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Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies

They are a company building a network of robots ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

Starship’s mission is to revolutionise last-mile delivery with technology.

They offer many interesting challenges at a pioneering robotics technology company. If you are looking for new opportunities and want to work with the latest technologies, come and join one of the coolest startups!

Office locations*

Tallinn, Tallinna linn, Estonia
Helsinki, Finland
London, United Kingdom
San Francisco, CA, United States
Washington D.C., DC, USA


Mobinner’s mission is to make every dollar spent by their clients profitable.

Mobinner is a high-performance mobile advertising platform for audience monetization, user acquisition, branding and re-marketing.

Mobinner uses AI and machine learning to buy/sell ads programmatically in a safe, optimized and scalable environment.

Mobinner reaches up to 1.5 billion daily mobile users through a variety of new generation of ad units.




MindTitan is home to data scientists and engineers, innovators and creators. Their goal is to empower other businesses while growing into the leading AI powerhouse in the world.

MindTitan was founded to help companies understand and apply artificial intelligence. They’re specialised in developing custom AI and machine learning solutions.

Mindtitan is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia

Sales Jobs in Finland: Are you the right candidate?

Sales Jobs in Finland: Are you the right candidate?

Here’s an interesting stat: only 39% of sales people ever intend to go into sales. For most of the rest, it was a second, third or even fourth calling.

If you’re a candidate for sales jobs in Finland, this stat is not meant to discourage you. Rather, it serves to show how few people consciously make the decision to join an industry where it can get difficult to perform well.

Think about this. According to Salesforce, 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales. This means that you may spend more than two-thirds of your time chasing leads that will never convert.

Sales jobs in Finland - market overview

However, research also shows that those who take the time to get it right eventually make it big. For instance, Microsoft reports that 79% of sales people achieve their quota by using social selling techniques. So, if you want to make the most of sales jobs in Finland, you need to be aware of the key facts and stats that underpin the market.

In this article, we’ll share the stats we have on sales jobs in Finland with you. Some of these stats and facts were culled from our employment platform, MeetFrank, and cover the first 6 months of 2019.


Overview of the market for sales in Finland


Although the Finnish economy is still fighting its way out of hard times, it has noticeably improved recently. Its GDP grew by 2.6% in 2017, at a faster rate than all the other Nordic countries, and its GDP per capita was 36% above the EU average.

This has helped an increase in retail sales and consumer purchases across the country. Retail sales increased by 2.5% in 2017 and 3.9% in July of 2019. Retail consumption in the country is over 20% higher than that of the Eurozone, equal with Sweden’s and 6th overall in all of the EU.

The online retail sector has particularly enjoyed a lot of growth. In the B2C market, Finns spent about $9.6 billion on retail goods and services. 84% shop online, spending an average of $3,770 a year.

All indications show that Finns are not averse to spending. Retail accounts for 33% of total household expenditure in the country, and, when combined with food, beverage and leisure, it amounts to 40%.

Clearly, there are more than enough sales being made in Finland. The sticky point for companies though is getting a healthy share of the sales. That’s where candidates for sales jobs in Finland are expected to make the difference.


Top skills required for sales jobs in Finland


Customer facing roles have a tendency to require a lot from candidates. To excel in these roles, talent needs to be fluid in client interaction and accurately anticipate and meet needs.

Candidates that cannot do this may find things a bit difficult. Take this stat for instance. Blender reports that 65% of customers are lost because of indifference, not because of any mistakes on the part of the sales person.

This means that you could do everything right but still lose the customers because they simply do not “feel” the service. Hubspot research indicates that buyers expect sales persons to “listen to their needs”, “respond in a timely manner”, “provide relevant information” and not “be pushy”.

Most in-demand skills in sales in finland

Companies also seem to think along these lines, as MeetFrank data indicates that sales representation was the most sought after skill in 2019, required in 13% of offers. Cold contacting, sales management, account management and negotiation made up the rest of the top 5 with 12%, 11%, 9% and 9% respectively.

The requirement for cold contacting and negotiation skills further indicate the premium that companies put on candidates that excel at customer relations.

Skills in sales jobs in finland

As more customers search for purchases that will deliver an engaging sales experience, it is expected that the importance of consumer interaction will only increase.


Who are employers interested in hiring?


For the period between January and July 2019, companies were most interested in hiring mid-level sales reps. These candidates received the most offers during the period, followed closely by offers for senior sales and business developers.

In respect of offers for other positions, the market seemed fairly balanced. There were almost similar offers for well experienced reps and for candidates that are only just starting out on their careers.

Average salary per seniority in sales jobs in finland

These candidates in entry roles received the 5th highest offers, with only candidates for executive roles receiving less offers. Lead and junior candidates were 4th and 3rd respectively.

The stats show the market is a pretty good one for fresh talent. The volume of offers for more experienced candidates also indicates that there may be some room for swift movement up the ladder for talented candidates.


