Estonian Job Market Report, May 13, 2020

Estonian Job Market Report, May 13, 2020

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

Home to many pioneering companies such as Skype, TransferWise, Pipedrive, and Bolt, Estonia has lately been challenged by the impact of coronavirus, like the rest of the world. Let’s see what the second week of May has brought. 🌟

Before getting started, here is an overview from last week’s report ➡️ May started a bit foggy for the Estonian job market, which saw a decrease in the number of job openings twice in a row. Meanwhile, job-seekers remained active across all sectors. 

Before diving into the ocean of this week’s stats, here come two friendly reminders:

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Now, let’s see what the stats from the Estonian job market show us about this week! 🔎

Job Market Overview

A week ago, we saw a 9.7% decrease in the number of active job openings as a continuing trend from the previous weeks. This week, the downward trend continues with an approximately 8% decrease

In parallel, there has been a 13% decrease in the number of job applications in the past 7 days as well. There has also been a slight increase in the number of active job-seekers as can be seen below. 📈Talent in estonia and number of job seekersGiven the data, the ratio of the number of job openings to the number of the active job-seekers remains similar to that of the past few weeks.

Finding a job in Estonia remains fairly challenging. Also, last week brought about another round of terminations in Estonian startups – Pipedrive and Veriff laid off parts of their team. So the market is going to get even more competitive. 😟

Estonian market competitivenessOn the other hand, if you are working in the construction or IT & Sysadmin sectors, it will be ‘very easy’ for you to find a job in Estonia nowadays. So, now is the time to update your resume and send it out on new journeys! 🚀

what motivates people in Estonia

Who said that salary is the most important criterion when looking for a job? It seems the job-seekers in Estonia are also challenge lovers and look forward to more growth opportunities as well as higher salaries. 

We hope you got the message, dear employers. 🤓

It’s also important to keep in mind that the Estonian government has recently announced emergency economic packages for companies and specific industries. In addition to that, we’re hearing talk of normalisation more than ever. So, let’s keep our heads high and hope for the best for the rest of the month. 🙃

Weekly special chart: TOP 15 Companies with the most applications in 2020

Every week, we zoom in on a special chart and discuss it from different angles. Now, it’s the turn of the Top 15 companies with the most applications in 2020.

At first glance, it’s a pretty colourful list including sectors from ride-sharing to SaaS, food-delivery to finance, and recruitment to banking. By the way, have you seen who’s in 3rd place? 😊

top 15 companies with the most applications in EstoniaSince the beginning of 2020, the top 6 companies in Estonia which have attracted the most applications have been Bolt, Testlio, (drum roll, please) MeetFrank, Scoro Software, Weekdone, and Microsoft . 🥁 They are followed by companies in the banking, finance, software, and technology industries. 

It seems mostly SaaS, software, mobile application, and tech-related companies in general have been sparking interest since the beginning of 2020. As Bolt, ranking first in the list, has recently launched its grocery delivery services in Estonia, food delivery can be accepted as a front-runner industry, in addition to ride-sharing.

The data shows that relatively young but already successful companies such as Bolt and MeetFrank (yay!) have succeeded in attracting more talent than the global giants. 

While the big hitters are still the center of attention, there is a growing interest in young and fresh Estonian companies. 🎆

Weekly highlight: Marketing & PR & Media

Smart ideas, catchy taglines, flashy campaigns—this week’s highlight topic is Marketing & PR & Media😎 Let’s see what the trends have been in the last 8 weeks. 

When it comes to the number of job openings, there has been a downward trend since April due to the current situation worldwide. From the chart below, we can see that the numbers haven’t changed for the last 3 weeks. 

active job openings in marketing pr media in EstoniaApril saw the highest leap in the number of job applications. There has been an increase last week as well, which might be related to the recent layoffs in Estonia.  

applications in marketing pr media in EstoniaAt present, the Marketing & PR & Media sector in Estonia is not experiencing its best days. 

Estonia marketing pr media talentOut of more than 3,000 members of the talent pool in Estonia, 15.1% of them are actively seeking a job, which makes finding a job in this industry challenging. 🤔

EE market competitiveness marketing pr media

The numbers show that high competition in the sector seems to have lowered the salary expectations of active job seekers until May. In contrast, companies increased their job offers to find the best talent until two weeks ago.

