60+ Remote Jobs in the MeetFrank App This Week

60+ Remote Jobs in the MeetFrank App This Week

During these turbulent times, millions are being forced to work from home.

Public Health experts are encouraging companies to take some precautionary actions and facilitate remote work for their employees.

Hundreds of companies that hire with MeetFrank have come forward with their remote job openings. From our side, we launched the Remote Work feed in the MeetFrank app, where you can see all the remote job offers.

work remotely

To make it even simpler for you, we compiled the list of the remote job openings by the track, making applying to remote job openings smoother also during the times of crisis.

Marketing & PR & Media Remote Jobs

  1. Mateso is hiring a Content Marketing
  2. Checkspot is hiring a Social media Specialist 
  3. Mintos is hiring a German Speaking Copywriter
  4. Whatagraphis hiring a Copywriter
  5. Weekdone is hiring a SaaS Marketing Manager
  6. Kaks.io Labs is hiring a HubSpot Consultant 


Software Engineering Remote Jobs

Timbeter is hiring

  1. Ruby on Rails developer
  2. Ruby on Rails developer 
  3. Xamarin iOS developer

Smart IT is hiring a

  1. Tech Lead Software Developer
  2. Software Architect

Klaus is hiring a

  1. QA Automation Engineer
  2. Software Engineer

Aiven.io is hiring an

  1. IT Engineer
  2. Software Engineer

NurseBuddy is hiring a

  1. Backend developer
  2. Full-stack developer

Qalmari IT Services Oy is hiring a

  1. Full-stack developer
  2. Embedded / IoT developer

Cavai is hiring a

  1. Senior Full Stack Developer
  2. Senior Frontend Developer

Cyberland OÜ is hiring a

  1. Fullstack Web Developer
  2. Java Developer


  1. ProcurementFlow.com is hiring a Fullstacker
  2. Western investment is hiring a PHP Developer 
  3. Bolt (Taxify) is hiring a Senior Software Engineer
  4. Maina & co is hiring a Senior PHP Developer 
  5. Appgyver is hiring a Head of Developer Inspiration
  6. Brandbox is hiring a Full-Stack Developer
  7. 505 HQ is hiring a Python Web Developer
  8. MySpotit is hiring a Full-stack Developer
  9. Marduk Technologies is hiring a Senior C/C++ Developer
  10. Cogastro is hiring a Senior Full-Stack Developer
  11. Loiston is hiring a .NET C# Developer
  12. Vallum is hiring a Senior Java Developer
  13. Kwork Innovaatiot is hiring a .NET Developer
  14. Adroiti is hiring a DevOps Engineer
  15. Lyyti is hiring a Backend Developer
  16. ALLIT is hiring a Python Developer
  17. Kora Sustainability Solution is hiring a React Native Developer
  18. eeedo is hiring a Full-stack Developer 
  19. Flashnode is hiring a Backend/Full-stack Developer
  20. iGeolise is hiring a Web applications Developer 
  21. Molnix is hiring a Vue.js Developer
  22. Integrus IT is hiring a Mid/Senior PHP Developer
  23. Omniva is hiring a Java Developer 
  24. Smart Accounts is hiring a Java Developer
  25. DENSO Finland is hiring a Senior Software Developer
  26. UniqueX is hiring a Java Developer
  27. Kaks.io Lab is hiring a Full-Stack Developer 
  28. Capgemini Finland is hiring a Full-Stack Java Developer


Finance Remote Jobs

  1. Capitalia is hiring an Investment Manager


Customer Support & Administration Remote Jobs

Visma is hiring a 

  1. Financial Administration Professional 
  2. Financial Administration and Payroll Professional 


  1. Danpower Eesti is hiring a Customer Support Representative (German)
  2. Baltic Assist is hiring a Customer Support Agent (Swedish)


Sales & Business Development Remote Jobs

Icona is hiring a  

  1. Sales Agent
  2. Sales Agent in the Furniture Industry
  3. Construction Sales Agent
  4. SaaS B2B Sales Agent



  1. Vilmers is hiring a Sales Manager
  2. Smart Brands Laboratory is hiring a Marketplace Analyst
  3. ReFaMo is hiring an Entrepreneurial Sales/Project Director 
  4. AllBright Technologies is hiring a Sales/Business Development Partner
  5. Unbabel is hiring an Enterprise Account Executive


