Interview – Sievo’s perspective on hiring international talent

Interview – Sievo’s perspective on hiring international talent

Founded in 2003, Sievo is a global leader in procurement analytics. The company now manages over 350 billion euros in spendings yearly. They have also succeeded in building an incredibly diverse organisation with people from over 30 different countries working in their Finnish and USA offices.

To find out how they did it, we interviewed Janina Kurki, Head of Nerd Attraction & People Development Partner at Sievo. In the interview, we talk about challenges that recruiting internationally presents, finding the best talent from abroad, and tips to the companies planning to start hiring globally.

In addition to the company’s take on the matter, we also asked some questions from Sievo’s employee Aleksandr Shevelev. The Senior Software Engineer is originally from Russia, but in 2019 decided to move to Finland to work at Sievo. How was his relocation experience and how smoothly did he settle in? Let’s jump into the interview to find out!


People from over 30 different countries are working in Sievo. It might not seem outrageous for a tech-company in 2020, but Sievo has been hiring international talent since its establishment. Why did you choose to focus on hiring internationally from the beginning?

When Sievo was founded in 2003, the founders Matti Sillanpää and Sammeli Sammalkorpi built a procurement solution to help big companies globally. Our first client was a Danish company LEGO, and already the third hire was a non-Finnish speaking specialist. So our focus is not on hiring internationally, but on always having the best talent.

“Our focus is not on hiring internationally, but on always having the best talent.”


What are some of the greatest mistakes Sievo has made on this journey of hiring and relocating foreigners? Maybe you could share a specific story?

Hiring international people requires that the company has a working culture that fits for people from different backgrounds. I think Sievo has been exceptionally successful in that, but it might have made us assume it would be an easy thing to do and that relocated people would fit in Finland organically.

There has not been a crisis that I could think of, but it helps if things are well prepared in advance. There have been surprises on how many daily activities in Finland rely on e-bank credentials. Also, the taxation might hit hard when you see your first payslip. There cannot ever be too much information shared beforehand, and we should share even more information about the local ways of working. When you have a relationship of trust with people going through relocation, they will also trust your advice on managing the Migration Bureaucracy Jungle.

Aleksandr: Between companies, there are quite a lot of differences in management and working style. I am glad to say that Sievo’s values were quite helpful in making the transition between companies and countries. I was extremely happy to see that within Sievo I get a lot of opportunities to grow, which was one of my concerns during the relocation process.

How does Sievo find the best talent from abroad to relocate in the first place?

We do use different channels to promote ourselves; LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Meetfrank, etc. We take part in meet-ups and events, and our developers have good networks where they promote their work and teams. We have always been able to attract international talent, so it has helped a lot when we have much more diverse candidate pool potential. 

We do not settle for the basic ways, instead, we are always looking for new ways and channels, e.g. we were also one of the first companies in Finland using Meetfrank too. 

Aleksandr: When I started looking for a job in Finland, I visited a job fair organized by Helsinki Business Hub in the Consulate General of Finland in Saint Petersburg. At the event, I had the first interview round with Sievo and some other companies. A couple of rounds of interviews later I chose to accept Sievo’s offer.



How much do you have to convince people to choose Finland as a place to work? What are the country’s main attractions for potential employees, a wage level, culture or something else?

Actually, mentioning Finland makes it easier. Mainly people are worried about the climate, location and taxation. However, people are usually pretty positively stunned, after sharing the tips about surviving the cold and darkness, and what great things the high taxation rate brings (safety, clean environment, free schooling and health care). Also, the current situation with Covid-19 is just a concrete example of how well things work in Finland. 

Sometimes it seems that Finland is the best-kept secret for IT professionals. It would help if Finland would be promoted as one of the best countries for developers as it is confirmed already by the latest research. 

“Sometimes it seems that Finland is the best-kept secret for IT professionals.”

Aleksandr: I started to look for a job abroad due to general political, social, and economic problems in Russia. Finland became my first choice because of several factors, including being a well-managed country and its closeness to Russia. It is relatively easy to get to Saint-Petersburg via train without long queues at customs (if there wasn’t a raging pandemic).

What are the biggest challenges for foreigners while relocating to Finland based on your experience?