Average salaries for sales jobs in Finland


Overall, salaries for sales jobs in Finland were good, over the first half of 2019. The average minimum salary during the period was €2,319 per month and the average maximum was €4,879.

During the period, the highest single salary for a position was €10,000. As you have seen, earning this much would require a mixture of some of the most relevant skills on the market.

Sales jobs in Finland

MeetFrank data shows that candidates that want to earn along these lines should have competencies in cold contacting, sales management and sales representation.

Average monthly salaries remained at a generally high level, starting out at its lowest of €3,075 in January and reaching a maximum of €5,300 in July. Interestingly, the figures show a departure from the characteristic slump in salaries usually experienced during the summer months.


Candidates in entry roles started out at average salaries of €4,091 per month and juniors at €4,540 on average. Seniors earned a monthly average of €5,167 but executives were the highest paid with salaries of €6,343 on average.


Work preferences for candidates

sales jobs in finland - where people want to work?

MeetFrank users in Finland are interested in sales jobs in Finland that can offer The Next Big Thing, startups and Fintech.

Companies that fit this description and that are also hiring for these jobs include MeetFrank, Feedbackly and Loiston. Others are Zeffi, Fira Group, Kodit and Sievo Oy.

The companies doing the most hiring for sales jobs in Finland during the first half of 2019 include, Sector Alarm Oy, Mail Boxes Etc Finland, Myyntimaatio Oy and Emmy Clothing Company Oy.

The rest of the top ten are Sellai Oy, Leinolift Oy, Visma, Barona IT and ArcticStartup Media Oy.


Find all you need on MeetFrank


MeetFrank is an app that democratises the job market. We make it easier for talent to find all the information that can guide them on their decisions regarding the market and job offers.

You don’t have drop off your CV a thousand times before you find the perfect workplace. Job hunting should not have to involve so much hunting. Download the app for Android and Apple to see what companies are interested in hiring you and what they have to offer.

MeetFrank is also made for companies that want to streamline their recruitment process to become more efficient and cost-effective. With MeetFrank, companies don’t have to spend so much time looking for the perfect candidate. We’ll bring them all to you. Schedule a demo call with us to see how the app works.

Health and Wellness in the Office in Lithuania

Health and Wellness in the Office in Lithuania

The health and wellness of a company’s team can make or break it. Regrettably, there are still a lot of companies that see employees as a cost rather than value. But the world is changing. The more successful ones have realised that the company relies heavily on how happy and healthy they keep their talent (the latter is especially important in colder climates).

So here we give you an overview of different benefits and perks on offer by companies in Lithuania to keep their team’s health and wellness on point, resulting in higher productivity.


Healthy Food


The right diet is crucial for your health and wellness. In fact, diet related diseases have reached the top causes of death, surpassing lung cancer. This is why having that extra push or something as simple as fresh fruit in the office is an important step towards the health and wellness of a company’s team.

Of the 56.9 million deaths worldwide in 2016, more than half (54%) were due to the top 10 causes. Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, accounting for a combined 15.2 million deaths in 2016. These diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last 15 years according to WHO

As they say – an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

health and wellness lithuania 

These companies offer fresh fruit & veg in the office

Check out what they do and see if you’re a match!

Sai Global jobs, Present Connection jobs, Adroiti jobs, Rokkex jobs, Baltic Amadeus jobs, Cognizant jobs, Blue Bridge jobs, CoinGate jobs, Zenitech jobs, TeleSoftas jobs, Vinted jobs, Filippo Loreti, Satalia Lithuania, UAB Kesko Senukai Digital, Vilniaus turto valdymas jobs, IBus Media jobs, Solutionlab Production jobs, Rely in the Baltics jobs, Profitus jobs, Tele2 Lietuva jobs, Inventi jobs, Convious jobs, BTT Cloud jobs.

On top of fresh food and snacks Vinted also has hot soup for all of their team 🙂

Kesko Senukai Digital has breakfast in the office and Zenitech offers lunch on Thursdays.


Remote Work

health and wellness remote

Remote work has become very popular in recent years. There have been many studies on the topic and giving your team the flexibility to work from where they choose can boost productivity quite a lot. By offering remote work, stress levels are reduced and on top you spend less time commuting.


Here are companies offering remote work in Lithuania on MeetFrank:

Sai Global jobs, Present Connection jobs, Adroiti jobs, Rokkex jobs, ACME Grupė jobs, ACC Distribution jobs, ACME Film jobs, Baltic Amadeus jobs, Mio Technologies jobs, Blue Bridge jobs, CoinGate jobs, ProvenStack jobs, Visma Lietuva jobs, TeleSoftas jobs, Vinted jobs, Filippo Loreti jobs, TableAir jobs, Satalia Lithuania jobs, Kesko Senukai Digital jobs, Vilniaus turto valdymas jobs, Telia Company jobs, IBus Media jobs, Solutionlab Production jobs, Rely in the Baltics jobs, Credital jobs, Profitus jobs, Tele2 jobs, UAB Inventi jobs, Convious jobs, Icona jobs, Novitas jobs


Health Checks

health checks lithuania companies

Health checks provided through work benefit both the employee and employer greatly. On top of the obvious – which is you know, improving your overall health it can also help boost loyalty and morale at work. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies the following key risk factors to health, all of these could be addressed during a health check:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • High blood glucose
  • Poorly balanced diet
  • Lack of exercise

Regular health checks can help you identify an underlying problem and seek a resolution. Also, this may give you enough of a push or advice to change some of your lifestyle choices for improving your health – such as quitting smoking or changing your diet.