Design Remote Jobs

  1. Fitlap is hiring a UX / UI Designer
  2. Weekdone is hiring a Product UX Designer


Logistics & Supply Chain Remote Jobs

  1. Cesnos logistika is hiring an Expedition & Sales Manager


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Companies with the Coolest Perks and Benefits in Finland in 2020

Companies with the Coolest Perks and Benefits in Finland in 2020

People are the company’s most valuable asset. Those extra things that companies do for their employees are something that makes working there truly special. If there’s one thing that’s worthy of bragging about at the happy hour, it’s the cool perks and benefits that your employer has to offer.

Here at MeetFrank, we always want to showcase all the sweetest things that make some companies the best place to work at. In the MeetFrank app, you can find the Perks and Benefits section where job-seekers can grasp on what the company has to offer. 

To make it easier for you, we compiled the list of top 10 companies hiring with MeetFrank that are the shining stars with the coolest perks and benefits and plenty of active job openings. From stock options to limitless snacks, these remarkable workplaces are worth a look. 


1. Ilona.works 

Perks and Benefits

Ilona.works is a tech-oriented startup with a solid foundation for rapid scaling. On their online B2B marketplace, small businesses can compare and buy business support services, fast and easy. 

These guys nailed the perks and benefits game. They literally have all the perks you can imagine. 

Free Friday beers and unlimited holiday are there when you need it. They take stress seriously and are willing to support their employees in times of any mental imbalance. 

Get the MeetFrank app to explore 👉 http://bit.ly/meetfrank-app

2. Polar Squad 

Perks and Benefits

Polar Squad is a DevOps consultancy operating in Helsinki, Berlin, and Tampere.

Polar Squad focuses on finding the best talent in the field and creating an environment where everyone develops themselves and others.

For those soon to be a parent, there are plenty of perks at Polar Squad. They are ready to cover daycare and offer you a remote work option along with flexible working hours.

They are looking for a DevOps Consultant 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/polar-squad-oy/devops-consultant-2


3. Aiven.io 

Perks and Benefits

Aiven.io provides open-source databases as a service (DBaaS) – services that are reliable, relevant, and secure at competitive price points. Their mission is to allow developers to focus on building awesome applications without worrying about data infrastructure management.

Aiven is growing fast and has an impressive list of perks and benefits to offer. Such as stock options for permanent employees, sports & massage, office snacks, and mobile phone & subscription. And to make that bonus stretch, every employee gets private health and dental care.

They are looking for a Software Engineer, Security 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/aiven/software-engineer-security


4. Factory Harmonizer  

Perks and Benefits

Factory Harmonizer uses the power of data and computing to prevent breaks in paper and cardboard production. Their clients are some of the most prominent players in the global paper & board industry. 

Apart from working together with positive and super-smart colleagues, employees at Factory Harmonizer enjoy flexible working hours and gym membership. Stock options are also a part of the deal.

They are looking for a Data Monster 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/factory-harmonizer/data-monster


5. Kodan 

Perks and Benefits

Kodan excels in modern web development and user interface design. They are working with API, video streaming, progressive web applications, a service that utilizes blockchain and a digital service platform for startups.

They have competitive salaries and all the benefits you would expect from an IT company: extensive dental care, insurance benefits, remote work, and flexible working hours. Kodan has tuition reimbursement for those looking to advance their education.

Get the MeetFrank app to explore 👉 http://bit.ly/meetfrank-app


6. Kaks.io  

Perks and Benefits

Kaks.io Labs is a fast-growing, diamond-tier, technical growth agency rising in the global HubSpot ecosystem.

Kaks.io Labs employees enjoy a menu of fringe benefits designed to add personal convenience and value to their lives. It includes continuous skill training, possibility to travel, family-friendly work culture, and stock options.

They are looking for a Full Stack developer 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/kaksio-labs/full-stack-developer-backend-focus


7. Circles Consulting 

Perks and Benefits

Circles Consulting is a modern IT-consultancy. They help their clients in finding their way in the digital jungle, completing the journey together from start to finish.

Would you like everyday life to be easier?

