What Top Talents Have to Say about Lithuanian Job Market?

What Top Talents Have to Say about Lithuanian Job Market?

Let’s be honest, moving to another country or just choosing a new career path is not an easy task and raises a lot of questions. But no worries, we are here to help. 💪


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What is Lithuanian job market all about?

Previously we brought to you the overview of why Lithuania is the new powerhouse of startups. But you’re probably still curious about what makes Lithuania so great that it even reflects in international rankings (the employees there are the 5th happiest in Europe 🎉)?


Putting statistics aside for a moment, there’s no better source of information than personal experience. Lithuania has been discovered by a number of talented people. And now it’s time to meet with four of them.


A big THANK YOU👏 to the amazing four! Also, we would like to thank Work in Lithuania – this article was made in collaboration with them.

  • Katya, Quality Advisor at Booking.com
  • Ruta, Regulatory Compliance Manager at Revolut
  • Ffion, UX Writer at Wix.com

Meet our four experts that shared their thoughts about Lithuanian job market with us.


💣 Why did they decide to continue their career in a small Baltic country? What’s their career story? Continue reading to find out more!


British girl Ffion

From Leicester, a picturesque Cathedral town in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧, Ffion Quick first heard about Lithuania from some Lithuanian students she was studying with at university. Little did she know that she’d be furthering her career there in a few short years. 


What inspired you to move to Lithuania? 

First and foremost, I wanted to come on an adventure. When I was in university, I met amazing Lithuanian students and their grasp of IT was just out of this world. So, that made me start researching Lithuania a bit more and I realised that it was promoting itself as a tech hub.


So you were aiming for the IT sector. What career path did you choose? 

I’m a UX Writer at Wix.com, which means I write all the text you see on the interface when you build a website with Wix.com. But it’s not only writing text, it’s programming all the stuff in the backend to make sure the user is able to see that text on the screen. So, it’s the best of both worlds. I get to be a copywriter and I also get to be a developer. I’m getting to meet people from all around the world too.


Lithuania is pretty far from the UK. What was the recruitment process like? 

It was straightforward and difficult. I had to do a task, which I spent two days doing, and that was really good practice for what the job would be like when I came here. Then I had a video interview with HR in Vilnius. Then I had to go through two more interviews with my colleagues in Israel. Then finally they flew me out to Vilnius, and I had a face to face interview and then after that they said I had the job, so that was crazy!


Is there anything that you discovered about Lithuania before moving there that stuck in your head? 

When I was researching interesting facts about Lithuania, I stumbled upon one that said there were more hot air balloons than people, which now that I’m here I don’t think is actually true. To see that amount of hot air balloons over the city is breath-taking.




Salvatore from San Francisco

Salvatore Riniolo hails from California 🇺🇸, near San Francisco, where he went to school and has lived for the last six years. Mesmerised by video games and the worlds they open, he wanted to develop games from a young age. Now he manages art content for Unity, one of several major game engine developers in the world.


San Francisco to Lithuania, and not the other way around. What’s your story? 

Once the department, where I was managing my team, started shifting to Europe, I was tasked with building a team here, in Vilnius. Since I hadn’t travelled much before that, having spent my whole life in that little area in California, I had a dream to see a lot more of Europe and other countries. 


You probably did not know a lot about Lithuania in advance? 

I feel like my knowledge of geography when it comes to Europe was just a blank slate. I learned about Lithuania about a year and a half ago when I was told I would be building a team here. I had no idea what to expect, but I quickly fell in love with Vilnius. While some of the more modern areas of the city remind me of big cities in the U.S., there’s also a very European feel to the Old Town here, with all of these different architectural styles mixed together. I just love it! 

Also, since I’m a big fan of street art, I really like Užupis – it’s beautiful, and it just seems really fun to be in that neighbourhood. And no – I don’t care if it’s an expat stereotype to like Užupis! 


Have you noticed any differences between the people in Vilnius and your peers back in San Francisco? 

