5 Tips to 10x Your Job Offer Viewers & Applicants

5 Tips to 10x Your Job Offer Viewers & Applicants

Writing a great job opening takes time – you can easily spend 3-4 hours putting together a well-researched offer.

Next, you’ll hit the “publish” button on your Careers page and start waiting for the talent to knock on the door.

But that’s only when the real work begins. The key to successful hiring is to find several top candidates and to pick the best match among them. 🍪

To make sure that thousands of people see your job offer, you’ll have to post it to multiple websites, share it on LinkedIn and Facebook, and headhunt for an extra 20-50 top applicants… 

busy GIF

Finding good people takes a lot of work – Image source


Promoting job offers is not the easiest job in the world, especially if you haven’t done it before. Sometimes, recruiters ask the marketing team for advice, but what if there’s nobody to help you out?

In this article, we will share some easy tactics for getting your job offers before the eyes of more relevant people.

Here are the hiring channels that we’re going to cover:

  • Your Careers page
  • LinkedIn
  • Social media
  • Community and team
  • Paid advertising
  • The easiest of them all – MeetFrank? 😌


1. Publish your job offer on your Careers page or MeetFrank

The first step is to create a job offer with a URL and landing page that you can start to share and promote.

Usually, companies publish their job openings on their company’s Careers page. 

However, if you don’t have a Careers page or you think it doesn’t look good, you can also add your job offer directly to MeetFrank and it will get its own pretty landing page. 😍

See an example job description page here.


job offer example


The job offers published via MeetFrank have high-quality images, lots of context and all social media profiles included. This makes them just perfect for sharing on your company’s social media accounts and for asking your team members to share with their friends.

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If you published your job offer via MeetFrank, you’ll have quite an advantage as we are going to automatically share your opening with hundreds of high-match job-seekers from among our 300,000+ app users.


2. Publish your job opening on LinkedIn

Depending on whether you published your job offer on your Careers page or at MeetFrank, copy the job offer’s URL and share it on your company’s LinkedIn account.

Make sure to mention some of the key information about the role already in the post’s text. 

If your company already has a strong employer brand, you will likely have a healthy number of LinkedIn followers that will see your post.

For example, Bolt has more than 40,000 followers on LinkedIn.


Bolt Linkedin account


What to do if you don’t have a huge followership on LinkedIn?

As a marketer, I wouldn’t recommend you to set up LinkedIn ads to promote your post with the job offer on this platform. LinkedIn ad costs are crazy high compared to Facebook and other channels. 💰🙅

Use the methods described in point 4 of this article to get free LinkedIn reach for your job offer.


3. Post your job offer to other social media channels

Social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – are a treasure trove for hiring, meaning that they help you reach an extended audience for free. 

Head to your company’s Facebook page and make a post about your job offer. Here’s an example of a Facebook post that we published when we were looking to fill a new role in our marketing team.

meetfrank facebook post


You can also share the job opening in all of your other social media channels. When sharing it on Twitter, make sure to include relevant hashtags like #hiring and #joboffer.

Go the extra mile:

Find some relevant Facebook groups where industry people share advice and news. E.g. there are Facebook groups for marketers, data scientists, software engineers… You name it! 

Ask to become a member in some of them (local ones with smaller audiences work usually better than big international groups) and post your job offer.


4. Ask your team and friends to share the job offer…

… and share the job offer on your own!

In addition to posting the job opening to your company accounts, share it with your personal LinkedIn network, and ask your colleagues to do the same.

For example, my LinkedIn post about a growth marketing role in MeetFrank got 3,800 views. That’s more than three thousand people who saw the job offer at no extra cost.


get more job applicants


If your own social media network doesn’t include people from the industries that you ended to hire from, ask your team for help. 

If you have already published the social media posts on your company accounts, you can share the post’s links with your team and ask them to share those posts.


5. Use Facebook ads to promote your job offers

If you only publish your job offers to your Careers page and job portals, you will reach people actively looking for a job.

The problem with many of the best people in the market is that they never look – the jobs will come to them, be it as a direct outreach by a recruiter or via their personal network.

If you want to reach top talent not actively looking for a job, you will need to reach them through non-traditional channels such as Facebook ads.

For example, here’s a Facebook ad by Scoro.


scoro facebook ad


The easiest way to set up an advertisement on Facebook is to publish a post on your Facebook page and then use the “Promote” button to set up a timeline, audience, and budget.