EE salaries marketing pr media

For the last 8 months, the expected and offered salaries have been involved in a complicated story. 🤔 At first, they went in different directions, met each other in January and February, and parted ways with an ever-increasing gap at the end of April. Recently, there has been a sharp fall in the offered salaries and a slight increase in the expected salaries. 🎢

It seems that the crisis is affecting expectations and offerings in different ways, leaving a question mark for whether their paths will cross again or not in the upcoming weeks. 👀

Looking for a role in Marketing & PR & Media and feeling even more motivated after hearing about the offered salaries? 😉 Here are the most recent openings in the industry:

Wondering which perks these companies offer to the lucky candidates? The Oscar goes to team events which companies in Estonia are very good at organising. 

perks EE marketing pr media

Apparently, free coffee is also a popular perk provided by employers. This makes perfect sense as they’d love to keep their teams up, fresh and alert for new ideas. ☕

👏The most popular job opening in Marketing & PR & Media has been the ‘Social Media Specialist’ role at Checkspot OÜ in the last 30 days.

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

Let’s finish with some good news! This week, we welcomed Sharecloud OÜ, BCS Itera AS, and Reinvent Baltics to the MeetFrank family. 🎊 

And here are the latest job openings from the Estonian job market. Have a look and see if any of them might be ‘the’ one!

Estonian Job Market Report, May 6, 2020

Estonian Job Market Report, May 6, 2020

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

💐Do you know the saying “April showers bring May flowers?” We do hope to see some blossoming in the job market in May. For now, let’s see how the very beginning of May has been for the Estonian job market.

This week, there was yet another drop in the number of active job openings. At the same time, job-seekers remain active across specialties.

So, if you’ve been thinking about hiring more people, now might be a good time to join the Meetfrank family.

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But now, let’s take a closer look at what is new on the Estonian Job Market. Read on, if you’d like! 👇

Job Market Overview

The Estonian job market remains a turbulent one to keep an eye on. Last week’s 5% increase in the number of job openings was a slight rebound from the decline of prior weeks. This week, we see another 9.7% decrease in the number of active job openings. 📉

We also see that 12.4% of talent in Estonia are active job seekers. This number has remained on last week’s level.  

active job seekers in Estonia

The Estonian job market has seen a few changes since the coronavirus crisis hit. The general declining trend in the number of job openings coupled with a steady number of active job seekers has resulted in a more competitive market. 

estonian job market competiton

In other words, it is now a little more difficult to find a job in Estonia than it was a few months ago, 

This trend is similar in almost all specialties, except one — finding a job in IT & Sysadmin is easier, based on our data. Even software engineering jobs have become a little more difficult to find as compared to the beginning of March. 👩‍💻

However, when we look at what skills are most in demand in the Estonian job market, they still revolve around development. Backend development and full-stack development are currently the most in demand

job skills in demand in Estonia

Weekly special chart: Remote work across specialties

This week, we are taking a look at remote work opportunities in different specialties. 🕵️‍♀️

More specifically, our weekly special chart shows the percentage of job openings that are open to remote work in the top specialties in Estonia. This is based on our April data, fresh out of our servers.

remote job offers estonia

We can see that one specialty is leading the Estonian kob market with remote work opportunities. As many as 23% of job offers in Marketing & PR & Media are open to remote workers. 🏖

Most other specialties are on even levels, around 10-14%. Customer support roles in Estonia are the least welcoming to remote applicants at just 7%.

Let’s see if these trends change in the future, as the whole world adjusts to remote-flexibility in 2020.