Would you like to be involved in deciding the future of the company? 

Would you like to be able to influence your salary directly and transparently? 

Then apply to work at Circles Consulting. Not to mention you will get your health insurance covered and will enjoy free food

They are looking for a Data Engineer 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/circles-consulting-oy/data-engineer


8. Surrogate Games

Perks and Benefits

Surrogate.tv is creating the next generation of gaming – they call it Surrogate Gaming. Controlling and playing with real-life robotics, toys, vehicles, and more.

Surrogate Games offers a comprehensive arrangement of benefits such as extra vacations, stock options, and gym membership. Employees work hard, but they are also encouraged to play hard. They can work off stress (if there is one) at team activities of all sorts. 

They are looking for a Lead UI/UX Designer 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/surrogate-games/lead-uiux-designer


9. Knowit 

Perks and Benefits

Knowit is a consultancy company that creates unique client value by offering interdisciplinary deliveries in three business fields: Experience, Insight, and Solutions. 

Knowit was given the title of Career Company 2019, as one of the 100 most attractive employers. They offer traineeships in several countries and collaborate with multiple universities in the Nordic region. Not only does the company support growth and development, but also an enjoyable work-life balance with health insurance and flexible working hours

They are looking for a Senior Developer 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/knowit-oy/senior-developer


10. AddSearch 

Perks and Benefits

AddSearch is dedicated to helping its client’s website visitors find what they want, using the almighty Site Search solution. They work hard to make AddSearch the best possible solution for their clients, both large and small.

Their list of perks and benefits includes reasonable compensation, access to modern tools, lunch, and healthcare.

They are looking for SDR / Enterprise Sales Executive 👉 https://app.meetfrank.com/jobs/addsearch/sdr-enterprise-sales-executive


See if you match with the above job offers

To apply for the jobs listed in this article, download the MeetFrank app in the App Store or Google Play Store, share some information about your previous experience, and start getting cool offers.

And on top of that, you can see interesting job market statistics such as how your salary ranks in the job market.


Looking for TOP talent for your team?

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MeetFrank is a hiring platform that makes the recruitment process easier, faster and more fun. More than 5,000 companies across Europe are using MeetFrank to find top talent. More than 300,000 active job-seekers are using the MeetFrank app



10 Companies Hiring Software Engineers Right Now – February 2020

10 Companies Hiring Software Engineers Right Now – February 2020

Software Engineers are the backbone of any tech company. It’s also one of the most sought-after roles in the MeetFrank app.

Up next, you can see which job openings for software engineers are currently available in the MeetFrank app. 

Click on each job offer’s link to find out more!


1. Convious is looking for Full Stack Developer

Convious is a SaaS platform for the leisure industry. Powered by A.I. They optimize customer sales funnel from advertisements to check-out.


  • Have an engineering mindset
  • Are able to think big and help innovate in a fast-paced environment
  • Are exceptional in one or more of these technologies: Python, Typescript/Javascript, React, GraphQL, Socket.io, Docker, AWS, CSS and HTML5
  • Know English

See the job opening


2. SEB is looking for IT System Engineering 

SEB offers financial advice and a wide range of financial services, but they are more than a place where the money is counted. They aim to be of assistance to you in your aspirations for the best results. Therefore, they want to be more than just an ordinary bank.

SEB is looking for an individual that is awesome at IT System Engineering to join the Data Warehouse team. 

Here’s what it takes to be considered:

  • You are willing to be a part of a professionals development team 
  • You are proficient in SQL or PL/SQL
  • You possess some database implementations 
  • You can’t wait to contribute towards continuous improvements and continuous delivery process

Find out more here.


3. Breakpoint SIA is looking for a Backend PHP Developer

Breakpoint SIA is a small friendly company located in Riga. They are creating and maintaining large web projects that are visited by millions of users monthly.

They have an opportunity for a Backend PHP Developer to work on large web projects. 

You will enjoy:

  • Developing and maintaining REST API based web application
  • Creating automated tests with the best code coverage
  • Collaborating with front-end developers, QA engineers, and the whole team to create the best product possible

Great that you’re interested! Do you have any questions about the position?

Ask them yourself.