You cannot get things done without e-bank credentials and to have them, it takes multiple visits and a lot of bureaucracy. Also, getting rental accommodation as a foreigner (without bank credentials) takes longer than it should. Sievo provides accommodation to get started and helps with recommendations, references and even sets-up appointments with the long term renters, but it still might be time-consuming to get things sorted. 

The Finnish bureaucracy has its ways, and it definitely might cause issues at some point. But we promise every new team-member assistance with any matters because moving to a new country is quite stressful already by itself. 

Aleksandr: The main problem was the thinning or breaking of almost all the social and personal network connections. From the technical or bureaucratic standpoint relocation with Sievo’s support was quite a smooth process. There were some delays in getting the Finnish ID Card and renting a place to live, but it was mostly due to my inexperience with the local market.

When looking back, there were several means of support provided by Sievo:

  1. Help with the paperwork
  2. Financing the moving expenses 
  3. First accommodation in Finland
  4. Lots of help and information in general about living and working in Finland. 



Currently, European countries have closed their borders already for a second time this year, which makes relocation more challenging. On the other hand, people are working remotely more than ever. How has this year changed your views on recruiting?

As we have always recruited internationally, the remote tools have been used for years already. We are also very fortunate in a way because businesswise it is one of the best years in Sievo’s history – and we are recruiting probably more than ever. It has shown me that we have been able to recruit people that have a high tolerance for change and uncertainty. 

I have not felt the need to make huge adjustments on our side, but candidate behaviour has changed. People think thoroughly if now is a good time to change jobs, so they check information about the company very carefully, including the financial data. 

“People think thoroughly if now is a good time to change jobs.”

From a growth company point of view: we have been able to bring people stability in very unstable situation and been agile to adjust with the ‘new reality’ while enabling Sievo’s hockey stick growth. 

How do you see the impact long-term? Are people likely to look for new challenges internationally?

International migration has already started. It is not just Covid-19 that makes people search for brighter futures. Climate change, political uncertainty and even warfare will make people leave their current homes. I personally hope we can globally make an impact for a better future for all, so migration wouldn’t be the only way to provide safety and prosperity to everyone. 

Let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment. Hiring international talent to Finnish companies has been a hot topic over the summer. Why do you think the issue has gained so much attention this year? 

I have been very surprised about the fact indeed, but it is definitely a good discussion and an important topic. I have been talking about the issue since 2017, but it hasn’t raised that big headlines until now. I believe the increasing need for talent and the shortage of experienced professionals are finally coming to a critical state where IT companies in Finland need to become more accepting of international talent. 

When it becomes a business-critical issue, the change will happen. I believe it is inevitable. The difficult question is how well the companies can make that change – changing your work language and company culture is not a recruitment decision, it is a strategic decision to the core. And that takes time. 

What would you suggest to companies that are only now making their first steps to attract talent from different backgrounds?

Before anything, I would recommend companies to think about why they are making the transition, what it means to them and what are the objectives. Also, the team has to be involved in the process as early as possible. 

There are some cruel rumours about “international companies” where a couple of international developers are kept in a separate room “so they would have someone to talk to” as in the cafeteria the only spoken language is Finnish. Or similar cases where the official slide decks are in English, but the rest of the documentation is in Finnish.

In these kinds of cases, I would recommend the company to re-evaluate whether they are ready for international talents, and how they can help with the integration to the team. There are lot of companies that have done it already, the knowledge and information is available, it never hurts to ask help to have a better starting point for the change.


Discover the vibrant startup ecosystem in Finland

Discover the vibrant startup ecosystem in Finland

What do you know about Finland? That it is the ‘happiest country’ in the world? That there are lots of saunas and reindeers, and of course that it is the home of Nokia? Time to add one more fact to the list. Did you know the Greater Helsinki startup ecosystem is the fourth most attractive location among 100 emerging ecosystems worldwide, according to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020, published by Startup Genome? 🤓

Let’s start with what makes Finland such a good environment for entrepreneurs and aspiring startups with some good-to-know facts:

👉 To start a business, you should have a good idea based on market and user insights and a good team to execute it – that we all know. What about the startup environment? What should it offer to entrepreneurs? 🤔

The 3 essentials for a vibrant startup environment are talent, investors, and funding. 