However, we can’t help but mention that if you’re hiring with MeetFrank, we design, write, and set up Facebook ads promoting your job offers on our own. And we even pay for the ads. 

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s very much real: in September 2020, we ran Facebook hiring ads for more than 100 different companies, all of them MeetFrank customers. ❤️

Here’s an example of how the ads look like.


meetfrank facebook ads


So, if you want to be sure that your job offers reach significantly more relevant people, hiring with MeetFrank seems like a pretty good option.

To learn more about hiring with MeetFrank and all the benefits and perks, see this article: 5 Reasons to Start Hiring with MeetFrank

Hint: Your job offers will look better, you will reach more relevant job-seekers (both active and inactive talent), and you will find the perfectly matching person to your team faster.


Building a better hiring experience ❤️

In MeetFrank, we believe that building long-term relationships with our customers and helping them find top talent is the key to success on all sides. Let’s build your employer brand together!

If you don’t have a MeetFrank account yet, sign up here for a free trial.


Interview with Viivi Marttinen, People Operations Manager at Supermetrics

Interview with Viivi Marttinen, People Operations Manager at Supermetrics

Founded in 2013, Helsinki-headquartered Supermetrics has 14,000+ customers in more than 120 countries. 

What do they do? – They build marketing analytics tools, with 10% of global online ad spend reported through their products.

In September 2020, Supermetrics closed a €40M Series B round. 🚀  We’re always thrilled to see companies hiring with MeetFrank succeeding, and were excited to interview Viivi Marttinen, their People Operations Manager.

As the team is working remotely, we were not able to visit their charming Helsinki office with a sleek modern design and do the interview in person. Hope we’ll have a chance to visit Supermetrics in the future. 🌅

Supermetrics office

Without further ado, here’s our interview with Viivi.


Supermetrics just closed a €40 million funding round. Congratulations! How did you celebrate?

Thank you! 

As we’re still mostly in remote mode, we celebrated in Slack as more and more news outlets published their stories on us. It felt like our efforts were recognized in such a concrete way and the world was celebrating with us.


Did the funding news affect your hiring plans? Are you accelerating the growth of your team? 

Not in a significant way yet, as our hiring teams are still the same size and we don’t want to compromise our recruitment process. 

That said, we’ve been doubling our team every year since our earlier days of 2016 and are continuing on the same track this year.


The world is still recovering from the 1st COVID-19 outbreak. And now there’s a possibility of the 2nd wave. How are you handling this at Supermetrics? 

We’ve all been mostly remote since the start of the first wave in March and still continue to work from home in Helsinki and Atlanta. Our team in Vilnius has a safer overall situation and so they use their office more now. 

Everyone is allowed to work fully from home, and we follow the safety measures recommended by our respective governments and health authorities to make sure we do our own part in keeping ourselves and our fellow people safe.


How has COVID-19 changed your team members’ working habits, work environment, and productivity?

People are different and so moving to a fully remote working environment has served some better than others. 

Many discovered that having fewer distractions increased their productivity. However, we’re a very community-focused team and love to harness the collective intelligence we have here through brainstorming and rely on the overall support of our colleagues. So we’ve had to come up with new ways of connecting even when remote.


Supermetrics office


Coming back to recruitment at Supermetrics, how is your recruitment and HR team set up?

We have recruitment and HR functions within our People Operations team. There’s 3 of us at the moment. We’re a very flat team and have an organic divide of responsibilities based on our own strengths and aspirations. 

Marika [Marika Salkola, Senior People Operations] is reporting directly to our CEO Mikael and she’s amazing in recruiting, but also shines brightly in HR and has brought a lot of needed developments since joining us a year ago.

Henrika Ekholm, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, joined this summer, and has already brought multiple people into our team! I couldn’t be happier to have her in our team and see her continuing to elevate us further in other areas as well.


How do you usually find the candidates to hire? Do you publish a job offer and just wait? What % of hired candidates has been sourced and headhunted? 

For inbound applications, we mostly use LinkedIn and MeetFrank. We do active sourcing as well, especially for the roles where our need is very specific. We have reinforced our efforts with recruitment partners in Vilnius and Atlanta. 

Out of the 10 most recent hires, 50% were headhunted by our team.


Do you use any other channels for finding different talent? Do you have a different approach to hiring for specific roles?