4. Swedbank is looking for Infrastructure Engineer 

Swedbank provides a sound and sustainable financial situation for many households and businesses. They believe in a future that will stretch beyond financial growth. They want to make people, businesses, ethical initiatives, and society grow sustainably. 

Good news. Swedbank is searching for an Infrastructure Engineer in Windows Server Engineering to join their talented and continuously improving Windows Server Engineering (WSE) team.

Are you looking for: 

  • Challenges where you could build Windows server platform self-service and management capability? 
  • Working in an agile operations environment dealing with Microsoft server platform automation? 

If yes – this challenge might be for you! 

Then get the MeetFrank app to see if you match with this offer.


5. Posti Group is looking for Senior React Front-End Developer

In Posti Group, they deliver messages, parcels, and meanings, even dreams – both electronically and physically. Posti is evolving, and this transformation is built by a diverse pool of professionals from postal employees to digital developers and artificial intelligence experts.              

In a big company like Posti Group, the range of possibilities is enormous. 

They are in search of a Senior React Front-End Developer to build a leading digital commerce service and to create a smoother everyday life for the Finns. 

  • Are you keen on creating ultimate customer experiences? 
  • Do you believe in being agile, iterative, and fast to market? 

If it speaks to you – join them to create future Posti here.


6. NurseBuddy is looking for Backend Developer

The world is on the brink of an aging population crisis, and people need to be taken care of. 

NurseBuddy is the next generation home care SaaS to help home care companies provide high-quality care. Their mission is to make the everyday flow of home care easy.

They are looking for a Backend Developer to join their team in Tampere to build a world-class SaaS service.

The international team will bring you an excellent place to grow to a leading super tech dude who helped them build the best in the world health care app.

Sounds fascinating? Want to know more? 

Then get the MeetFrank app to see if you match with this offer.


7. Commesh is looking for Embedded Software Engineer

Commesh is a market-leading manufacturer of audio and video communications systems.

Do you have experience in: 

  • Development and support of complex embedded systems in C, using RTOS and Linux
  • Multimedia applications (audio, video encoding, and streaming protocols and frameworks)
  • Programming not only on the application level but also on the level of communication protocols/peripheral drivers

Then get the MeetFrank app to see if you match with this offer.


8. Startuplifers is looking for DevOps Engineer

Startuplifers connects talented Nordic tech, design, and business students and graduates with the best startups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Would you be interested in joining a fast-growing startup in San Francisco? ️

Their friends at Caption Health are looking for a DevOps Engineer to help them improve the reliability, durability, efficiency, and security of their platform. 

Caption Health is on an exciting mission to help healthcare providers to learn how to interpret ultrasound exams using AI. 

If you get hired by this company, they guarantee:

  • A free flight ticket
  • A hassle-free visa process
  • A supportive community, making your transition to San Francisco seamless and fun!

Sounds cool? Then get the MeetFrank app to see if you match with this offer.


9. HIGH MOBILITY is looking for Front-end Developer

HIGH MOBILITY is setting the gold standard for a vehicle API whereby 3rd parties can access car data in an open and transparent environment. 

They are looking for a passionate front-end developer to work on their API platform for car data. If working on a product and tools designed for other developers is interesting to you, get in touch! 

Get the MeetFrank app to see if you match with this offer


10. Nyxo is looking for React Native Developer

We are currently looking for a Full Stack Developer.

You would be mainly working with the Android and iOS versions of their mobile app as well as Nyxo Web application, which are built on React Native and React. 

If you have: 

  • Experience working on Android and iOS
  • Excellent knowledge with React Native and React
  • Great understanding of JavaScript and React framework

Check the job offer here.


See if you match with the above job offers

To apply for the jobs listed in this article, download the MeetFrank app in the App Store or Google Play Store, share some information about your previous experience, and start getting cool offers.

And on top of that, you can see interesting job market statistics such as how your salary ranks in the job market.


Looking for TOP talent to your team?

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MeetFrank is a hiring platform that makes the recruitment process easier, faster and more fun. More than 5,000 companies across Europe are using MeetFrank to find top talent. More than 300,000 active job-seekers are using the MeetFrank app.