Weekly highlight: Finance

This week, we are taking a closer look at the finance sector in Estonia. Home to TransferWise, Monese, Fortumo, Erply, Change and many others, Estonia does have a good amount of finance talent. 🏦

More than 1700 of these talented people are on the MeetFrank platform, and according to our data, close to 10% of the finance talent are active job-seekers.  

finance talent in Estonia

Similarly to the trends of the job market as a whole, the finance sector has seen a decrease in available job openings. The number of available openings in finance has dropped nearly by half. 🎢

finance job openings Estonia

When we look at the number of applications, we see that the number of job applications fluctuates quite a lot. The general trend is clear, though: in recent weeks, there have seen fewer applications in finance than before. 

job applications in Finance Estonia

What do we see when we put all of our job market insights data together? Turns out, it is quite easy to find a job in finance in Estonia right now. The ratio of job-seekers to job openings favors the job-seekers!

finding a finance job in Estonia

Now, let’s take a look at salaries in the financial sector. Interestingly enough, the job-seekers in finance have consistently had higher salary expectations than what the market has offered. 🤑

In recent months, this gap has been diminishing. Our latest data shows that the current average salary expectation is €2113, while the average offer is €1894 (gross). 

finance salary expectations Estonia

If you are looking for a role in finance, you can take a look at the ones below. Here are the most recent job openings in finance:

In recent months, hiring people in finance has become more challenging for companies. Estonia is not alone in this — we have seen a similar trend in Finland and Lithuania, for example. 🇪🇪 🇫🇮 🇱🇹

This is where we can share some useful insights with you. Namely, we know that Estonians in finance are most motivated by new challenges, a higher salary and growth opportunities. 

what motivates people in Estonia

As you can see, flexible working hours and remote work possibilities are less important to people in finance. Be sure to use this information to your advantage when hiring!

The most popular opening in finance is one for a Compliance Department Team Leader with Fusion Services. It’s still open for applications, so you can take a look here. 🏆 

New job offers this week

To wrap up the Estonian job market report for this week, we’re sharing the latest job offers. We see that there’s a good variety of jobs posted every week. If you’re looking for a new challenge, see if any of the below strike your fancy. 💼

Estonian Job Market Report, April 29, 2020

Estonian Job Market Report, April 29, 2020

Last week, we shared the latest news and trends from the Estonian job market that showed the ups and downs in various industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, we see that there are some surprising trends in the labour market. 

Recently, the situation in the Estonian job market has been like the Estonian spring—it is sunny on some days and a little bit cold on others. So, despite the recent cooling down of the market, there is definitely a positive vibe in the air. 🌞

In this weekly report, you’ll get to know what is happening in the Estonian job market in general. If you’re also interested in reports on the Lithuanian and Finnish markets, have a look at our blog where you’ll find plenty of information.

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🚀Ready? Let’s take an insightful tour of the Estonian job market. 

Job Market Overview

Last week’s reports showed that the biggest change in the Estonian job market was a drop in the number of job openings compared to that of March. 

📈And here comes the good news there has been an approximately 5% increase in the number of job openings in Estonia since last week. 👏 

Talent in Estonia and active job seekers

Similar to that, we see a slight increase in the number of active job seekers. It may be a bit early to see these upward trends as a sign of recovery, but don’t we all know that from little things come good things?

In April, there has been a 5% increase in offered salaries and a 3.2% decrease in the expected salaries

These changes don’t come as a surprise, considering how the current economic situation has reshaped the expectations in the business world. It seems, when the employers are ready to invest in the right talent even more, the employees are fine with earning less, as finding a job may be challenging nowadays.

Weekly special chart: Average salary per industry

Every week, we will pick one chart and discuss different aspects of it. This week, our focus is the average salary in Estonia in the last 8 months. 🕵️‍♀️

Coronavirus has shaken the global economy resulting in surprising consequences. While there is a decline in average salary in some industries, it has been quite the opposite for some. 

Estonia average gross salary per professionIn the first half of this 8-month period, there was a steady decline in the average salaries in most industries except for software engineering, IT & tech management, and sales & marketing in Estonia. While software engineering and sales & marketing salaries have fluctuated considerably, the rest do not look any more stable either. 

In the past two months, there has been an increase in the average salary in all sectors except for data analytics and IT & tech project management which have seen a demand for talent in the market. The world is slowly recovering from the recent turmoil. So are the companies! 

🏆The salary winners of the past 8 months: when we compare the numbers from September 2019 and April 2020, we see that there are two winners—designers and administrators & support teams. The latter shows the highest increase in average salary. 

What this means is that companies are still looking for top talent and willing to offer them competitive salaries. However, the number of job offers in the market has dropped, driving up the competition among job-seekers.