🥁 Attention entrepreneurs; apparently the Greater Helsinki startup ecosystem scores highly for all of them. 

👉 Entrepreneurs can have access to venture capital and government funding. 💸

If you were to open a business, what would you need the most?

🔊 Did you know that Finnish startups receive the most venture capital per capita in Europe?

In this article, we will dive into Finland’s exciting startup ecosystem and get to know some of the outstanding companies better.

First, let’s get started with the Finland-based companies on MeetFrank; the industries they operate in, the size of their teams and their types.


Finnish Companies on MeetFrank

The number of Finland-based startups is increasing every day, as is the number of Finnish companies on MeetFrank.

🔊 As of December, there are many active Finnish companies on the MeetFrank app

What about their type?

Finnish company type in MeetFrank

In the chart below, we can see that consultancy companies make up the majority of the company types followed by startups, scaleups, and SMBs

Next in line is company industries. 

Finnish company industries on MeetFrank


The chart above tells us that Software Development, Technology, and SaaS make up the top 3

The four industries to watch in the Finnish business ecosystem are Consultancy, Analytics & Big Data and  and Cloud Computing. 💡

Working in one of these sectors? If so, stay tuned for the thrilling opportunities from companies operating in these industries!

Finnish company size on MeetFrank


Wondering about the size of these companies? 11-50 people teams make up the majority in this list. This shows us that small but productive teams take centre stage in Finland. 🎊


The Finnish Startup Ecosystem in 2020

“Finland is an ideal test market and springboard for startups looking to enter the European and global markets, with ready access to the eurozone and good connections to Asia. Also, Finnish consumers are tech-savvy and interested in trying out new digital solutions,” says Annamari Soikkeli, Senior Advisor at Business Finland.

If the Finnish startup ecosystem had 4 keywords, they would be support, connections, technology and digital solutions. 

✅  Ranked the most digitally advanced nation in Europe in 2019 by the European Commission’s annual Digital Economy and Society Index, Finland is the new centre of innovation in the region. 

It seems that in 2020 all the rankings have been in favour of Finland. Based on the strength of its startup ecosystem, the country ranks in 13th place among 100 countries according to StartupBlink. 

✅ Finland-based startups are especially strong in Gaming, Biotech, Cleantech, Software, Electronics, and Health.

If all these amazing stats have motivated you to consider a new phase in your career in Finland, let’s find out about the outstanding Finland-based companies on MeetFrank and learn more about what they are up to!




Recently announcing many openings, IsoSkills is the go-to company for companies looking for professional IT development, testing and management services.

They have offices in Helsinki and Bucharest. The Romania team mostly works remotely, although the company also has a cozy office in Otaniemi in Finland. 

If your field is Software Engineering and you are looking for a job nowadays, consider IsoSkills, as they have posted lots of vacancies lately! 😉

Sound good? Exciting? Thrilling? Download the MeetFrank app today to have a look at their latest openings! 📱




Did you know that Finland-based Brella is used by the largest events in the world to help attendees and exhibitors reach their business goals? 🦸‍♀️️

Founded in 2016, Brella is the world’s leading event networking platform for conferences and exhibitions.

And the good news is that they are hiring – even the second wave has not slowed them down! 

If you are interested in learning more about the positions they are offering as well as useful tips on how to get an offer from them, have a look at the interview with Brella’s Head of Talent and Culture, Hanna Kontinen in our blog! 💪


Mediconsult Oy

Mediconsult Oy

As we shared earlier, Finland has become a hub for startups operating in the Technology and Health industries. Given how the world has changed due to the pandemic and the growing need for new technologies for health, it is no surprise that Mediconsult Oy is attracting lots of attention lately. 😉

In their own words, the company “offers IT solutions to meet the needs of healthcare, social care and elderly care organizations”. 🤓

Their services range from a ‘COVID-19 Digital Symptom Assessment’ to ‘mHealth for Professionals’. 

