June News From the Lithuanian Job Market

June News From the Lithuanian Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

On June 16, Lithuania saw its last day in lockdown. Now the country’s getting ready to open up again like most countries in Europe. 🎉

Despite its relatively low coronavirus rates, the Lithuanian job market has been hit by the pandemic, which we explored through the decreasing number of job openings in our latest blog article

Wondering what has changed in the past 2 weeks? Want to learn more about job openings and market competitiveness? 🤓

🔊 Spoiler alert: Let’s dive into the world of stats from the Lithuanian job market. Now, it’s the rising star of remote job opportunities, which welcomes talent from around the world. 🌍

Job Market Overview: May vs June

At the beginning of June, the number of active job openings was down by about 22% in the Lithuanian job market.

So, here is what has changed in the past few weeks. The number of job openings has decreased by approximately 24%. 📉

active job openings in Lithuania

There has been a very slight decrease in the number of job applications. This doesn’t quite cover the drop in the openings. 

number of job applications in Lithuania

Despite the decrease in the number of job openings at the beginning of June, finding a job is almost at the ‘OK-level’ in Lithuania.

market competitiveness in Lithuania

Unlike in Estonia, design candidates have more opportunities in this market. If you’re a designer and looking for a job in Lithuania, the chances are you may get one in the near future.

The Marketing & PR & Media professionals are in a tight spot. Sadly, it’s challenging for them to find a job in the Lithuanian job market nowadays. 👀

historical salaries in Lithuania

Similar to Estonia and Finland, offered salaries are higher than expected salaries in Lithuania. 📈

There has been a decrease in expected salaries, whereas companies don’t seem to have made any changes in their offerings lately. 

Job Applications in the Top 6 Specialties in June 2020 vs 2019

In the past few months, we’ve been discussing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic aftershock. 🌍😷

What about ‘before corona’ times? What were the stats for job applications in the top 6 specialties last year in the Lithuanian job market? 🤔

the number of job applications in Lithuania in 2019 vs 2020

Let’s start with 3 key points:

✅ Similar to Estonia and Finland, the Software Engineering industry has seen a significant increase in the number of job applications.

✅ But in Lithuania, this industry doesn’t rank in first place. Apparently, sales & business development job seekers are the most active group in Lithuania nowadays.

✅Unlike Estonia and Finland, one industry has made a huge leap in the number of job applications: Marketing & PR & Media. This could be either related to the recent layoffs or the growing interest in the sector.

Compared to the number of applications submitted in mid-June 2019, all industries saw more interest from job seekers. 

This may be related to the recent layoffs due to the pandemic and also the growing interest in the Lithuanian job market.

Who are the companies hiring with MeetFrank?

In this section, we will learn more about the company profiles on MeetFrank. Get ready to find out more about Lithuania-based companies!

✅ As of today, there are 121 Lithuania-based companies looking for talent on MeetFrank. The number is increasing every month. 📈

✅ Unlike Estonia and Finland, they are mostly corporations and consultancy companies. If your dream job is at a big corporate name, then Lithuania might be ‘the’ place! 🙏

Lithuania-based company type

✅ So, what sectors are these companies operating in? If you have gone through our Estonia and Finland reports, you’ll already know the answer. As of today, software engineering, SaaS, technology, consultancy, and enterprise software make up the Top 5 there. 

The answer is the same for Lithuania as well. 👍

industries of Lithuania-based companies

✅ The Lithuania-based companies generally have 11 to 50 employees. This range is similar to those of Estonia and Finland. 

size of Lithuania-based companies

Remote Job Offers By Specialty in Mid-June

Due to the pandemic, not only have more job interviews become online, but the number of remote openings has significantly increased. 📈

This fact applies to Lithuania as well. Did you know that Lithuania-based companies are offering more and more remote jobs nowadays?🔎

remote job offers in Lithuania

When it comes to remote job offers, the champions remain the same as for Estonia and Finland—software engineers. 🖥 

It seems software engineers will be the new digital nomads, following in the footsteps of design and advertising people. 🛩

Professionals from the Sales & Business Development, Design, (Tech) Project Management, and Marketing & PR & Media industries are next in line with an increasing number of remote job offers. 

Looking for a remote job? Interested in working for a Lithuania-based company? Here you go:

Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

👯 Here are our new members: SDAkademy, ARENAMEDIA, Procentalis, VĮ Lietuvos oro uostai, JSC JUARA, and IT Akseleratorius

Looking for a new role in your career? Your new job might be waiting for you: 





June News from the Finnish Job Market

June News from the Finnish Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

Recently Finland opened borders to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia (yay!) and is taking cautious steps towards normalisation. 