So, if you’re looking for a change in your career, don’t forget to consider the ones we just mentioned above!

Weekly highlight: Sales and business development 

Every week, we take one hiring track and break it down. This week’s focus is sales & business development jobs.

📉Let’s start with the number of job openings in April. Due to the current situation worldwide, it’s not surprising that the number of active job openings in sales & business development has decreased by approximately 11% in Estonia. 

Change in job offers in EEWhile some industries are recovering faster, some are a bit behind due to sectoral characteristics. Let’s keep our motivation high and see what the numbers will say in May.

When we look at the chart below, we can see that there has always been a visible disparity between the average expected and offered salary. Since February, there has been a steady decline in the average expected salary which can be easily explained by the impact of COVID-19 on the job market. 📉

Historical salaries in sales in EE

On the other hand, the data from the past 6 months shows that the difference between the average expected and offered salary does not stem from the current situation but it is rather a general trend in the market.

Competition in Estonia

Competition is relatively high in the sales & business development sector, given the ratio of talent to active job seekers in Estonia. So, this could explain the decline in the average expected salarythe number of job seekers is on the rise. 📈

Let’s match this top talent with the latest sales and business development job offers in Estonia:

And these are the most in demand skills that would help you get your dream job in Estonia:

in demand skills EE for sales

🏆The favorite job offering in the sales and development industry in the past 30 days was the ‘Sales Development Representative’ role at Modash.

🏅The second place went to Scoro Software OÜ with its ‘Account Manager’ role. 

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

🏆 This week, we welcomed Paneelivabrik OÜ, AS R-Kiosk Estonia, Levstal Group, Redwall OÜ, and Levstal Group to the MeetFrank family. Below are their current job offers for enthusiastic candidates. Download the MeetFrank app, apply today, and make the next move in your career: 


Estonian Job Market Report, April 23, 2020

Estonian Job Market Report, April 23, 2020

A few months ago we reported how Estonia’s tech job market is experiencing fast growth. However, as the 2020 coronavirus pandemic develops, so does its impact on the job market.

In the past month, we have seen the Estonian job market cool down a little bit and noticed some interesting changes to the salaries in different specialties. 📉

In this weekly job market report series, we’ll share such developments in the labor market with you. You can also take a look at the Lithuanian and Finnish job market reports for this week, if you’d like.

But first, a friendly reminder: we’re always welcoming new companies to the MeetFrank family. Throughout the crisis at hand, we are even offering a free trial for all new employers! If you’re hiring, be sure to join us here

If you are looking for a job, you can browse all the job offers currently available in your specialty by logging into the MeetFrank app.

⭐️Now, let’s take a look at how the Estonian job market is doing.

Job market overview

📉The biggest change in the Estonian job market is a drop in the number of job openings. This week, there are 18% fewer active job openings compared to a month ago. 

This is perhaps not too surprising, as some of our insider friends in the startup community in Estonia confirm that many companies have frozen hiring or put it on hold, until the air clears on the state of their sales, fundraising and the economy at large.

📈At the same time, the number of job-seekers has increased by 8% as compared to a month ago. While there have been no news of major layoffs in the tech sector, this definitely indicates some movement of the workforce. And it’s good news for all the companies that are hiring!

Estonian talent

The average expected and offered salaries are in the same ballpark as last month’s salaries. We do see that the trend of lower expectations and higher offers continues.

Estonia salaries

The trend of lower salary expectations is perhaps unsurprising in a time when the global economy is getting a shake-up! Many job-seekers may be deciding that a lower-paying job is better than no job at all.

Weekly special chart: Active job offers in the last 8 weeks

This week, we’re going to show how the number of active job offers has fluctuated over the past 8 weeks in Estonia.

The general trend is very evident: the number of active job openings has been decreasing for 6 weeks in a row now.

While this is a discouraging trend for the job market as a whole, the coming weeks will tell whether it’s a temporary cooldown or a sign of a more fundamental shift on the market. 🎢

job openings in Estonia

Weekly highlight: Software Development

Each week, we zoom in on one specialty and take a closer look at how easy it is to find a job, how difficult to hire talent, and what is the average compensation offered. This week, we’re taking a closer look at trends in software development. 