I think Lithuanians tend to be a little quieter than I’m used to, but that’s not a bad thing. The people on my team are incredibly hardworking, and there’s a different culture of communication here. I find that I don’t need to follow up as much or to micromanage what my teammates are doing. Given how direct Lithuanians are, there’s not much beating around the bush or sugar-coating anything. I appreciate that. 

The work-life balance here is another thing I really appreciate. Lithuanians focus significantly more on spending time with family, taking days off, celebrating holidays, and simply enjoying themselves when not at work. It feels a lot better, and it’s a big reason why I wanted to move 




The true citizen of the world – Katya

Originally from Belarus🇧🇾and having spent four years in Budapest in her teenage years, Katya realised that home is not where you were born, it’s where you feel good. And for the last six years, this feel-good place has been Lithuania.  


You’ve been living in Lithuania for quite some time now. What was your path to where you are today? 

Yeah, it’s been six years already! After living in Hungary as a teenager with my parents, I knew that I wouldn’t want to be tied to just one place or country. After graduating from high school, I came to study Marketing and Global Business at Vilnius University. The studies were in English, and I had the chance to go to Portugal twice – for ERASMUS and to do an internship. Despite that, when deciding where to settle after studies, Vilnius was my first choice. I don’t know, it just felt cosy, plus the culture here is not that distant from what I was used to in Belarus. So, after several months of job hunting, I landed a position at Booking.com. I’ve been working there for the last one and half years. 


Are you in the same position as you started? 

I started as a CS Partner Specialist, working with accommodation providers on the platform. When an opportunity came to rise to the position of Quality Advisor in the same department, I took it. My team was nothing but helpful and supportive, and the transition was very smooth.  


You’ve had quite the international experience in your life. How does the Lithuanian culture compare to what you’ve experienced elsewhere? 

One thing about Lithuanians I can say for sure is that they’re open and reachable. If you have some issues – and who doesn’t when moving to a new country! – they’re more than willing to help. And if in other places people tend to be more focused on themselves and their inner circles, Lithuanians are much more communicable.  




Harvard alumni Ruta

With a diploma of the prestigious Harvard Law School in her hands, Rūta🇱🇹could choose from a long list of job offers from around the world. However, she chose to develop her career in Lithuania. Now, she works for Revolut, a challenger bank that has already changed the way millions around the world perceive the future of banking. 


Could you tell us a little bit about your professional journey?

I was born and grew up, like my whole generation, in exciting times. I had the chance to watch my country go through many transformations. I observed my mother set up a business in a new, already post-Soviet environment.

After highschool I entered the Faculty of Law at Vilnius University. While still studying, I started working for Transparency International, and worked there for almost seven years. During my career there, I started dreaming that I would like to study some more. I chose to study for a Master’s degree at Harvard Law School. 

Harvard was an amazing experience. I met extremely interesting people from all over the world, and I was taught by a number of people who were my heroes – for example, Cass Sunstein, an icon of behavioral economics, Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Noah Feldman, one of the most famous US constitutional law experts.  


What were your initial plans after your studies? What helped you decide to further develop your career in Lithuania? 

I considered the possibility of staying in the USA after graduating to gain some professional experience. Still, I enjoyed living in Lithuania, so I became interested in professional opportunities here. Finally, I received an offer to work in Lithuania at Revolut, a world-famous startup, a career many of my classmates at Harvard dreamed of.  

Lithuania is a great place for a career because it is easier to be noticed and build a professional reputation here than in large countries, where the competition for any job is much higher. In my case, my current manager just heard about me from former co-workers and contacted me to ask if I was interested in career opportunities. Something like this could hardly be expected in a big city like London or New York. 

It is also easier to gain the trust of the employer – I see a lot of examples when young specialists receive a high level of trust from managers and have the opportunity to work really interesting jobs and grow professionally. Meanwhile, abroad, a young professional of my age is usually just a small cog in a large organisation, where climbing the career ladder takes a lot of time.  