In our recovery outlook blog post, we mentioned the low number of job openings in the Finnish job market and the difference between the offered and expected salaries. 📉

In the past 2 weeks, Finland saw some changes in market competitiveness and the number of job openings. 👀

If you are hungry for more information, you’re definitely in the right place! 👍

Let’s discover what’s been happening in the Finnish job market lately. 🚀

Job Market Overview: May vs June

The beginning of June saw a 34% decrease in the number of job openings in Finland. The downward trend continued in the past 4 weeks.  

active job openings in Finland

Unlike the number of job openings, the decrease in job applications has been rather small since May.

the number of job applications in Finland

What about market competitiveness?

market competitiveness in Finland

The ease of finding a job in Finland has been very steady in the past 6 months. However, the recent decrease in the number of job openings has made it more competitive for job seekers. 

🔊 While it was at the ‘OK-level’ to find a job in the Finnish job market, now it has become more challenging

It’s still easier for software engineering candidates, but sadly design professionals will find it difficult to find their dream job for now. ⛔

historical salaries in Finland
When it comes to salaries, there is still a gap between the offered and expected salaries. As companies are eager to pay more for talent,  job seekers should consider increasing their expectations a bit. 💸

We’ll see how the month ends and what opportunities are ahead for job seekers. 🙏

Job Applications in the Top 6 Specialties in June 2020 vs 2019

In this section, we will delve into how the pandemic has changed the way job seekers apply for openings, and which industries have lately become rising stars. 

In short, we’ll compare the number of job applications in the top 6 specialties in mid-June 2020 to those of mid-June 2019. 

According to Statista, roughly 46,000 people have become unemployed, and 136,000 people have been temporarily laid off during the lockdown phase of the coronavirus pandemic in Finland since March 2020. 😷

the number of job applications in Finland in 2019 vs 2020

The situation seems to have affected the number of job applications in the Software Engineering industry the most, yet there are some surprising facts on the way. 🤔

Let’s have a quick recap of the stats above:

✅ Similar to Estonia, the Finnish job market has seen a significant increase in the number of applications in the Software Engineering industry. 

✅ Surprisingly, it has been the only industry with an increase. 😵 All other industries seem to have had a much lower number of applications compared to the 2019 stats.

While the Sales & Business Development sector has lost approximately 9% of job seekers compared to last year, Finance candidates seem to have already found what they were looking for—there have been no applications at all and market competitiveness is at a very good level for finance professionals, as can be seen in the MeetFrank Insights. 😯

Who are the companies hiring with MeetFrank?

MeetFrank is growing every day and so is the number of companies collaborating with us. 🎆

In this section, we’ll discuss the Finland-based companies in the MeetFrank database and get to know them better. 🤝

As of today, there are 109 companies from Finland in our database. Startups and corporates make up the majority, which is similar to Meet Frank’s general company profile. ✅

Finland-based company type

Finnish companies mostly operate in software development, SaaS, technology, consultancy, and enterprise software sectors. If you’re looking for an opportunity in Finland and work in one of the industries, this is a good time to try your luck. 🍀

Finland-based company industries

When it comes to company size, Finland-based companies are mostly in the 11-50 range, followed by the ‘big guys’ which are in the 51-200 range. 

There’s also a high number of small companies with 2 to 10 people. 👨👩

Finland-based company size

The majority of the companies have revenues below €1M, but who knows what will happen by the end of this year? 🤑

Remote Job Offers Per Specialty in Mid-June

Today, more and more companies are embracing remote work, and the number of remote job openings have started to go hand in hand with that blossoming love. 💗

Let’s see what Finland-based companies are thinking about this. 💭

remote job offers in Finland

By mid-June, the software engineering sector saw the highest number of remote job openings in the Finnish job market. Good times to be a software engineer! 🖥

It seems the increase in the number of job applications for this industry was for a reason. 😉

When we look at the chart, we see that the Sales and Business Development, Marketing & PR & Media, IT & Sysadmin, Design, and HR & Recruitment are next potential champions. But it seems the gap won’t be bridged that easily. 🏔

Interested in working remotely? Here are the latest remote job offerings: 

Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

This week, Tumplate, Playvation Ltd, KTI Kiinteistötieto Oy, and Workfellow.ai joined the MeetFrank family! 👯‍♂️ And here are the latest job openings from our newest members: 




Recent News on the Estonian Job Market

Recent News on the Estonian Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

It has been 10 days since the emergency situation officially ended in Estonia. Even the border restrictions have been eased with Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, which is a sign of slow yet very promising recovery. 😊

Another big news this week is that the ride-hailing company Bolt raised a funding round of €100M. (They’re also hiring with MeetFrank!)