In general, the software development job market in Estonia is seeing a slowdown. But we wouldn’t call it an ice age just yet. 🐿️ 

On the job offers side, there is a clear decline in the number of active openings. Since the beginning of March, new published openings have been outnumbered by paused job openings. This has resulted in a lower number of active job openings for software developers, as can be seen in the graph below.

software development jobs in Estonia

When it comes to job-seekers, recent weeks have seen a general decrease in the number of applications. At the same time, our active Estonian job-seekers in software development have nearly doubled their user sessions on the MeetFrank platform. 

So, it sure looks like our many talented developers are looking for job offers, but not necessarily findinging ones they’d be eager to apply to. This may just be a great opportunity for companies to start hiring top talent in software engineering now! 😉

Estonia software development talent

Here are a few of the companies making use of this opportunity, with their latest software development job offers in the Estonian job market:

Looking at salaries in software development, we can see that the job-seekers are in a good spot. The average salary expectation has consistently been lower than the average salary offered, and this disparity has even grown in the last few months. Maybe lowering expectations is indeed the key to happiness?


Estonia software engineering salaries


🥇The most in-demand software development job offer in Estonia in the past 30 days was a Backend Senior Software Engineer role at Bolt, with 41 people applying via the MeetFrank app. 

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

🏆 In the past week, several companies joined the MeetFrank family: SA Eesti Spordi- ja Olümpiamuuseum, Recruitech and Azolver Eesti OÜ. Below is a selection of their current job offers that you can match with in the MeetFrank app.

See the offers by clicking on the links below and download our app to apply.

Ride the Tiger? The State of Estonian Job Market for Tech Roles in 2020

Ride the Tiger? The State of Estonian Job Market for Tech Roles in 2020

Having a reputation for punching above its weight when it comes to things digital and tech, the Estonian tech sector has been experiencing a solid-paced rise during the last five years.

But how does that affect the local job market?

Here are some of the takeaway facts we found out about Estonia’s job market:  

  • The country has risen to the 20th position in Europe in terms of the total investment into startups while having the second smallest population after Luxembourg
  • With its 123 million worth of investments into deep tech in 2014-2019, Estonia ranks 18th in Europe, placing it on the second place among Eastern European countries, right behind Poland that has 29 times bigger population
  • The country is strongly supporting startups, injecting nearly €200 million to boost it
  • Software engineers and IT talent are currently among the most in-demand workers with the lowest level of competition
  • Salaries of Estonia’s tech jobs are behind the European average but way above the national average

Estonia’s tech sector in numbers

Estonian job market in 2020

The tiger reference 🐯 in the title of this article is not a literary gimmick (not totally at least), as it’s referencing to the Tiger Leap project – one of the revolutionary initiatives launched by the Estonian government in 1990’s and 2000’s that paved way digital information technology. These programs played a fundamental role in the buildup of state information infrastructure and education.

It is also most likely one of the factors that have led to the considerable success of Estonia’s tech sector, that is currently growing at a fast pace and attracted a strong € 250 million worth of investments in 2019. The country is proud of its 4 unicorns, having currently more per capita than any other country in the world: Skype, Playtech, Transferwise and Bolt.

All this makes for good country promotion material, but what’s actually happening at the work market?

Top 6 jobs Estonian tech companies are hiring for

tops jobs in Estonian job market

As with the rest of Europe, software engineering job offers are currently at the top in Estonia with 49% of the job offers. The share of applications submitted for software engineering jobs is significantly lower – 37% – meaning that the applicants enjoy a low competition rate. And are in high demand!

IT & System administrators are the second-highest in need and also with a low ratio of applicant numbers. Creative fields like design and marketing & PR are among the last in the top 6, with a negative ratio of the share of applications, indicating high competition.

Competitiveness for the top 6 roles

top jobs in Estonia

Among the six jobs with the highest share of offers in MeetFrank, creative and performance-oriented fields like design, sales & business development, marketing & PR & media see the biggest competition for the job offers in Estonia.

On average 26 people apply for design job offers published in MeetFrank, which is the highest in Estonia but far behind the European average of the same field – 41. Also similarly to the European average, IT fields are lower in terms of competition as, software engineering has 10, Data & Analytics has 9 and IT & Sysadmin has 7 candidates per offer.