Isn’t Vilnius too small for an ambitious person like yourself? 

I view Vilnius as a compact rather than a small city. It can offer almost everything (if not everything) a larger European city can, just at a smaller scale. There is no need to spend hours in traffic jams here, and you can easily escape to nature even if you live in the city centre. The nearest pine forest is a 15-minute drive away from my house – so if I want to get a fresh breath of air and clear my mind after a long day at work, I easily find time to do so.  

Startups, as often portrayed in pop culture, require a lot of passion for work, but in Lithuania it is easier to strike a balance between work and leisure – unlike, for example, in New York, there is no need to commute an hour to work on the subway, so you can have much more time to yourself. Personally, I try to maintain my exercise routine, and I can manage having very precise appointments with my trainer, because I can get from one place to another very fast. 

When choosing a career path, we all consider many elements – from personal life to the kind of career we want to create and where is the best environment for that. When choosing a place for professional career development, it is worth not forgetting that there are many international businesses in Lithuania, as well as interesting opportunities in the field of public policy and the non-governmental sector. When working here, it is possible to enjoy the already mentioned advantages – the compactness of cities, nature, fresh air, the fact that it is easier for young people in Lithuania to earn trust and start doing really interesting things at work. I believe that after considering all this, Lithuania, as a place for career development, ranks on an equal footing with other countries in the world, often outweighing them. 



Want to know more about possibilities in 🇱🇹?

Lithuania is an unique mixture of great opportunities to work at international companies, where you can kick-start your career with less time and less hassle. If you’re interested in knowing more, then get the MeetFrank recruitment app to discover the local job market & to start a new path in your career. 

More info for companies that are hiring can be found here.

Lithuanian Job Market in September 2020 

Lithuanian Job Market in September 2020 

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

In the past few months, Lithuania has been recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Lately, new travel restrictions have been introduced due to the increasing case numbers in Europe.😷

If you are planning to travel to Lithuania and coming from one of the countries that is subject to the 14-day quarantine – just like Germany – be aware in the first place! ✈

Despite an upward trend in coronavirus cases, Lithuania continues to be a startup hub of the region. And there is more good news:  in the first half of 2020, Lithuanian start-ups showed a 30% growth in turnover. 👏

Want to hear more news from the Lithuanian job market and interested in learning more about job opportunities in the country? If so, let’s keep reading! 👀

Job Market Overview

In the previous report, what really stood out was the fact that the number of job openings increased by 63% compared to July. This was a pretty good sign that the Lithuanian economy is recovering. 🙏

So what is the data showing this month?

👉 The number of job openings did not change much in the 4 weeks from mid-August to mid-September. 🤔

openings in Lithuania

On the other hand, the first week of September saw the biggest increase. 📈

👉 How is the number of job applications doing?

applications in Lithuania

Apparently, it has made a leap since mid-August. The second week of September saw the highest increase. This shows the job seekers are back in town. 🤓

And here is some good news! Finding a job in Lithuania is at the ‘OK level’. This is much better compared to the situation in Estonia and Finland. 🤩

If you are a software engineer, you will find it very easy to get a job in Lithuania. 💪

Gross salaries in Lithuania in September 2020

Both the offered and expected salaries have seen an increase in September. The job seekers seem to have adjusted their salary expectations. 💶

💡 The gap between both salaries have been stable since the beginning of August. 

Top 6 Specialties with the Most Openings

Are you actively looking for a job? Is Lithuania the country where you want to continue developing your career? 

Here are the top 6 specialties offering the highest number of job openings! 👇

top 6 specialties with the most openings in Lithuania

Similar to Estonia and Finland, the Software Engineering specialty is the most active one when it comes to hiring new talent. If you are a software engineer, don’t miss out on the job openings from the Lithuania-based companies! 🍀

Software Engineering is followed by the Marketing & PR & Media and Sales & Business Development. Especially good news for the Marketing people – they have not seen such a demand for a long time. 

While Customer Support is in 4th place, Data & Analytics and IT & Sysadmin have the same number of openings closing the list in joint 5th place. 