Benefits to team:

  • Access to info on their health
  • Reduced risks to their health
  • Improvement in performance
  • Better mental health

Benefits to companies:

  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Higher overall happiness of staff
  • Reduced turnover of staff
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Improved morale and loyalty amongst employees – taking extra steps for the health of the team improves overall work satisfaction


Here are some of the companies in Lithuania that offer health checks on MeetFrank:

Present Connection jobs, Rokkex jobs, ACME Grupė jobs, ACC Distribution jobs, ACME Film jobs, Baltic Amadeus jobs, Blue Bridge jobs


These companies offer flu vaccinations on the house on top of the health checks:

Kesko Senukai Digital jobs, Cognizant jobs, Solutionlab Production jobs, Rely in the Baltics jobs


These companies take another extra step and pay for private health insurance:

IBus Media jobs, Telia Company jobs, Rely in the Baltics jobs, Sai Global jobs, Baltic Amadeus jobs, Visma jobs


Mental health support is on the agenda for these guys:

Rokkex jobs, Cognizant jobs, Vilniaus turto valdymas jobs



Team Sport Events

health and wellness team

Health checks and vaccinations go a long way however prevention is better than fixing the already developed issues. Keeping on top of regular exercise in addition to workload and family life can be hard. 

In addition to the benefits of team building and getting to know each other on a more personal level, finding buddies to exercise with at work can have long-lasting effects – by instilling exercise and keeping fit in your company culture you can help your team keep this up regularly.  

On top of this, team sports events benefit the workplace by:

  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing motivation
  • Increasing collaboration
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Improving communication


Here are some companies taking extra steps in recreational activities.


These companies provide gym membership or reimburse sport related expenses:

Sai Global jobs, Present Connection jobs, Baltic Amadeus jobs, Cognizant jobs, Blue Bridge jobs, Filippo Loreti jobs, Credital jobs


These guys also do team sport events:

Present Connection jobs, Baltic Amadeus jobs, Cognizant jobs, Blue Bridge jobs, ProvenStack jobs, Zenitech jobs, Visma jobs, TeleSoftas jobs, Filippo Loreti jobs, Vilniaus turto valdymas jobs, Telia Company jobs, Solutionlab Production jobs, Profitus jobs, Tele2 jobs, Inventi jobs, BTT Cloud jobs

Vinted raises the bar again with in-house pilates class and gym 🙂




Some companies are getting creative and are taking extra steps on top of this.

Standing desks is a popular one – sitting down all day is not great for posture and overall health.

Mindfulness and relaxation is also a nice new trend in workplaces.

health and wellness mindfulness

Relaxation and meditation rooms

Sai Global jobs, Mio Technologies jobs, Visma jobs


Massage or standing desks

Sai Global jobs, Present Connection jobs, Adroiti jobs, Rokkex jobs, ACME Grupė, ACC Distribution, ACME Film, Baltic Amadeus jobs, Mio Technologies jobs, Cognizant jobs, Blue Bridge jobs, ProvenStack jobs, Visma jobs, TeleSoftas jobs, Vinted jobs, Filippo Loreti jobs, TableAir jobs, Satalia jobs, Kesko Senukai Digital jobs, Vilniaus turto valdymas jobs, Solutionlab Production jobs, Rely in the Baltics jobs, Credital jobs, Tele2 jobs, Convious jobs


Some employers that really stood out:

Cognizant – also provides (on top of what most do as well) special allowances in case of wedding, childbirth and bereavement. Paid leave to learn a new language. They actively promote blood and bone marrow donation in the office.

Vinted was also pointed out in many of the categories above and on top of this they have hammocks! Hammocks for your feet even!

Want some extra time off to relax? No problem at Solutionlab Production

If you have kids, Telia has invested in keeping a family friendly work culture by creating a kids zone in their office.


Health and wellness at work = a successful business


And there we have it – these 33 amazing companies put their money where their mouth is and make sure that the wellbeing of their team is a top priority. If you are working for a cool company that is doing something exceptional in this field and they were not mentioned, drop their link in the comments and we’ll reach out to them, 🙂

Did you find some cool companies that align with your perfect workspace? Why don’t you check out if you’re a match on MeetFrank!

Offer some amazing perks for health and wellness of your team but weren’t featured here? Set up your profile on MeetFrank and let us know