What are the salaries for tech jobs in the Estonian job market?

Salaries in Estonian in 2020
Although slightly behind the European average, it can be said that salaries offered in the tech sector in Estonia are relatively higher than those of the rest of the country.

Also, the payment is slightly more egalitarian in Estonia between the average payments in different fields as the tech/IT jobs are not that far ahead of the others than the European average is. IT & System administrators are the most well-paid among the most popular jobs, followed closely by project management, sales & business development and software engineering, while creative fields like design and marketing are earning about a fifth less.

As you scroll up, you will see that high demand creates high salaries: As software engineers are one of the most sought-after experts in Estonia, it also reflects in their salary level.

It’s a fairly common knowledge that Estonian tech companies are also looking towards other European markets when it comes to finding top talent.

How popular is relocation among Estonian tech companies and job-seekers?

Are companies and job-seekers open to relocating?

Estonian job market overview in 2020
It turns out workers currently based in Estonia are, on average slightly less interested in relocation than the European average. This is the case for software engineering and sales & business development job seekers. 

A curious case is IT & system administration, that has the highest % of interest for relocation (25%) while the field has the highest salaries of all top jobs in Estonia and the lowest level of competition. This is over 4 times higher than the European average (6%) for the role.

Sales & business development and data & analytics people are the most content in Estonia, with only 11% and 12%, respectively, interested in relocating.

Top 5 countries with applications to relocate to work in Estonia

relocation jobs in Estonia

We know that around 25% of Estonian job-seekers are open to relocation.

But what about the other way around? Do people from other countries want to relocate to Estonia? The job-seekers in the MeetFrank platform seem to be willing enough.

Although Lithuania has an emerging tech scene of its own and the average payment is close to Estonia, it is surprisingly the country with the highest rate of readiness to relocate to Estonia. That is most likely due to geographic proximity.

Estonia’s northern neighbor Finland follows second and Ukraine, currently the country with the biggest migration to Estonia in general, comes third.


Top skills required in tech-related roles

top job skills needed in Estonia

Let’s take a look at which skills make you most likely to get hired in the Estonian job market. At least in the MeetFrank app!

With software engineering being the most in-demand profession at the moment it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that the top sought-after skills are regarding that field. Full-stack, backend and frontend development and most common development languages HTML & CSS, SQL and Javascript are what’s expected of engineers these days.

Business development, project management, sales management, English and also Estonian are expected from sales & business development managers, while English is also the highest sought-after skill for customer support.

IT & Sysadmin candidates are currently most valued for their system administration and DevOps skills, while content marketing is the top skill expected from marketing & PR candidates. The most in-demand skill for designers is UI & visual design.

Top 10 Estonian companies, voted by job-seekers

TOP Estonian tech companies

In the MeetFrank app, the most applied-to companies are the tech unicorns.

Out of the four unicorns ever be been nurtured in Estonia, two are hiring at MeetFrank being they are the country’s most popular companies. These are the low-cost money transfer service Transferwise and the ride-hailing platform Bolt (formerly known as Taxify).

The third is the mobile banking app Monese and fourth Veriff, offering safer face recognition service – one of the features that are vital for Estonia’s E-Residency project. Starship, founded by Ahti Heinla (one of the founders of the mythical Skype) is now working on packaging robots with Starship that is also currently hiring across people in Estonia and several locations in the US.

MeetFrank is also regularly used by non-startups and /-tech companies, as indicated by the presence of two Swedish companies: the packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions, and paper production giant Stora Enso and commercial bank SEB.

In a nut-shell

Estonia’s tech labour market, although comparatively small, is experiencing fast growth and offers a bunch of interesting companies to work for.

Several of them have recently grown to become international success stories such as Transferwise and Bolt, with many others boasting the potential to become the country’s next unicorns. 

The average payment in the tech sector is slightly below the European average, but so are the prices in the country’s capital Tallinn, where most of the companies are hiring. The city embraces several tech hubs, a thriving startup community, having made it to the league of Europe’s top cities in terms of tech development and financing.

Want more? Read a similar overview of the European tech job marketing in 2020.