Data & Analytics has hardly found a spot in the list in Estonia and Finland as well. 

Compared to the rest of the list, Software Engineering is by far the most active specialty nowadays.

Salaries Offered by Employers: September vs January 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has stirred the economy worldwide. So, what about the offered salaries in Lithuania? Let’s check how the numbers have changed since January.

salaries offered in Lithuania in September vs January

👉The offered salaries have been on the rise for all industries except for IT & Sysadmin. Unfortunately, this sector saw a decrease of 25%. 

👉 Data & Analytics and Software Engineering saw the highest increase.  💶

👉 Marketing & PR & Media saw the lowest increase. But no worries, Marketing people! The winds have changed. 🌬

Now that the companies operating in this sector are more active, chances are your salary in your new job may be even higher than you expected. 💰

👉 Overall, employers are ready to pay more in order to find the best talent for their companies. 

Companies with the Most Remote Options

Lithuania is a startup heaven and there are lots of companies waiting for the best talent and that are open for remote workers!

Let’s delve into the list of the companies with the most remote working options. 🚀

top Lithuanian companies with the most remote openings

🏆 And the remote working Oscar goes to AdKings, an industry leading ecommerce Facebook ads growth agency. If you are working in the Marketing industry (oh you lucky Marketing people🍀), check out their job openings in the MeetFrank app.

Second place goes to Vegvisir, an IT company based in Vilnius. If you are looking for a job in the IT sector, this could be your chance. ✌️

Starting from third place, the companies in the rest of the list offer the same number of remote options. Smart Brands Laboratory LLC, Indigroup, and KEVIN make up the top 5 along with the companies mentioned above. 

So, what is this list telling us?

💡The most active industries in the Lithuanian job market for remote workers are Marketing, FinTech, HR, and SaaS. 

💡 Also, based on what we have shared in the previous sections, Marketing has become very popular as of mid-September.


Welcome to the MeetFrank Family!

Recently, we welcomed new members to the MeetFrank family: Tubuva, UAB Cgates, UAB Dayton, Newcrush, Scale3C, Blue Solutions UAB, Pinokis Corporation, FlowForma, Precizika Metrology UAB, Book Lovers, Nsoft, and UAB “Biomedikos centras”. 🥁

Here are their latest job openings: 👇

To find out more openings, download the MeetFrank app now and increase your chances of finding your dream job! 🦄


Lithuanian Job Market in August 2020: What to Expect?

Lithuanian Job Market in August 2020: What to Expect?

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

Despite the expected negative effects of the pandemic, Lithuania’s economy has been coping very well with the challenges. 😷 Let’s see how this affects the Lithuanian job market. 

Recent months saw a stagnation in the number of job openings and applications in Lithuania, which was more or less the same situation all around the world. 🌍

This week, we have some good news. Are you ready? 😉

If so, let’s start with the job market overview and how things have changed since the beginning of July. 🤓


Job Market Overview

After a 3-month period of ups and downs, August started with some good news from the Lithuanian job market. 

As of today, the number of job openings has increased by 63% compared to July 1. 📈

job openings in Lithuania in August

What about the number of job applications? Have job seekers followed the same trend as companies? 

applications in Lithuania in August

Well, not really. There has been a drop in the number of applications lately. The reasons for that might be:

👉 The openings may not match with the expectations and needs of active job seekers. 

👉 Job seekers may be enjoying a much-needed rest this summer. 

Let’s jump into the market competitiveness stats. 

competition in Lithuania in August 2020

More job openings combined with lower applications result in a less challenging market competitiveness level in the Lithuanian job market. Nowadays, it’s at the “OK level” to find a job in Lithuania. 

If you’re a software engineer, it’ll be even easier for you. 😉

And what about average salaries?

average salaries in Lithuania in August 2020

There has been a slight decrease both in the average expected and offered salaries. Even though they got a bit closer this week, apparently job seekers and companies are not quite on the same page — the offered salaries are still higher than the expected salaries. 