The recent news on loosening restrictions seems to have had a positive effect on the Estonian job market, as we saw some newfound stability in the numbers of openings and job seekers last week. 

Want to learn more about the last week’s stats? Have a look at our previous report here. 👀

Let’s dig into this week’s numbers and find out how the Estonian job market is currently doing. 🕵

Job Market Overview

Last week, the current number of job openings was about the same as it was two weeks ago. 

This week saw a sharp fall in the number of job openings by 23%. In parallel, the number of job applications fell by approximately 50%. 📉 

Lately, out of approximately 29,000 people in Estonia’s talent pool, just over 12% of them are actively looking for a job. It has not changed that much since last week. talent and job seekers in EstoniaWhen it comes to historical salaries, an upward trend continues for both expected and offered salaries. We’ll see if the gap between them increases in the upcoming weeks. 👀historical salaries in Estonia

Market competitiveness remained the same as last week staying at the ‘almost-OK’ level for finding a job in Estonia.

ease of finding a job in Estonia

Guess which industry is luckiest nowadays? The answer is the ‘IT & Sysadmin’ sector which reached the 4.5 point, meaning that it is almost ‘very easy’ to find a job in this industry.

Weekly special chart: Expected vs offered salaries across top specialties

The ongoing crisis has changed the demand for various industries in different ways all over the world. To have a closer look at this matter, we will compare the expected and offered salaries across the top 8 specialties globally and in Estonia in the past 30 days. 

Overall, out of these 8 specialties in the Estonian job market, the salary offerings of 5 industries have been higher than the expectations of job seekers. 💶expected vs offered salaries in Estonia

Here are the main takeaways from the stats👇

✅We see the biggest difference between expected and offered salaries in the Data & Analytics sector in the Estonian job market. The salaries offered are considerably higher than expected! 🥳

✅In addition to the Data & Analytics candidates, job seekers looking for opportunities in the IT & Sysadmin, Finance, Customer Support, and especially Software Engineering industries should raise their salary expectations too. Companies are offering higher salaries than you think! 😉

✅While there’s only a small difference between expected and offered salaries in (Tech) Project Management, Marketing & PR & Media and Sales & Business Development candidates may need to lower their expectations a bit more. 

This also goes in parallel with the market competitiveness which is relatively higher in these sectors compared to others.

Globally speaking, 6 industries out of these 8 are offering higher salaries than expected even in these challenging times. 🎊offered and expected salaries globally👉Global trends are in line with those of Estonia when it comes to the Software Engineering industry. Expected salaries are higher than offered salaries.

👉As opposed to Estonia, companies looking for Marketing & PR & Media, (Tech) Project Management and Sales & Business Development are ready to pay more for talent. 

In general, the salaries in Estonia seem to be lower in both expected and offered salaries than the global average.

Weekly highlight: Customer Support

Knowledge, communication, and patience—this week, we’re focusing on Customer Support. 😎

Let’s see what the trends have been in the last 9 months. 

March was the most active month in terms of job openings. May saw the lowest number of openings so far, but many things can change before the end of the month. 🤞job openings in CS in EstoniaThe number of job applications have been fluctuating in parallel with that of job openings in the last 9 months. 

applications in CS in Estonia

However, job seekers in need of a Customer Support role significantly outnumber the demand in the Estonian job market. This may also be related to the recent layoffs in the industry. 

The talent pool in Estonia contains over 2,000 people, and more than 20% of them are actively looking for a job. talent, job seekers, companies in CS in EstoniaGiven this high ratio, it is no surprise that finding a job in the industry is difficult nowadays. 🤐

ease of finding a job in CS in Estonia

So, what about the salaries? How has this competitive job environment affected expected and offered salaries?historical salaries in CS in EstoniaSince February, there has been a growing gap between offered and expected salaries which might be considered as one of the inevitable results of COVID-19. 😷

At a time when we can mostly get support via email or phone, customer support has gained even more importance. So, as of May,  companies seem to be ready to pay even more to find the best talent. 💰

Interested in a Customer Support role in Estonia? Here are the most recent openings for you:

When we look at the skills in demand, we see that English and (surprise surprise) customer service & support beat Estonian. So, you can still have a chance to build a career in the Estonian job market, even if you can’t speak the language. 💪in demand skills for CS in Estonia

But we suggest you give it a try, not only because this would increase your chance of finding a job, but also because it sounds so harmonical. 🎶

👏Here comes the ‘congrats’ part. The most popular job opening in Customer Support is the ‘Customer Happiness Specialist’ role at Yaga!