Would you like to be part of their team? If so, be quick and have a look at their most recent openings on the MeetFrank app


Selma Finance Oy

Selma Finance Oy

Do you need a finance advisor in your personal life in addition to a job in the Finance industry? If so, you can find both at Selma Finance Oy. 😊

The company defines itself as a financial assistant for investment newcomers. With offices in Helsinki and Zurich, Selma Finance Oy has 2500+ clients so far and their vision is to scale throughout Europe. 💪

To see their openings from Marketing to Software Development, download the MeetFrank app today!




Is logistics one of the fields you want to work in? If so, meet DroppX – a same-day delivery solution for online stores and businesses. 

Their mission is to reinvent urban last-mile logistics. 👏

With headquarters in Finland, DroppX offers multiple solutions both for companies and couriers.

To hear more about their recent job postings, dive into the MeetFrank app!


First steps to a career in Finland

If you are interested in hearing more about Finland-based companies and the Finnish job market, don’t forget to visit our Insights page and enjoy fresh data every day! There you will gain a better understanding of the opportunities, market competitiveness, average gross and expected salaries and more!

We hope you find your dream job soon! 🎇


Want to boost your company’s visibility in the Finnish job market?

New location-specific communities in the MeetFrank app bring together insightful discussions, active job offers and interesting facts.

To kickstart the community in Helsinki, MeetFrank and Helsinki Business Hub have joined forces for a campaign in December, which aims to boost the job market visibility of companies operating in Finland. 

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Finnish Job Market: November vs May

Finnish Job Market: November vs May

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has arrived in Finland as well which resulted in new restrictions and measures starting from November until December 15. 😷

In this report, we will compare market competitiveness, the number of job openings, the offered gross salaries and more between November and May. 👍

Our goal is to see how the Finnish job market has been doing in the first and second waves of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Let’s rewind to last month:

👉 Both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline.

👉 Finland saw a slight change in market competitiveness in October. It was somewhere between the “challenging” and “OK” levels. 

Now is time to dig into November’s stats and see the most significant changes since May!


Job Market Overview

As we mentioned above, both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline in Finland.

What about this month?

However this month, similar to Estonia and Lithuania, the number of job openings in the Finnish job market has seen an increase. 📈

However, the number of job applications has decreased this month. This is similar to other countries in the region as well. Apparently, the opportunities outnumber demand. 🤔

➡️ From a different angle, the expectations of job seekers may not be matching with the offerings from companies.

What about market competitiveness?

Market competitiveness in Finland

If you are looking for a job in Finland, we have some good news for you. Nowadays, it is at the happy green level – the “OK level” – to find a job in the Finnish job market. 😊

Wondering about the offered and expected gross salaries?offered and expected gross salaries in Finland

Both salaries saw a small increase as of mid-November. This has been an ongoing trend since October which means the low gap between the salaries persists. 


Job openings in Top 6 Specialties: November vs May

Time to talk about every job seeker’s favourite topic: job openings in the top 6 specialties. 🤓

In this section, we will compare November’s number of job openings (as of today) with May’s. 

🔊 What was the situation like back in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic? What about now – how is the Finnish job market doing in the second wave? 

no of job openings in Finland: November vs May 2020

When we look at the chart, we can see that: 

✅  In November the number of job openings in all industries fell compared to May’s stats

✅ The Software Engineering industry saw the highest fall – more than 50%. Despite this significant decrease, this specialty still has the highest number of job offerings compared to the others in the list. 

Data Analytics already had a low number of job openings in May and now it has decreased by more than approximately 60%.

Let’s see how the data will look in December!


Offered Salaries: November vs May

The offered and expected salaries have been a rollercoaster for most countries and Finland is one of them.

In this section, we will discuss how the offered gross salaries have changed since May.

offered gross salaries i FI: November vs May 2020

➡️ The winners of this section are Design and Data Analytics. These 2 industries saw an increase in November compared to May’s numbers. 

Good for you designers – Design made a giant leap forward as of mid-November! 💃

➡️ Surprisingly, companies operating in the Sales and Business Development industry are offering exactly the same salaries in November as they were in May

➡️ Marketing, PR & Design saw the lowest increase when it comes to offered salaries. 


Market Competitiveness Per Specialty 

In this section, we will talk about market competitiveness and how easy it is to find a job in Finland nowadays. 