Top 6 specialties with the most applications in July

Similar to Estonia and Finland, Software Engineering has been the most popular industry in the Lithuanian job market in July.

top specialties with most applications in Lithuania in August 2020

In the chart above we can see that Marketing & PR & Media has found a place in the top 3, just like in Estonia. 

It seems the pandemic has affected Customer Service a lot, as nowadays the number of applications in this area has decreased a bit. 

So, who couldn’t make it to the top 6 list? It’s the Design industry. 🤷 It did make 6th place in the Finnish job market report which you can read here. 

This might be related to the low number of openings as well as design professionals being happy with their current jobs. It would be worth checking how this progresses in the next report. 😉


Top 10 companies with the most replies to applicants in July

In this report, we’ll find out which Lithuanian companies have been doing a good job when it comes to replying to applicants. 

Lithuanian companies with the most replies to applicants in August 2020

🥁 The champion is Vertex, a creative product development company. On behalf of all job seekers; thank you Vertex, for being so kind and replying to your applicants. 🌟

2nd place goes to Indigroup, an expert consulting company, and 3rd place to KEVIN, an innovative fintech company. 💪

The other companies which deserve an applause are as follows: Whatagraph, Tesonet, Telefoftas, Hostinger UAB, Smart Brands Laboratory LLC, UAB Teltonika, and Fintegry.

When we have a look at the rest of the list, we can see that the Finance and Software Development industries are leading the way. 


Companies with the most openings in July

We have talked about the most popular industries, the companies with the most replies and now it’s time to switch to another ‘most’ and discuss the most active companies with the highest number of openings in July.

Lithuanian companies with the most openings in July

Do some of the companies remind you of something? Maybe you can already recall some of them from the list of ‘kind’ companies with the most replies to applicants?

We also thought so. 🤓

First place goes to Tesonet, “a proud creator and investor of over 30 various global products and projects” in their own words. It seems the company is growing and now in need of more and more talent. 

The list continues with UAB Teltonika and Indigroup which you can remember from the previous section. Their number of openings go hand in hand with their kindness. 🤩

4th place goes to Amston, a recruitment company, followed by Intrum Global Business Services,  a market leader in credit management services, and world-renowned Lithuania-born website Bored Panda.

The rest of the list shows are that the most active industries in July have been Media Publishing, Recruitment, and Software Development.


Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

A new week, new members! 👯 Say ‘hi’ to our new members: Worksober.com, UAB FinoMark, Antler Group UAB, UAB Business Group, Cardinity, Attention Insight, UAB “ELDK”, and UAB Slapto pirkėjo tyrimai (DIVE LIETUVA).


Lithuanian Job Market in July 2020: What’s new?

Lithuanian Job Market in July 2020: What’s new?

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

Lithuania ended its lockdown on June 16, and now more and more countries are being added to the ‘welcome’ list after the Baltic Bubble agreement between Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. This agreement had started back in May. 🧳🌞

Before switching to July’s stats, let’s make a recap of May’s and June’s and see how the Lithuanian job market was doing at that time. 

✅The average offered salaries were higher than the expected salaries in Lithuania.

It turned out that Lithuania-based companies were up for remote offers especially in the month of May and June. The star industry for these was Software Engineering. 🤩

Let’s see what July has brought so far. Ready? 🚀

Job Market Overview: June vs July

The Lithuanian job market saw a small increase in the number of active job seekers by the first week of July, just like in Finland and Estonia. 

number of active job seekers in Lithuania

Normally, there’d be less job applications in summer. But, as we all know, this is no ordinary summer. As the uncertainty still continues, job seekers seem to be looking for new opportunities. 

Let’s delve into market competitiveness. 

market competitiveness in Lithuania

And now, we have some good news here!

Unlike Finland and Estonia, it has become easier to find a job in Lithuania lately. The slight increase has put the ease of finding a job at the sweet spot of “OK level”. 