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

Adovinci OÜ, Balti Spoon OÜ, OÜ Hendrikson&Ko, SV Trading OÜ, SMARTFUL Growth OÜ, Infogrid, Exove, Startup Estonia, Greip Agentuur, Eesti Hoiuraamatukogu, and Sentinel welcome to the MeetFrank family.🎊 

Find the latest job openings from our new members below. Today might be the day you find your dream job! 👇



Estonian Job Market Report, May 13, 2020

Estonian Job Market Report, May 13, 2020

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

Home to many pioneering companies such as Skype, TransferWise, Pipedrive, and Bolt, Estonia has lately been challenged by the impact of coronavirus, like the rest of the world. Let’s see what the second week of May has brought. 🌟

Before getting started, here is an overview from last week’s report ➡️ May started a bit foggy for the Estonian job market, which saw a decrease in the number of job openings twice in a row. Meanwhile, job-seekers remained active across all sectors. 

Before diving into the ocean of this week’s stats, here come two friendly reminders:

👉If you’re an employer and want to hire people, you can join the Meetfrank family and contribute to increasing the number of next week’s job offerings.

👉If you’re looking for a job, ‘the’ opportunity might be waiting for you in the MeetFrank app. Download it today!

Now, let’s see what the stats from the Estonian job market show us about this week! 🔎

Job Market Overview

A week ago, we saw a 9.7% decrease in the number of active job openings as a continuing trend from the previous weeks. This week, the downward trend continues with an approximately 8% decrease

In parallel, there has been a 13% decrease in the number of job applications in the past 7 days as well. There has also been a slight increase in the number of active job-seekers as can be seen below. 📈Talent in estonia and number of job seekersGiven the data, the ratio of the number of job openings to the number of the active job-seekers remains similar to that of the past few weeks.

Finding a job in Estonia remains fairly challenging. Also, last week brought about another round of terminations in Estonian startups – Pipedrive and Veriff laid off parts of their team. So the market is going to get even more competitive. 😟

Estonian market competitivenessOn the other hand, if you are working in the construction or IT & Sysadmin sectors, it will be ‘very easy’ for you to find a job in Estonia nowadays. So, now is the time to update your resume and send it out on new journeys! 🚀

what motivates people in Estonia

Who said that salary is the most important criterion when looking for a job? It seems the job-seekers in Estonia are also challenge lovers and look forward to more growth opportunities as well as higher salaries. 

We hope you got the message, dear employers. 🤓

It’s also important to keep in mind that the Estonian government has recently announced emergency economic packages for companies and specific industries. In addition to that, we’re hearing talk of normalisation more than ever. So, let’s keep our heads high and hope for the best for the rest of the month. 🙃

Weekly special chart: TOP 15 Companies with the most applications in 2020

Every week, we zoom in on a special chart and discuss it from different angles. Now, it’s the turn of the Top 15 companies with the most applications in 2020.

At first glance, it’s a pretty colourful list including sectors from ride-sharing to SaaS, food-delivery to finance, and recruitment to banking. By the way, have you seen who’s in 3rd place? 😊

top 15 companies with the most applications in EstoniaSince the beginning of 2020, the top 6 companies in Estonia which have attracted the most applications have been Bolt, Testlio, (drum roll, please) MeetFrank, Scoro Software, Weekdone, and Microsoft . 🥁 They are followed by companies in the banking, finance, software, and technology industries. 

It seems mostly SaaS, software, mobile application, and tech-related companies in general have been sparking interest since the beginning of 2020. As Bolt, ranking first in the list, has recently launched its grocery delivery services in Estonia, food delivery can be accepted as a front-runner industry, in addition to ride-sharing.

The data shows that relatively young but already successful companies such as Bolt and MeetFrank (yay!) have succeeded in attracting more talent than the global giants. 

While the big hitters are still the center of attention, there is a growing interest in young and fresh Estonian companies. 🎆

Weekly highlight: Marketing & PR & Media

Smart ideas, catchy taglines, flashy campaigns—this week’s highlight topic is Marketing & PR & Media😎 Let’s see what the trends have been in the last 8 weeks. 