Hospitality Jobs Opportunities in Europe 2020

Hospitality Jobs Opportunities in Europe 2020

The fuss of the restaurant is like the background melody that never stops. The soft clanking of cutlery, the warm buzz of conversation, champagne bottles going pop. Waiters skilfully sneak around the tables. Barista grinds and brews the best drink ever existing in the world – coffee, and the smell drifts away. Bussers hastily carry away wiped clean plates without a notice. A hostess cheers new guests and walks them to the available table with the best view. A manager lurks and passionately observes how things are going. The kitchen has its romance. The chef is polishing up his masterpiece, while cooks follow the recipes with pinpoint accuracy.  

Good news. Hospitality jobs are on their way. Each one of these and many other positions will appear in the MeetFrank app. We are growing non-stop so do employment opportunities. The time has come, so please welcome a new Hospitality industry many of our users have been waiting for. Europe strongly holds its position as the top tourist destination. It means more jobs in the Hospitality industry than ever before.

Now I`ll throw some numbers that explain why MeetFrank takes this industry onboard and why you should care. 

Hospitality jobs in Finland


The figures show that Hospitality is one of Finland’s most dynamic industries. 

Helsinki Times reports that the turnover generated by this industry amounts to €15 billion and contributes to 2.6 % of Finland’s GDP. The revenue comes mainly from foreign visitors, the number of which keeps rising and is 8.3 million.

The number of nights spent by tourists has increased by 1.3 %, reaching an impressive figure of 6.8 million. The travel industry in Finland is steadily growing, and we see positive growth potential in the long run. 

The Hospitality industry currently employs around 150,000 people but is always craving for more. The Finnish Hospitality industry is facing a major deficit of talent, and companies experience difficulties in finding employees with matching skills. It slows down the growth of the industry. 


Hospitality jobs in Estonia


More than 5.2% positive change in foreign visitors arrivals shows that more tourists are coming and stay for longer. 

The number of nights spent by tourists has increased by 4.4 % compared to 2018, reaching 4.9 million

The Bank of Estonia estimates the proportion of expenses made by foreign visitors in the export of travel services to be almost 1.2 billion euros.

These numbers suggest that foreign visitors are a great opportunity for the Estonian market to boost the Hospitality Industry even more.


Hospitality jobs in Latvia


In Latvia, the hospitality industry is a fast-growing sector of the economy. Geographic location, rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as growth-oriented workforce, facilitate the growth. Those, who have been there, know what I am talking about. 

In 2018 foreign travelers checked in this beautiful country 7.8 million times, which is 0.6 % more than the year before. Tourists keep spending more and more € on their trips. Last year expenditures amounted to €750 million, which is more than a year ago. In 2018, 2.81 million visitors were hosted at tourist accommodation establishments of Latvia – 9.0 % more than the year before.

The hospitality industry in Latvia is expanding quickly by opening new hotels and restaurants. Due to accelerated development, the hospitality industry provided almost 75 000 jobs and accounted for 8.5% to total employment in Latvia. 


Hospitality jobs in Lithuania


2018 was the most successful year for Lithuania with regards to tourist inflow. The number reached 3.6 m tourists that visited Lithuania. 

The hospitality industry has its focus on the most successful foreign markets that bring the € in. Lithuania experienced rapid growth in the number of tourists coming from Germany and Japan. 

The interest of Lithuanians in their country keeps growing. The Lithuanian tourism market is divided in half. Lithuanians who traveled within the country and stayed in hotels cover 51.8% of the market, while foreigners make up the rest 48.2 % of the Lithuanian tourism market.

The successful 2019 raises great expectations for 2020. The goal in the hospitality industry will try to support and maintain the increasing inflows of tourists.


What`s in it for you? 

Opportunities, of course.

The hospitality industry sustains 16,6 million jobs in Europe, which means 1 in every 13 jobs. No more numbers, I promise. The markets experience a high demand for talents due to the upward trend in the Hospitality Industry. There is a positive correlation between the inflow of tourists and the growth trend in the Hospitality industry. The more days tourists spend in the country, the more work has to be done to provide them a service. At the same time, companies are unable to find the best talent fit and need extra hands. 