We will also dive into the top 6 specialties.

market competitiveness in FI: November vs May 2020

Let’s summarise the data above with 4 main takeaways: 

💡 Software engineers are always at the top of the list when it comes to the most sought-after employees. But as of mid-November, it seems finding a job will be a bit more challenging for them. 

It seems to be at the “OK level” now, whereas it was “easy” in May.

💡 Good news for IT & Sysadmin experts! Now it is very easy for you to find a job in Finland. Our data shows that the market is offering the perfect environment for you!

💡 The market has become more competitive for (Tech) Project Management and Data & Analytics.

💡 The Sales & Business Development and Marketing, PR & Media industries are facing less challenges in November as well. The ease of finding a job in the latter is not perfect though.


Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

🥁 Lately, we welcomed 7 new members to the MeetFrank family: Tovari Oy, Growflow Oy, Combient Foundry, Fondion, Trustmary, Elenia, and AtoZ!

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Mid-October Updates from the Finnish Job Market

Mid-October Updates from the Finnish Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-specialty reports, visit this page.

As the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic is expected in Europe, Finland has brought in new measures such as restrictions on the operations of bars and restaurants. If you are planning to have a trip to Finland, we suggest you check all the rules from travel to daily life. 🕵

In our previous report, we saw that there was an increase in the number of job applications, but a decrease in job openings.

How has the market been so far? 🤔 Did the September excitement of job seekers bring some more joy to Finland?

Time to discover more about October’s news, from openings to market competitiveness per specialty in the Finnish job market. 🙌


Job Market Overview

First a recap: September saw a decrease in the number of openings and a visible increase of 25% in the number of job applications. 📈

Let’s see what the data tells us as of today. 

number of job openings in Finland

Both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline from mid-September. Let’s see what the rest of October will bring. 

number of job applications in Finland

What about market competitiveness in the Finnish job market?

Market competitiveness in Finland

Similar to Estonia, Finland saw a slight change in market competitiveness this month. Unfortunately, job seekers will find it a bit difficult to find a job in mid-October.

There may be several reasons for that. Firstly, the openings apparently can’t meet the demand in all specialties in the Finnish job market. Secondly, the CV rush in September may have resulted in higher competitiveness in general.

What are the offered and expected salaries saying about this? 💶

salaries in Finland

This month saw a decrease in the offered salaries. On the other hand, job seekers increased their expectations a bit. It seems companies are not finding it that difficult to find talent at the moment.


Offered Gross Salaries per Specialty

Are you wondering how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the offered salaries this year? A lot has changed, so have the gross salaries.

Let’s see the salary rollercoaster from February to October: 🎢

offered salaries in Finland

Here are the main findings:

👉 Data & Analytics and (Tech) Project Management are the only specialties that saw a decrease in the offered gross salaries in October, compared to those in February. 📉

👉 The Design industry saw the highest increase in the Finnish job market. Good luck in your job search, Design people! 🤩

👉 Offered salaries per specialty in Finland seem like a rollercoaster, and we can see different patterns in each industry. 🎢

For instance, when Marketing & PR & Media faced a sharp decrease in August and an increase in September, it is the other way around for Sales & Business Development.

Overall, companies in Finland have struggled to adjust to the new normal just like all businesses across the world, which we can see in the ups and downs of the chart above. ⬆️


Top 6 Specialties with the Most Applications

In our previous article, we shared the top 6 specialties with the most openings in the Finnish job market. Let’s rewind for a second and have a look at the top 3: 👏

  • Software Engineering
  • IT & Sysadmin
  • Sales & Business Development

Here come the top 6 specialties with the most applications lately. Let’s see if there is any similarity between last month’s data on the companies with the most openings. 👇

top specialties with the most openings in Finland

✅ The leader when it comes to the highest number of applications remained the same: Software Engineering. 

✅ It is followed by Sales & Business Development that also ranked 3rd in the specialties with the most openings.

✅ Marketing & Design & PR is in 3rd place which makes it clear why it is a bit challenging for professionals in this field to find a job in the Finnish job market nowadays. 

✅ What comes as a surprise is that Data & Analytics is in 5th place. During the global pandemic, this has been one of the most popular industries. 