When it comes to the number of job openings, there has been a downward trend since April due to the current situation worldwide. From the chart below, we can see that the numbers haven’t changed for the last 3 weeks. 

active job openings in marketing pr media in EstoniaApril saw the highest leap in the number of job applications. There has been an increase last week as well, which might be related to the recent layoffs in Estonia.  

applications in marketing pr media in EstoniaAt present, the Marketing & PR & Media sector in Estonia is not experiencing its best days. 

Estonia marketing pr media talentOut of more than 3,000 members of the talent pool in Estonia, 15.1% of them are actively seeking a job, which makes finding a job in this industry challenging. 🤔

EE market competitiveness marketing pr media

The numbers show that high competition in the sector seems to have lowered the salary expectations of active job seekers until May. In contrast, companies increased their job offers to find the best talent until two weeks ago.

EE salaries marketing pr media

For the last 8 months, the expected and offered salaries have been involved in a complicated story. 🤔 At first, they went in different directions, met each other in January and February, and parted ways with an ever-increasing gap at the end of April. Recently, there has been a sharp fall in the offered salaries and a slight increase in the expected salaries. 🎢

It seems that the crisis is affecting expectations and offerings in different ways, leaving a question mark for whether their paths will cross again or not in the upcoming weeks. 👀

Looking for a role in Marketing & PR & Media and feeling even more motivated after hearing about the offered salaries? 😉 Here are the most recent openings in the industry:

Wondering which perks these companies offer to the lucky candidates? The Oscar goes to team events which companies in Estonia are very good at organising. 

perks EE marketing pr media

Apparently, free coffee is also a popular perk provided by employers. This makes perfect sense as they’d love to keep their teams up, fresh and alert for new ideas. ☕

👏The most popular job opening in Marketing & PR & Media has been the ‘Social Media Specialist’ role at Checkspot OÜ in the last 30 days.

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

Let’s finish with some good news! This week, we welcomed Sharecloud OÜ, BCS Itera AS, and Reinvent Baltics to the MeetFrank family. 🎊 

And here are the latest job openings from the Estonian job market. Have a look and see if any of them might be ‘the’ one!

Ride the Tiger? The State of Estonian Job Market for Tech Roles in 2020

Ride the Tiger? The State of Estonian Job Market for Tech Roles in 2020

Having a reputation for punching above its weight when it comes to things digital and tech, the Estonian tech sector has been experiencing a solid-paced rise during the last five years.

But how does that affect the local job market?

Here are some of the takeaway facts we found out about Estonia’s job market:  

  • The country has risen to the 20th position in Europe in terms of the total investment into startups while having the second smallest population after Luxembourg
  • With its 123 million worth of investments into deep tech in 2014-2019, Estonia ranks 18th in Europe, placing it on the second place among Eastern European countries, right behind Poland that has 29 times bigger population
  • The country is strongly supporting startups, injecting nearly €200 million to boost it
  • Software engineers and IT talent are currently among the most in-demand workers with the lowest level of competition
  • Salaries of Estonia’s tech jobs are behind the European average but way above the national average

Estonia’s tech sector in numbers

Estonian job market in 2020

The tiger reference 🐯 in the title of this article is not a literary gimmick (not totally at least), as it’s referencing to the Tiger Leap project – one of the revolutionary initiatives launched by the Estonian government in 1990’s and 2000’s that paved way digital information technology. These programs played a fundamental role in the buildup of state information infrastructure and education.

It is also most likely one of the factors that have led to the considerable success of Estonia’s tech sector, that is currently growing at a fast pace and attracted a strong € 250 million worth of investments in 2019. The country is proud of its 4 unicorns, having currently more per capita than any other country in the world: Skype, Playtech, Transferwise and Bolt.

All this makes for good country promotion material, but what’s actually happening at the work market?

Top 6 jobs Estonian tech companies are hiring for

tops jobs in Estonian job market

As with the rest of Europe, software engineering job offers are currently at the top in Estonia with 49% of the job offers. The share of applications submitted for software engineering jobs is significantly lower – 37% – meaning that the applicants enjoy a low competition rate. And are in high demand!

IT & System administrators are the second-highest in need and also with a low ratio of applicant numbers. Creative fields like design and marketing & PR are among the last in the top 6, with a negative ratio of the share of applications, indicating high competition.

Competitiveness for the top 6 roles

top jobs in Estonia

Among the six jobs with the highest share of offers in MeetFrank, creative and performance-oriented fields like design, sales & business development, marketing & PR & media see the biggest competition for the job offers in Estonia.