MeetFrank is here to ease it up with the new relocation feature that aims at filling the gap in companies when finding the best match employees. You as a skilled talent being in high demand will be able to see opportunities abroad and connect directly with companies in the Hospitality industry and not only. We believe that talent is borderless. In today’s age, it doesn’t always matter where you are based. You are free to choose your best career path based on aspirations, not location. And even better, in many cases, jobs can be completely remote.

Check how it works here

Give yourself a head start on the Hospitality job market with MeetFrank daily digest that you can find in the app. 

Startup Week x MeetFrank 2019 Highlights

Startup Week x MeetFrank 2019 Highlights

A few words to mark the end of Startup Week, in Tallinn on 11-15 November 2019.

It went well.

In more than a few words, it was a spectacular, fun, surprising, valuable, and magical experience.

People smiled and occasionally laughed (keep in mind we are in Estonia). They made thoughtful facial expressions. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences met with other people.

What can make it sound even better? The fact that there was an infusion of inspiration and collaborative ambiance.

MeetFrank collaborated with top Estonian startups and organized a series of office tours.


MeetFrank 🌸 FIIZY

The best fast-growing fintech company to work with FIIZY opened our series of office tours.

In FIIZY, they help people to get the best financing offers on the market tailored to their needs, available 24/7, with an instant decision, transparent and with no extra fees.

Location. Location. Location. With any space, the first thing to look at is the location. When you enter, it feels unique, welcoming, warm, and absolutely beautiful.


Thank you for having us!



MeetFrank ➕ Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies opened the door to the world of ultracapacitors and fast energy storage.










Supercapacitors are electric storage devices that can be fully recharged in seconds and release a large amount of power.

Technologies they develop could accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and make electric cars cheaper and the air cleaner. Nice, right?


They shared with us a supercapacitor recipe. So please, take a note:

A pinch of salt, some carbon, curved graphene, and a piece of aluminum. Yummy!

Supercapacity cells they produce are super safe. They made it through burning, crushing, nail penetration and overcharging.

Thank you very much for opening your doors to us!

Skeleton Technologies 


MeetFrank 🤖 Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies is a company building a network of robots ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

They revealed some secrets about company operations and what’s really inside the robots.

We discussed how the design is about solving the problems, and how it fulfills the mission to revolutionize last-mile delivery with technology.

Hungry? Summon a robot! Starship autonomous delivery has expanded to the US market and now makes its way to the biggest student campuses.

They have recently launched at the University of Houston and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. How cool is that!


We are thankful for meeting such beautiful minded people!

Starship Technologies


MeetFrank ⭐ Cyberland & Lokimo

Cyberland is a Software Product Development company.

They like to think of themselves as a metric-orientated company. Measuring success in metric-improvements is the key for them.

Normally, the business does not like experiments while decisions are too often made based on intuitions. At Cyberland they disagree – experimenting and finding the optimal solution is the key.

Deciding what to do while you’re traveling can be an extremely time-consuming and stressful task that takes away from your overall experience in a destination.

Lokimo is building an app to digitize tours. Experience the best local tours made by the best tour guides in town whenever you feel like it! They already have a 100% closing rate with their distributors.

We took a look at the office, get a glimpse of the work culture, and met the wonderful team!

They shared with us the key principles of successful project completion and how they measure its performance.

Basically, the process that makes them win at software development begins with the discovery of the business goal of the client, UX design, and development.

Thank you for having us!



Meetfrank ❤️ COMODULE

COMODULE is the OEM supplier of connectivity and IoT technology. They supply the full platform including custom electronics, mobile applications, and cloud-based analytics software.

Today we are in a market where talent is in charge. On the Startup week, we found out what is COMODULE doing to keep the sparkle in the eyes of their team as bright as it can be.

COMODULE is one of the hottest startups in town. Recently, COMODULE took a giant leap towards being a game-changer in the micro-mobility industry.

Once a small startup, they now opened up their own FACTORY.  They will produce up to 30 000 connectivity units a month to empower even more.

We got a glimpse of their beautiful office and an insight into what makes them tick. Now it’s your turn to take a look.



Thank you, everyone, who made it to Startup week and invested the time to party with us in the offices. Here at MeetFrank, we are extremely proud to be a part of a Startup community.

Our crew has been approached many times by our guests if we will be doing this again. And we’re happy to say – fuck yeah!