✅ Tech (Project) Management follows right behind Data & Analytics with only very slightly less applications.. 


Market Competitiveness per Specialty 

The job market has been quite challenging in Finland lately. 

😊We don’t want to cause despair— this is only a reminder before we dive into the market competitiveness per specialty in the last 4 weeks!

market competitiveness in Finland

💡 All industries have become more challenging for job seekers to find a job in except for Marketing & PR & Media. But please note that it is still at the “difficult level”. 

Dear active job seekers, if you don’t receive as many replies to your applications nowadays as you have hoped for, it is because of the high market competitiveness. 😵

💡 One of the industries that has seen ups and downs is Data & Analytics. This industry saw an improvement in the last week of September. 

💡 It is relatively easy to find a job in the Software Engineering industry.

To learn more, have a look at MeetFrank Insights!


Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

🥁 Ready to welcome our new members? Here you go: Online Technology Group Oy, Freska, Mediamaisteri Oy, Selma Finance OY, Norr design, Moiko, Etteplan MORE, and Taaleri Varainhoito Oy! 

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Interview with Viivi Marttinen, People Operations Manager at Supermetrics

Interview with Viivi Marttinen, People Operations Manager at Supermetrics

Founded in 2013, Helsinki-headquartered Supermetrics has 14,000+ customers in more than 120 countries. 

What do they do? – They build marketing analytics tools, with 10% of global online ad spend reported through their products.

In September 2020, Supermetrics closed a €40M Series B round. 🚀  We’re always thrilled to see companies hiring with MeetFrank succeeding, and were excited to interview Viivi Marttinen, their People Operations Manager.

As the team is working remotely, we were not able to visit their charming Helsinki office with a sleek modern design and do the interview in person. Hope we’ll have a chance to visit Supermetrics in the future. 🌅

Supermetrics office

Without further ado, here’s our interview with Viivi.


Supermetrics just closed a €40 million funding round. Congratulations! How did you celebrate?

Thank you! 

As we’re still mostly in remote mode, we celebrated in Slack as more and more news outlets published their stories on us. It felt like our efforts were recognized in such a concrete way and the world was celebrating with us.


Did the funding news affect your hiring plans? Are you accelerating the growth of your team? 

Not in a significant way yet, as our hiring teams are still the same size and we don’t want to compromise our recruitment process. 

That said, we’ve been doubling our team every year since our earlier days of 2016 and are continuing on the same track this year.


The world is still recovering from the 1st COVID-19 outbreak. And now there’s a possibility of the 2nd wave. How are you handling this at Supermetrics? 

We’ve all been mostly remote since the start of the first wave in March and still continue to work from home in Helsinki and Atlanta. Our team in Vilnius has a safer overall situation and so they use their office more now. 

Everyone is allowed to work fully from home, and we follow the safety measures recommended by our respective governments and health authorities to make sure we do our own part in keeping ourselves and our fellow people safe.


How has COVID-19 changed your team members’ working habits, work environment, and productivity?

People are different and so moving to a fully remote working environment has served some better than others. 

Many discovered that having fewer distractions increased their productivity. However, we’re a very community-focused team and love to harness the collective intelligence we have here through brainstorming and rely on the overall support of our colleagues. So we’ve had to come up with new ways of connecting even when remote.


Supermetrics office


Coming back to recruitment at Supermetrics, how is your recruitment and HR team set up?

We have recruitment and HR functions within our People Operations team. There’s 3 of us at the moment. We’re a very flat team and have an organic divide of responsibilities based on our own strengths and aspirations. 

Marika [Marika Salkola, Senior People Operations] is reporting directly to our CEO Mikael and she’s amazing in recruiting, but also shines brightly in HR and has brought a lot of needed developments since joining us a year ago.

Henrika Ekholm, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, joined this summer, and has already brought multiple people into our team! I couldn’t be happier to have her in our team and see her continuing to elevate us further in other areas as well.


How do you usually find the candidates to hire? Do you publish a job offer and just wait? What % of hired candidates has been sourced and headhunted? 

For inbound applications, we mostly use LinkedIn and MeetFrank. We do active sourcing as well, especially for the roles where our need is very specific. We have reinforced our efforts with recruitment partners in Vilnius and Atlanta. 