I think LinkedIn prevails as the biggest platform for all professionals and we use it actively. 

For internship roles, we use a Finnish site Aarresaari to get our job ads in front of students from specific university faculties. Our approach is very unified and simple so that we can make sure we don’t spread ourselves too thin.


How would you describe the tech sector and job market in Finland? Is there a lot of good talent to hire?

I think Finland is a rather small, yet very competitive market when it comes to tech roles. 

We’re often looking for senior talent in PHP, which isn’t winning any popularity contests in Finland, but if we also look into other countries in the EU and Russia, we have a much better chance in finding the people we need. 


While Supermetrics is one of the leading marketing data providers in the world, not everyone has heard of it. How do you usually pitch your company to the job applicants?

It depends on the audience, but at our core, we’re empowering digital marketing reporting and analysis by automating data transfers.

Our usual explanation goes like this:  You know… the ads you see on different social media channels and other online platforms? A marketer somewhere put it there and targeted it to you and they want to measure the impact of their effort. There can be thousands or millions of “you”s however, which makes the data really hard to handle manually, so we automate it and make it fast to get the data they need wherever they need it. 


What would you say are the main so-called selling points for attracting top talent to Supermetrics? How do you convince people to join?

For technical talent with an interest in data, we are a great place to build your skills while creating impactful solutions that are used daily by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Sales talent really wants to help the customers by offering products and services that can make a difference in their performance. I believe we have just that. 

For marketing talent, you get to do marketing – for marketers! And as our products are focused on transforming how digital marketing is measured, you get to be among the trailblazers of digital marketing.

For any talent regardless or their specialty, a great working culture and atmosphere is very important and we’re always eager to share our experience in working at Supermetrics. Work is such an important part of life and the importance of the people around you can’t be denied.


Supermetrics office


I happened to check your Careers page and saw that you have a beautiful HQ office in downtown Helsinki. Do you think that a high-quality work environment increases the team’s happiness and general output?

I’m so happy to hear you liked our office! It was completely rebuilt for us as an extension of our culture to be a cosy nest for the team and we love it so much.

Having different spaces for silent work, meetings, brainstorming, casual convos and fun aspects helps to shift your focus accordingly, but there’s also a lot of built-in versatility. 

They say if you forgot what you were about to do, you should go back to the room you came from – I believe having a setting like ours is like having mental doors to different mindsets. 


What advice would you give to people looking to get hired in a fast-growing tech company like Supermetrics? 

We like confident people with a specific set of skills and experience. I encourage everyone to explore what it means as well as your own aspirations and drive – what is it that you want to do and achieve right now? – and to bring it to the table. 

Be honest and be yourself! We want to hire people for roles where they can do what they love, have what it takes to succeed, and add something new with their own strengths.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! To end the interview, we’ve got 5 rapid-fire questions to you.


What’s your favourite question to ask at interviews?

Tell me about a project that you’re the most proud of and something that you learned from it.


What’s the biggest mistake that job-seekers make when applying to a new job?

Not reading the job description thoughtfully and not telling us why they think it would be a great fit for both. 


What’s the biggest challenge when hiring people to Supermetrics?

We have a very high bar for candidates and tricky requirements at times, which lowers the number of talent we can consider. We’re also not very known outside the digital marketing world yet and so people don’t know to seek us out.


What are your favourite recruitment tools and channels?

LinkedIn, MeetFrank, and our own team’s networks.


If you weren’t a recruiter, what would you do?

The best part of recruitment for me is getting to contribute to a happy and high-functioning culture in such a concrete way, so I think I’d do employer branding or company culture full time.


Supermetrics office


How to Use MeetFrank Insights for Data-driven Hiring?

How to Use MeetFrank Insights for Data-driven Hiring?

Having a good overview of job market data can give recruiters a huge advantage over the competition. 😉

By knowing the level of competition for experts in a specific field, the expected salary levels, and the most common skills will help you write more attractive job offers.