For software engineers and IT & Sysadmin experts, the situation is even better. 👍

Want to know more? No worries, we’ll share a more detailed analysis of the ease of finding a job in the top 6 industries later in this report. Almost there! 👀

Salaries in Top 6 Specialties

If money could talk, what would it say about the average gross salaries in the Lithuanian job market lately?

average gross salary in Lithuania, May vs June

👉 Unlike in Finland and Estonia, the average gross salaries increased in all industries in Lithuania. When it comes to recovery, Lithuania is apparently doing well. 👏

👉 Software Engineering saw a slight decrease in the average gross salaries in June.

👉 Even though the salaries in Lithuania have been a bit lower than in Estonia and Finland, the increase rates are still higher compared to those in these two countries.

So, what are job seekers expecting from companies? And more importantly, have the expectations and offerings matched so far? 🥁

Average expected salary in Lithuania, May vs June

👉 The average expected salaries were significantly lower in Lithuania in most industries compared to those in Estonia and Finland.

👉 Sales and Business Development and (Tech) Project Management saw a decrease in the expected salaries. 

👉 Apparently, marketing & PR & media professionals are the ones who have made the biggest revisions to their expectations with an increase of 265EUR in June.

Despite the increase in the average expected salaries, the offered salaries are still lower in all industries except for Sales and Business Development and Marketing & PR & Media for now.

Competition in Top 6 Specialties

Now, let’s have a look at the market competitiveness in the top 6 specialties in June in comparison with May. 🔎

Market competition in Lithuania, May vs July

It’s become more challenging to find a job in all industries in Lithuania except for IT & Sysadmin, which was already at the comfortable “almost very easy level”. 

Sales & Business Development saw very little change while the Finance industry faced a sharp downturn. 📉

Despite the positive vibe in the air for Finance professionals looking for a job in Lithuania in the past, now it’s become drastically challenging. 😵

Software engineers may also find it a bit harder to find their dream roles nowadays. But who knows, maybe the end of July will bring much better news for all industries. 🙏

TOP 10 Companies with the Most Applications in June 2020

Which companies attracted the most applications in June and which industries are they operating in?

Top 10 Lithuanian companies with the most applications in June

Let’s start with the top 3. In first place, we see Vertex, an innovative IT company specialising in IT projects like omnichannel support & marketing tools, e-commerce products, and more. 👏

It’s followed by UAB Teltonika, an experienced loT company and Intrum Global Business Services, a market-leading credit management company, is in third place. 💪

It seems the top 3 choices for job seekers are revolving around the IT and Finance industries. 💰 🤓

What about the rest of the list? Looking at the fourth and fifth places, we see Amston, a consultancy and recruitment company, and UAB Icona that operates under BeDigital and is expanding businesses to new markets. 

Recruitment, Digital Marketing, and SaaS make up the leading industries in the list. 💪

Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

🔊 This week, we welcomed new members to the MeetFrank family: Neolainas, Software Development Academy, and Inkodus. UAB! 

Wondering if they’re hiring? Well, here are the most recent openings from these companies:

Recovery Outlook in Lithuanian Job Market, June 2020

Recovery Outlook in Lithuanian Job Market, June 2020

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

June is off to a musical start in Lithuania. On Monday, Lithuania celebrated its emergence from the coronavirus pandemic with a series of live musical performances across the country. 🎻

Musicians perform to thank for quick coronavirus disease

Musicians perform to thank for quick coronavirus disease containment Image source

Although Lithuania’s government has extended the coronavirus lockdown until June 16, most restrictions have been removed by now. Indoor events can have up to 100 attendees and some travelers can enter the country without quarantine. 🧳

Our job market reports from the last few months have shown healthy activity and stomach-turning turbulence in the Lithuanian labor market. Now, it’s time to take a step back and review the recovery outlook in Lithuanian job market. Here are some of the key takeaways on the recovery outlook in Lithuanian job market:

  • The number of active job openings is about 22% lower than a month ago.📉
  • Salaries remain on similar levels as before. ⚖️
  • Job seekers in software engineering, IT & sysadmin and finance enjoy a relatively low level of competition. 🏅

Sounds interesting? Read on for the whole report. 😎

Job market overview: May vs June

One of the key indicators of the job market is the number of active job openings. 