Out of the 10 most recent hires, 50% were headhunted by our team.


Do you use any other channels for finding different talent? Do you have a different approach to hiring for specific roles?

I think LinkedIn prevails as the biggest platform for all professionals and we use it actively. 

For internship roles, we use a Finnish site Aarresaari to get our job ads in front of students from specific university faculties. Our approach is very unified and simple so that we can make sure we don’t spread ourselves too thin.


How would you describe the tech sector and job market in Finland? Is there a lot of good talent to hire?

I think Finland is a rather small, yet very competitive market when it comes to tech roles. 

We’re often looking for senior talent in PHP, which isn’t winning any popularity contests in Finland, but if we also look into other countries in the EU and Russia, we have a much better chance in finding the people we need. 


While Supermetrics is one of the leading marketing data providers in the world, not everyone has heard of it. How do you usually pitch your company to the job applicants?

It depends on the audience, but at our core, we’re empowering digital marketing reporting and analysis by automating data transfers.

Our usual explanation goes like this:  You know… the ads you see on different social media channels and other online platforms? A marketer somewhere put it there and targeted it to you and they want to measure the impact of their effort. There can be thousands or millions of “you”s however, which makes the data really hard to handle manually, so we automate it and make it fast to get the data they need wherever they need it. 


What would you say are the main so-called selling points for attracting top talent to Supermetrics? How do you convince people to join?

For technical talent with an interest in data, we are a great place to build your skills while creating impactful solutions that are used daily by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Sales talent really wants to help the customers by offering products and services that can make a difference in their performance. I believe we have just that. 

For marketing talent, you get to do marketing – for marketers! And as our products are focused on transforming how digital marketing is measured, you get to be among the trailblazers of digital marketing.

For any talent regardless or their specialty, a great working culture and atmosphere is very important and we’re always eager to share our experience in working at Supermetrics. Work is such an important part of life and the importance of the people around you can’t be denied.


Supermetrics office


I happened to check your Careers page and saw that you have a beautiful HQ office in downtown Helsinki. Do you think that a high-quality work environment increases the team’s happiness and general output?

I’m so happy to hear you liked our office! It was completely rebuilt for us as an extension of our culture to be a cosy nest for the team and we love it so much.

Having different spaces for silent work, meetings, brainstorming, casual convos and fun aspects helps to shift your focus accordingly, but there’s also a lot of built-in versatility. 

They say if you forgot what you were about to do, you should go back to the room you came from – I believe having a setting like ours is like having mental doors to different mindsets. 


What advice would you give to people looking to get hired in a fast-growing tech company like Supermetrics? 

We like confident people with a specific set of skills and experience. I encourage everyone to explore what it means as well as your own aspirations and drive – what is it that you want to do and achieve right now? – and to bring it to the table. 

Be honest and be yourself! We want to hire people for roles where they can do what they love, have what it takes to succeed, and add something new with their own strengths.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! To end the interview, we’ve got 5 rapid-fire questions to you.


What’s your favourite question to ask at interviews?

Tell me about a project that you’re the most proud of and something that you learned from it.


What’s the biggest mistake that job-seekers make when applying to a new job?

Not reading the job description thoughtfully and not telling us why they think it would be a great fit for both. 


What’s the biggest challenge when hiring people to Supermetrics?

We have a very high bar for candidates and tricky requirements at times, which lowers the number of talent we can consider. We’re also not very known outside the digital marketing world yet and so people don’t know to seek us out.


What are your favourite recruitment tools and channels?

LinkedIn, MeetFrank, and our own team’s networks.


If you weren’t a recruiter, what would you do?

The best part of recruitment for me is getting to contribute to a happy and high-functioning culture in such a concrete way, so I think I’d do employer branding or company culture full time.


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Recent News on the Finnish Job Market

Recent News on the Finnish Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

With the latest decisions on loosening of the restrictions, Finland is slowly and cautiously getting back to the ‘normal’ track. We hope that it will be manifested in the Finnish job market as more job openings and higher salaries in the upcoming weeks. 🎆

In the past 2 weeks, there was a notable decrease in the number of job openings in Finland. 

