings are lower in November in all specialties compared to May. 📉

no of job openings in EE: November vs May 2020

Sales and Business Development saw the largest decline.

✅ Even the number of openings in Software Engineering  –  the star specialty of the year (and apparently of the future) – decreased significantly. 

✅ (Tech) Project Management saw a small decline. But please note that this industry had a relatively low number of openings in May. 

Now that there is promising vaccine news and we can be more optimistic about the future, let’s hope better days are ahead in terms of the economy and of course, the number of job openings worldwide and in Estonia. 🙏


Offered Salaries: November vs May

A lot has changed in 2020 and one of them has been the state of the economy worldwide. 🎢

Let’s see how the first and second waves of the Coronavirus pandemic have affected the offered salaries in the Estonian job market.

Offered gross salaries in EE: November vs May 2020

There are 3 main takeaways from the chart below: 

➡️ Software Engineering, Marketing, PR & Design, and Customer Support have seen a decline since May. The last two industries do not come as a surprise to us, as the market competitiveness has been mostly high for both industries for the entire year.

➡️ IT & Sysadmin saw the highest increase. If you are looking for a job opportunity and your expertise is IT & Sysadmin, keep an eye on the openings coming up at the moment. 👀

➡️ Sales & Business Development and Project Management fields also saw a moderate increase in offered salaries. 


Market Competitiveness Per Specialty 

How has it been to find a job in Estonia lately? Which specialties are offering the most opportunities? 

In this section, we will answer these questions – comparing the November data with May’s. 👀

The offered gross salaries and the number of job openings may not present a lovely picture of the Estonian job market. But if we have a deeper look into market competitiveness, we can see that things are slowly getting better. 

market competitiveness in EE: November vs May 2020

💡 The “yay, now it’s easier to find a job opportunity” industries are Software Engineering, (Tech) Project Management, and Sales and Business Development.

💡 The “well, I might face some competition” industry – in which it is a bit more challenging to find a job – is IT & Sysadmin. Bearing in mind that it is at the “easy” level to find a job in this industry already, it’s not such bad news at all!

💡 The “it’s at the same level and nothing has changed that much” industries are Marketing, Design & PR and Customer Support. Job seekers working in these specialties are currently facing high levels of competition which we hope will be replaced by more job opportunities in 2021. 🙏

Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

🥁 This month, we are happy to welcome many new members: ID Lam OÜ, Sild Consulting, Salespeople OÜ, and Visory! 

Have a look at their latest job openings below and download the MeetFrank app to see more of them! 🤩