We see that in June, this number is lower than in May. In fact, the number of active job openings is down by about 22% in the Lithuanian job market. 📉

active job openings Lithuania

At the same time, the number of active job seekers is up by around 4% as compared to a month ago

Despite these changes, the job market competitiveness has remained more or less on the same level in the last few months. 🔭

job market competitiveness lithuania

Salaries in TOP 6 specialties

Next, let’s review the most recent data on salaries in the top specialties in Lithuania. 

In general, we see that the average offered and expected salaries remained in the same ballpark in the past month. ⚖️

However, this was not the case in all specialties. The offered gross salaries in sales & business development have decreased by about 400EUR on average. 

At the same time, gross salaries in finance and (tech) project management have gone up a bit. 📈

gross salaries Lithuania

In the job market as a whole, salary expectations have slightly increased. When we take a closer look, we see that the average expected salary is up in all specialties except for software engineering and (tech) project management. 💰

expected salaries Lithuania

Competition in TOP 6 specialties

Earlier, we saw that the number of active job offers has decreased, while the number of active job seekers is slightly up. Let’s see what impact this has had on job market competitiveness by top specialties. 🕵️‍♀️

1 point means that it’s really difficult to find a job while 5 points hint that there are many job offers available.

job market competition Lithuania

In general, we see that job seekers in IT & sysadmin, software engineering and finance enjoy a relatively low level of competition. 

Recently, it has gotten even easier than before to find a job in IT & sysadmin and finance. At the same time, it’s become a little more difficult to find a job in software engineering in Lithuania. 👩‍💻

Marketing & PR & media, (tech) project management and sales & business development are fields with toughest competition for finding a job in Lithuania. In all of these specialties, the competitiveness has remained more or less on the same level in May, as compared to April. 

TOP 10 Companies with the most applications in May 2020

Let’s take a look at which Lithuanian companies received the most applicants in May.

top companies Lithuania

Lithuania’s top list is dominated by all things tech. 🤓 In the first place, we see Teltonika, an internet of things powerhouse. They were also featured in our previous list of top companies with the most applications in Lithuania.

In second place is Smart Brands Laboratory, a company that helps private label brands scale across channels and geographies. In third place is KEVIN, a fintech company that provides developer-friendly payment infrastructure.💳

The rest of the list includes a good mix of companies that have managed to attract the attention of talent. There’s Coingate in the field of crypto, the software powerhouse Adroiti, and Pipelinepharma, an online pharmaceuticals B2B marketplace. 💊

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

In the past week, we welcomed quite a few new companies to MeetFrank. Here’s who started hiring with MeetFrank: iDenfy, Sloth software Solutions, POPPRI, Mark ID, Outokumpu, Koditus, Vertex and HOTrema. 🎊  

See their most recent job offers below:

Recent News on the Lithuanian Job Market

Recent News on the Lithuanian Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

Lithuania is one of the countries that has recently announced some measures for businesses affected by the current crisis, such as the recent package offered through the Lithuanian state company Invega.  Last week, we already saw some improvement in the Lithuanian job market and we hope it keeps going! 💪

The second week of May brought a notable increase in the number of job openings as well as in job seekers. It’s great to see that the interest of employers and employees is mutual. 