If you haven’t read last week’s report and want to fill in the blanks before diving into the new stats, have a look at our previous report. 🔎 

In addition to the weekly stats, you can see the job openings across top specialties globally and in Finland. 🗺

Ready? Let’s dig into the Finnish job market and see if the turbulence is still ongoing! 🎢

Job Market Overview

In last week’s report, we had shared that the number of active job openings is down by 10.5%. 

The downward trend continues this week as well. This week saw a 11.2% decrease in the number of job openings. On the other hand, the number of job applications increased by approximately 12%.

In the past week, there has been a small decrease in the number of active job seekers along with a slight increase in the amount of talent. Compared to Estonia and Lithuania, less people have been actively looking for a job in Finland.talent and job seekers in FinlandThe market competitiveness remained at a similar level though with a slight drop from 3.9 to 3.5. The good news is, finding a job in Finland is still at the ‘OK’ level. ✅

ease of finding a job in finland

If your background is Finance, Finland is ‘the’ place for you! According to our data, it is easy to find a job in the Finance sector. 😊

While the offered and expected salaries have been going in opposite directions, the disparity has started to diminish. Since April, job seekers and employees have been getting ready to meet halfway. 💸

historical salaries in finland

Weekly special chart: Expected vs offered salaries across top specialties

Wondering how the expected and offered salaries differ across specialties globally and in Finland? Well then, today is your lucky day. 🍀

Looking at the chart below, we see that half of these industries are offering higher salaries than expected in the Finnish job market. offered vs expected salaries in Finland
Enjoy our main takeaways from the charts!

✅The biggest difference between expected and offered salaries can be seen in the Sales & Business Development industry in the Finnish job market. The numbers tell us that job seekers and companies need to reevaluate what they have in mind. 💭

✅Similar to the situation in Estonia and Lithuania, offered salaries are higher than expected salaries for software engineers

The trend for lower salaries in the Marketing & PR & Media industry continues in Finland as well. 

Let’s have a look at the global stats for the same industries:offered and expected salaries globally

👉The offered salaries for software engineers and data analysts in Finland beats the global average. Go Finland! And go to Finland, software engineers and data people! 🤓

👉The average offered and expected salaries in Finland are higher than in the global stats. 

Weekly highlight: Customer Support

This week, we’ll zoom in on the Customer Support industry in the Finnish job market.

In the past 9 months, the number of job openings has increased slowly, reaching a peak in April.  As of May 27, there are more openings compared to previous months. job openings in FinlandWe’ll see if May can break April’s record. 🏅

On the other hand, job seekers have taken a different track over the past 9 months. We saw the number of job applications peak in March whereas we saw the lowest number in February. job applications in customer support in FinlandWhen we compare the two charts, we see that the number of applications fluctuated more than that of job openings in the last 9 months. 

Given the amount of talent, the percentage of active job seekers in Customer Support in Finland is approximately 15%, relatively high compared to the other industries.   There are currently 45 companies open to hiring talent in Customer Support, which is lower than in other industries. talent, job seekers, companies in CS in FinlandOn the other hand, one of the effects of the coronavirus crisis is that some sectors gained popularity while others have lost out. Thankfully, Customer Support is in the former group. 🙏

The graph below shows that it is easy to find a job in a Customer Support role in Finland and that there’s a strong demand for candidates.

ease of finding a job in CS in Finland

However, this isn’t reflected in the salaries. Offered salaries remain lower than expected salaries in the Finnish job market.

historical salaries in CS in Finland

If you’re looking for a Customer Support role in Finland, here are the latest openings which are welcoming new talent:

The most in demand skills in the Finnish job market are similar to those of Estonia. English and customer service & support top the list of must-have skills for the candidates going for Customer Support roles. 

Now that we have relatively more time in these quarantine days, it may be the perfect time to build these skills. 💡in demand skills in CS in Finland

🏅As the last word, the most popular job opening in Marketing & PR & Media is the ‘Financial Administration and Payroll Expert’ at Visma! 

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

Say hi to our new members: DataCrunch OY, Apperior Oy, Arkkeo, and Buildie Oy!

Now is the time to update your resume and have a look at the latest job offerings! 📝