On average 26 people apply for design job offers published in MeetFrank, which is the highest in Estonia but far behind the European average of the same field – 41. Also similarly to the European average, IT fields are lower in terms of competition as, software engineering has 10, Data & Analytics has 9 and IT & Sysadmin has 7 candidates per offer.

What are the salaries for tech jobs in the Estonian job market?

Salaries in Estonian in 2020
Although slightly behind the European average, it can be said that salaries offered in the tech sector in Estonia are relatively higher than those of the rest of the country.

Also, the payment is slightly more egalitarian in Estonia between the average payments in different fields as the tech/IT jobs are not that far ahead of the others than the European average is. IT & System administrators are the most well-paid among the most popular jobs, followed closely by project management, sales & business development and software engineering, while creative fields like design and marketing are earning about a fifth less.

As you scroll up, you will see that high demand creates high salaries: As software engineers are one of the most sought-after experts in Estonia, it also reflects in their salary level.

It’s a fairly common knowledge that Estonian tech companies are also looking towards other European markets when it comes to finding top talent.

How popular is relocation among Estonian tech companies and job-seekers?

Are companies and job-seekers open to relocating?

Estonian job market overview in 2020
It turns out workers currently based in Estonia are, on average slightly less interested in relocation than the European average. This is the case for software engineering and sales & business development job seekers. 

A curious case is IT & system administration, that has the highest % of interest for relocation (25%) while the field has the highest salaries of all top jobs in Estonia and the lowest level of competition. This is over 4 times higher than the European average (6%) for the role.

Sales & business development and data & analytics people are the most content in Estonia, with only 11% and 12%, respectively, interested in relocating.

Top 5 countries with applications to relocate to work in Estonia

relocation jobs in Estonia

We know that around 25% of Estonian job-seekers are open to relocation.

But what about the other way around? Do people from other countries want to relocate to Estonia? The job-seekers in the MeetFrank platform seem to be willing enough.

Although Lithuania has an emerging tech scene of its own and the average payment is close to Estonia, it is surprisingly the country with the highest rate of readiness to relocate to Estonia. That is most likely due to geographic proximity.

Estonia’s northern neighbor Finland follows second and Ukraine, currently the country with the biggest migration to Estonia in general, comes third.


Top skills required in tech-related roles

top job skills needed in Estonia

Let’s take a look at which skills make you most likely to get hired in the Estonian job market. At least in the MeetFrank app!

With software engineering being the most in-demand profession at the moment it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that the top sought-after skills are regarding that field. Full-stack, backend and frontend development and most common development languages HTML & CSS, SQL and Javascript are what’s expected of engineers these days.

Business development, project management, sales management, English and also Estonian are expected from sales & business development managers, while English is also the highest sought-after skill for customer support.

IT & Sysadmin candidates are currently most valued for their system administration and DevOps skills, while content marketing is the top skill expected from marketing & PR candidates. The most in-demand skill for designers is UI & visual design.

Top 10 Estonian companies, voted by job-seekers

TOP Estonian tech companies

In the MeetFrank app, the most applied-to companies are the tech unicorns.

Out of the four unicorns ever be been nurtured in Estonia, two are hiring at MeetFrank being they are the country’s most popular companies. These are the low-cost money transfer service Transferwise and the ride-hailing platform Bolt (formerly known as Taxify).

The third is the mobile banking app Monese and fourth Veriff, offering safer face recognition service – one of the features that are vital for Estonia’s E-Residency project. Starship, founded by Ahti Heinla (one of the founders of the mythical Skype) is now working on packaging robots with Starship that is also currently hiring across people in Estonia and several locations in the US.

MeetFrank is also regularly used by non-startups and /-tech companies, as indicated by the presence of two Swedish companies: the packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions, and paper production giant Stora Enso and commercial bank SEB.

In a nut-shell

Estonia’s tech labour market, although comparatively small, is experiencing fast growth and offers a bunch of interesting companies to work for.

Several of them have recently grown to become international success stories such as Transferwise and Bolt, with many others boasting the potential to become the country’s next unicorns. 

The average payment in the tech sector is slightly below the European average, but so are the prices in the country’s capital Tallinn, where most of the companies are hiring. The city embraces several tech hubs, a thriving startup community, having made it to the league of Europe’s top cities in terms of tech development and financing.

Want more? Read a similar overview of the European tech job marketing in 2020.



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This is the kind of people we need to maintain the edge that comes from our founder Jan Stenbeck.

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