If you’re not familiar with the Lithuanian job market and getting more information strikes your fancy, our previous report can help you find out more about this Baltic star. 🌟

Want to jump into this week’s stats? Let’s find out what the Lithuanian job market is up to nowadays! 🚀

Job Market Overview

Last week, the number of active job openings had increased by 14.7%. However, the last 7 days showed that Lithuanian job market needs more time for stabilisation. ⏳

Recently, the number of job openings dropped by 16%. There has also been a slight decrease in the number of active job seekers. 📉

However, the number of talent and active job seekers remained quite close to those of last week

talent and the number of active job seekers in Lithuania

Despite a recent increase by 4.5% in expected salaries, there is still a noticeable difference between offered and expected salaries in Lithuania in general. It is similar to the situation in Finland and Estonia.

expected and offered salaries in Lithuania

As the economic effects of COVID-19 have taken hold over the whole world, companies and job seekers in Lithuania seem to have different perspectives when it comes to salaries. They have not come to terms with it yet. 💶

The good news is, the ease of finding a job in Lithuania has remained the same as last week—almost at the ‘easy’ level. ✅ 

ease of finding a job in Lithuania

Since last week, software engineers have been leading the way when it comes to ease of finding a job in Lithuania. 

When it’s at the ‘OK-level’ to find a job for candidates in Data & Analytics, Design, and very easy for IT & Sysadmin, nowadays Customer Support and (Tech) Project Management professionals may find it challenging to find a job in Lithuania.

Weekly special chart: Expected vs offered salaries across top specialties

This week’s chart shows expected vs offered salaries across the top 8 specialties in the past 30 days. We’ll delve into the global stats as well as Lithuania’s . 🕵️‍♀️

When we look at the chart below, what strikes the eye is that 5 out of 8 industries are offering higher salaries than expected by job-seekers.

Have a look at the top 3 takeaways from the chart above:

✅We see the biggest difference between expected and offered salaries in Software Engineering industry in the Lithuanian job market. Offered salaries are much higher than expected. 🎉

✅Similar to the ratios in Estonia and Finland, offered salaries favour Data & Analytics candidates the most

✅Offered salaries are higher than expected salaries for Marketing & PR & Media candidates.

And now, it’s time for the global stats. offered and expected salaries globally👉The trend of ‘expecting less, getting more’ continues for the Software Engineering, Data & Analytics, and Marketing & PR & Media specialties globally.

👉When it comes to the biggest difference between expected and offered salaries, the top 3 sectors are Software Engineering, Customer Support, and Data & Analytics. 

In that sense, software engineers seem to have become even more important for the whole world as well as for Lithuania! 💻

Weekly highlight: Customer Support

This week’s highlight is Customer Support the ultimate solution finders. 🦸‍♂️️🦸‍♀️️

The last 9 months have witnessed lots of changes in the number of job openings, one of which was a steep fall during winter. ☃ The numbers weren’t even that low when the crisis escalated worldwide during March. 

As for today, the number of job openings is similar to that of April and March. number of job openings in Lithuania

While the number of job applications peaked in October 2019 and then again in April 2020, May saw the lowest number in this category. the number of applications in customer support in LithuaniaOf the 2,558 members of the CS talent pool in Lithuania,10.9%are actively looking for a job. This is relatively low compared to Estonia and Finland.

talent and the number of active job seekers in the customer support industry in LithuaniaSo, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that finding a job in Lithuania is almost at the ‘OK’ level if you are looking for a job in Customer Support. 🎆

Ease of finding a job in the customer support industry in Lithuania

Looking at the expected and offered salaries in the Customer Support industry in the Lithuanian job market since November 2019, we see that there was a significant difference at the beginning of this high-speed journey. 🎢historical gross salaries in Lithuania

Now expected and offered salaries have switched roles. Job seekers seem to have adjusted their expectations due to the changing situation, while employers might also be reconsidering their offerings. 

It’s good to see that when it comes to salaries, job seekers and companies are more or less on the same page.  Let’s have a look at the new job offerings awaiting new talent: 

And which skills should you possess to be a good candidate for these positions?

in demand skills in Lithuania

Just like in Estonia and Finland, the top 2 in demand skills for the Lithuanian job market are English and customer service & support. What stands out in the chart is that call center experience is the third most important skill in the Lithuanian Customer Support industry. 

🏆The most popular job opening in this sector is ‘Customer Support Specialist’ at TransferGo!

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