To help you win in the talent attracting game, we have launched MeetFrank Insights – a real-time platform for monitoring the job market trends, salary levels, competitiveness, and much more. 🚀

meetfrank insights

You can browse MeetFrank Insights per country per role (or both!) to find the following information about the job market:

  • The average offered and expected salaries
  • The overall competitiveness of the job market
  • The number of active job-seekers and employers
  • The most common skill sets among talent
  • The most popular motivations and perks that people expect
  • The currently active job offers in MeetFrank


Without further ado, you can access the MeetFrank Insights here. Browse it by country and by track, or view the global overview of the Remote job market:


We’ve heard some great feedback about the Insights! – Image source


While it’s a pretty simple tool, there are a few tips that you may want to know about Insights to get the most out of it. Take a look below! 👇

How to benefit from MeetFrank Insights as an employer?

If you’re a company or recruiter in need of extra talent, make sure to check out MeetFrank Insights every time you’re about to publish a job offer.


Because you’ll be able to create much more attractive job openings with a competitive salary offer. 

💡 Switch to the “Companies” view to access data on how competitive it is to find good talent.

meetfrank companies view

🍪 You can also zoom in to the most popular perks offered by other companies, so that you can also offer these in your own job openings. 

meetfrank insights

🤩 And to make your job offers more attractive to top talent, make sure to address the most common motivations like a solid salary offer, interesting challenges, and the possibility of working remotely. 

meetfrank motivations

🔮 If you don’t have previous experience in hiring for a specific position, you can browse the top skills that other companies are looking for. This will give you a hint on what to search for in a job candidate.

meetfrank top developer skills

🕵️ And if you really want to beat the other companies hiring for similar roles, check out their job offers! You can see who’s hiring,  what they’re promising, and how they have phrased the job offer.

concise job offer

You can access MeetFrank Insights here. Good luck hiring top talent!

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5 Reasons to Start Hiring with MeetFrank

5 Reasons to Start Hiring with MeetFrank

Hiring top talent is easy: write a job offer, share it, do a couple of interviews and sign the contract.

If you tried to follow the above workflow, you’d soon bump onto the questions like “how to write a job offer?” or “how to get my job offer across to the right people?” or “how to decide between tens of applicants?”

Hiring isn’t that easy after all.

However, MeetFrank can make it times easier for you – no matter if you’re an experienced recruiter or the CEO of a small venture making your first hire. 

We’re here to help. 🙌

If you’re not exactly sure how MeetFrank is different from all the other hiring platforms out there, take a look at the main benefits of adding your job offers to the app.

It might sound too good to be true, so try it for yourself!


gif illustration

Yes, MeetFrank is real –  Image source


1. Create a hyper-targeted job offer in 5 minutes

MeetFrank’s mission is to transform the hiring process for both sides: employers and job-seekers.

For job-seekers, we have built a sleek app that sends them a notification every time a relevant job offer appears, and gives them information about job market trends (like salary levels in their industry).


meetfrank app

Job-seekers download the MeetFrank app


Companies looking to hire talent can login to MeetFrank’s desktop platform for employers and set up the job offer in a few easy steps.

One of the best parts about MeetFrank’s job offer posting is that you don’t need to write a 1,000-words long essay of a job offer. 

Your MeetFrank job opening will be automatically compiled based on the small bits of information that you select during the setup process.

For example, you can select the seniority and skill set that you’re looking for and it will be visible in your job offer. No need to type it all out!


create meetfrank job offer


Read our guide on creating the perfect job opening in MeetFrank.

The only things that are left for you to describe in the written part of your job description are:

  • Who are you looking for?
  • What will be the main tasks of that person?
  • Any additional information you would like to add

Here’s an example of a job opening text we created when hiring a marketer to MeetFrank’s team:

meetfrank job opening

Once you have created your job offer(s) it’s time to make them visible! 👀

And with MeetFrank, you’ll have plenty of options for reaching top talent.


2. Get a beautiful job offer to be shared on social media

Every time you publish a new job offer in MeetFrank, there will be an auto-generated stylish landing page that you can access and share. 😍

Some companies hiring with MeetFrank are using their job offers instead of a Careers page – a great hack if you don’t have the resources to build a beautiful Careers website.

See an example job description page here.


job offer example


You’ll get a job opening 2.0 with high-quality images, lots of context and all social media profiles included – perfect for sharing on your company’s social media accounts and for asking your team members to share with their networks.

The job offer page even features blog articles and media coverage about your company + your operating markets…


market information


… and you can list all of your company’s social media accounts for easy access.


social media accounts


But hey, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting on your on. We will also share your job offer with all relevant MeetFrank app users!