Hospitality Jobs Opportunities in Europe 2020

Hospitality Jobs Opportunities in Europe 2020

The fuss of the restaurant is like the background melody that never stops. The soft clanking of cutlery, the warm buzz of conversation, champagne bottles going pop. Waiters skilfully sneak around the tables. Barista grinds and brews the best drink ever existing in the world – coffee, and the smell drifts away. Bussers hastily carry away wiped clean plates without a notice. A hostess cheers new guests and walks them to the available table with the best view. A manager lurks and passionately observes how things are going. The kitchen has its romance. The chef is polishing up his masterpiece, while cooks follow the recipes with pinpoint accuracy.  

Good news. Hospitality jobs are on their way. Each one of these and many other positions will appear in the MeetFrank app. We are growing non-stop so do employment opportunities. The time has come, so please welcome a new Hospitality industry many of our users have been waiting for. Europe strongly holds its position as the top tourist destination. It means more jobs in the Hospitality industry than ever before.

Now I`ll throw some numbers that explain why MeetFrank takes this industry onboard and why you should care. 

Hospitality jobs in Finland


The figures show that Hospitality is one of Finland’s most dynamic industries. 

Helsinki Times reports that the turnover generated by this industry amounts to €15 billion and contributes to 2.6 % of Finland’s GDP. The revenue comes mainly from foreign visitors, the number of which keeps rising and is 8.3 million.

The number of nights spent by tourists has increased by 1.3 %, reaching an impressive figure of 6.8 million. The travel industry in Finland is steadily growing, and we see positive growth potential in the long run. 

The Hospitality industry currently employs around 150,000 people but is always craving for more. The Finnish Hospitality industry is facing a major deficit of talent, and companies experience difficulties in finding employees with matching skills. It slows down the growth of the industry. 


Hospitality jobs in Estonia


More than 5.2% positive change in foreign visitors arrivals shows that more tourists are coming and stay for longer. 

The number of nights spent by tourists has increased by 4.4 % compared to 2018, reaching 4.9 million

The Bank of Estonia estimates the proportion of expenses made by foreign visitors in the export of travel services to be almost 1.2 billion euros.

These numbers suggest that foreign visitors are a great opportunity for the Estonian market to boost the Hospitality Industry even more.


Hospitality jobs in Latvia


In Latvia, the hospitality industry is a fast-growing sector of the economy. Geographic location, rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as growth-oriented workforce, facilitate the growth. Those, who have been there, know what I am talking about. 

In 2018 foreign travelers checked in this beautiful country 7.8 million times, which is 0.6 % more than the year before. Tourists keep spending more and more € on their trips. Last year expenditures amounted to €750 million, which is more than a year ago. In 2018, 2.81 million visitors were hosted at tourist accommodation establishments of Latvia – 9.0 % more than the year before.

The hospitality industry in Latvia is expanding quickly by opening new hotels and restaurants. Due to accelerated development, the hospitality industry provided almost 75 000 jobs and accounted for 8.5% to total employment in Latvia. 


Hospitality jobs in Lithuania


2018 was the most successful year for Lithuania with regards to tourist inflow. The number reached 3.6 m tourists that visited Lithuania. 

The hospitality industry has its focus on the most successful foreign markets that bring the € in. Lithuania experienced rapid growth in the number of tourists coming from Germany and Japan. 

The interest of Lithuanians in their country keeps growing. The Lithuanian tourism market is divided in half. Lithuanians who traveled within the country and stayed in hotels cover 51.8% of the market, while foreigners make up the rest 48.2 % of the Lithuanian tourism market.

The successful 2019 raises great expectations for 2020. The goal in the hospitality industry will try to support and maintain the increasing inflows of tourists.


What`s in it for you? 

Opportunities, of course.

The hospitality industry sustains 16,6 million jobs in Europe, which means 1 in every 13 jobs. No more numbers, I promise. The markets experience a high demand for talents due to the upward trend in the Hospitality Industry. There is a positive correlation between the inflow of tourists and the growth trend in the Hospitality industry. The more days tourists spend in the country, the more work has to be done to provide them a service. At the same time, companies are unable to find the best talent fit and need extra hands. 

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