3. Automatically reach the talent pool of 300,000 people

More than 300,000+ job-seekers across Europe have downloaded the MeetFrank app. 

Every time you publish a job opening, our algorithms make sure that it reaches all the relevant job-seekers. 

We’d like to emphasise the word “relevant.” – Based on the details that you selected during the job offer’s setup process, we will find the best-matching candidates for the job. 

This way, you will get only relevant applicants and save hours of time on reviewing all the applications.


job applicants


You can review all the candidate profiles conveniently on your MeetFrank Employer account, see their LinkedIn profiles, and chat with them to agree on the best interview timing.


4. Reach both active AND passive job seekers

There is one HUGE difference between the talent that you reach through the MeetFrank app vs on job portals…

MeetFrank app also helps you to reach passive talent – that’s people not actively looking for a job.


Moomin GIF

You can also reach passive talent with MeetFrank – Image source


Because you know… Only people actively looking for a new gig are checking the job search sites. And your perfect applicant might actually be currently employed and not looking for a new job in particular.

How do we do it? – By having thousands of users that check the MeetFrank app not because they necessarily need a new job, but because they’re curious about the latest job market trends.


5. Build your employer brand together with MeetFrank

We are serious about adding value for both sides on the MeetFrank job market: employers and job-seekers.

And when it comes to attracting top talent, one of the most valuable assets is a strong employer brand

Here’s one more BIG benefit of hiring with MeetFrank: We create cool marketing collaborations together with our clients to boost their visibility in the job market.


1. Special Facebook ads:

We regularly invest some 💵 in Facebook and Instagram advertising and promote the job openings of cool companies hiring with MeetFrank – to help you find more top talent and let people know that you’re hiring.


meetfrank facebook ads


2. MeetFrank blog interviews

We regularly get in touch with the recruiters in some inspiring companies and interview them for a fascinating glimpse into their hiring processes and office life.

One such interview was with Nikolai Kabatsikov, Head of Talent at Bolt. Read it here!

Even better if the timing coincides with a positive announcement such as the next €100M fundraising round. 🎉


meetfrank interviews


Want to be interviewed for the MeetFrank blog? Drop a hint to your sales representative and our marketing team will get in touch!


3. Seasonal marketing campaigns:

We love collaborating with the cool bunch of companies hiring with MeetFrank.

So we’re looking for creative ways to visit your office, talk to the people working there, and sharing our findings with the world.

In August 2020, we reached out to 50 companies across Europe and conducted a photoshoot in their offices. Not only did we share all the pictures with our clients, but we also created a Facebook ad campaign introducing all the companies and people working there.

All costs were covered by MeetFrank. 🤭

See an example of a Facebook ad that we created for Katana (among other 30 companies) below.


katana ad


This campaign won’t certainly be the last one that we launch. There’s plenty more to come!


Building a better hiring experience ❤️

In MeetFrank, we believe that building long-term relationships with our customers and helping them find top talent is the key to success on all sides.

Let’s build your employer brand together!

If you don’t have a MeetFrank account yet, sign up here for a free trial.

75+ Remote Jobs in MeetFrank App, August 2020

75+ Remote Jobs in MeetFrank App, August 2020

With the ongoing uncertainty in the world, one thing you can be certain of is that more companies are opening up to remote work. In fact, studies show that remote work can be more productive than going to the office daily.

To help you find your next remote gig, we lined up all the job offers that allow remote work, currently open for applications via the MeetFrank app. Check them out and apply! 🙌

Here’s how it works: Simply click on each role to open up the job offer. You can see all the details without having to log in anywhere. If you don’t have the MeetFrank app yet, you can download it, sign up, and see if your experience matches the expectations of the company. If yes, you’re all good to apply!


That's how the job offers look like

That’s how the job offers look like 😉


P.S. If you want to see ALL job offers in MeetFrank and filter them by locations and categories, you can do it here


Tech & IT Remote Jobs


Software Engineering Remote Jobs

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Data & Analytics Remote Jobs


Design Remote Jobs


Marketing & PR & Media Remote Jobs


Sales & Business Development Remote Jobs

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Legal Remote Jobs


Customer Support & Administration Remote Jobs


HR & Office Management Remote Jobs


👀 Looking to hire remote talent? Sign up for a 14-day free MeetFrank trial and see whom you can find! Sign up here.

Also, don’t miss out on the most-read interviews with top HR & Recruitment professionals: