Startup Week x MeetFrank 2019 Highlights

Startup Week x MeetFrank 2019 Highlights

A few words to mark the end of Startup Week, in Tallinn on 11-15 November 2019.

It went well.

In more than a few words, it was a spectacular, fun, surprising, valuable, and magical experience.

People smiled and occasionally laughed (keep in mind we are in Estonia). They made thoughtful facial expressions. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences met with other people.

What can make it sound even better? The fact that there was an infusion of inspiration and collaborative ambiance.

MeetFrank collaborated with top Estonian startups and organized a series of office tours.


MeetFrank 🌸 FIIZY

The best fast-growing fintech company to work with FIIZY opened our series of office tours.

In FIIZY, they help people to get the best financing offers on the market tailored to their needs, available 24/7, with an instant decision, transparent and with no extra fees.

Location. Location. Location. With any space, the first thing to look at is the location. When you enter, it feels unique, welcoming, warm, and absolutely beautiful.


Thank you for having us!



MeetFrank ➕ Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies opened the door to the world of ultracapacitors and fast energy storage.










Supercapacitors are electric storage devices that can be fully recharged in seconds and release a large amount of power.

Technologies they develop could accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and make electric cars cheaper and the air cleaner. Nice, right?


They shared with us a supercapacitor recipe. So please, take a note:

A pinch of salt, some carbon, curved graphene, and a piece of aluminum. Yummy!

Supercapacity cells they produce are super safe. They made it through burning, crushing, nail penetration and overcharging.

Thank you very much for opening your doors to us!

Skeleton Technologies 


MeetFrank 🤖 Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies is a company building a network of robots ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

They revealed some secrets about company operations and what’s really inside the robots.

We discussed how the design is about solving the problems, and how it fulfills the mission to revolutionize last-mile delivery with technology.

Hungry? Summon a robot! Starship autonomous delivery has expanded to the US market and now makes its way to the biggest student campuses.

They have recently launched at the University of Houston and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. How cool is that!


We are thankful for meeting such beautiful minded people!

Starship Technologies


MeetFrank ⭐ Cyberland & Lokimo

Cyberland is a Software Product Development company.

They like to think of themselves as a metric-orientated company. Measuring success in metric-improvements is the key for them.

Normally, the business does not like experiments while decisions are too often made based on intuitions. At Cyberland they disagree – experimenting and finding the optimal solution is the key.

Deciding what to do while you’re traveling can be an extremely time-consuming and stressful task that takes away from your overall experience in a destination.

Lokimo is building an app to digitize tours. Experience the best local tours made by the best tour guides in town whenever you feel like it! They already have a 100% closing rate with their distributors.

We took a look at the office, get a glimpse of the work culture, and met the wonderful team!

They shared with us the key principles of successful project completion and how they measure its performance.

Basically, the process that makes them win at software development begins with the discovery of the business goal of the client, UX design, and development.

Thank you for having us!



Meetfrank ❤️ COMODULE

COMODULE is the OEM supplier of connectivity and IoT technology. They supply the full platform including custom electronics, mobile applications, and cloud-based analytics software.

Today we are in a market where talent is in charge. On the Startup week, we found out what is COMODULE doing to keep the sparkle in the eyes of their team as bright as it can be.

COMODULE is one of the hottest startups in town. Recently, COMODULE took a giant leap towards being a game-changer in the micro-mobility industry.

Once a small startup, they now opened up their own FACTORY.  They will produce up to 30 000 connectivity units a month to empower even more.

We got a glimpse of their beautiful office and an insight into what makes them tick. Now it’s your turn to take a look.



Thank you, everyone, who made it to Startup week and invested the time to party with us in the offices. Here at MeetFrank, we are extremely proud to be a part of a Startup community.

Our crew has been approached many times by our guests if we will be doing this again. And we’re happy to say – fuck yeah!

Find Your Dream Job or Team at Startup Week with MeetFrank

Find Your Dream Job or Team at Startup Week with MeetFrank

Startup Week Tallinn 2019 is a five-day celebration of the entrepreneurial mindset and startup community happening all around the world. On 11-15 November 2019, some of the most successful startups and startup community organisations in Estonia are opening their doors to share their best practices with the whole community. 

They started with this tradition already earlier – check out Startup Week Tallinn 2018 & 2017.

MeetFrank is a talent-driven job marketplace. We give talent all the information and data about the job market and match you with the right companies – Based on your skills, experience and salary expectations. 

No more CV’s, no more being in the dark about the requirements and salary until the job interview.  Find the right company based on aspiration, save time trawling through job offers on job boards.

Good news is we’ve partnered up with Startup Week this year and are giving you a tour of some of the coolest startups in Tallinn and an option to apply on site with one click if you like what you see at the following companies.


Come and take an exclusive look at what goes on in some of the coolest startups in Tallinn



9.00-10.30 – MeetFrank Office Tour with Fiizy

Fiizy is connecting people with lenders – fast, simple, digital.

Come have a fun morning coffee with the team!

Register here!



14.00-16.00 – MeetFrank Office Tour with Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies is the global leader in graphene-based ultracapacitors and energy-storage systems. What is an ultracapacitor? Come find out!

Register here!


11.00-13.00 – MeetFrank Office Tour with Cyberland & Lokimo

Cyberland is a Software Product Development company and Lokimo is building an app to digitise tours. Jump by, cause two startups is better than one.

Register here!



13.00-15.00 – MeetFrank Office Tour with COMODULE

COMODULE provides IoT solutions for light electric vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators – over 150 000 vehicles connected and e-scooter sharing in 59 cities. Scoot round and meet the team!

Register here!


Learn something cool from startups in Tallinn



14.00-16.00 – How to build a Star-ship with Starship

As the headline says, we are going to discuss how to build a Star-ship, a successful company with appealing brand and inspiring company culture, which inspires people and supports growth.

Register here!



16.00-18.00 – Concise – #kubernetes workshop with Mikk Soone

Concise transforms software challenges into business success for ambitious growth companies. 

Learn some skills from a badass team!

Register here!



17.00-19.00 – Concise – Today’s Tech for Future Unicorns 

Concise is opening their doors to all the Future Unicorns, so you can get a glimpse of the #superagile community that lives on the 8th floor of Tammsaare Ärikeskus. 🦄

Register here!



17.30-20.30 – Mobi Lab – Design Friday (on a Wednesday): Designers with a mission

Design Friday is an event series dedicated to design. The 14th Design Friday is focused on designing the future. We have two speakers to brighten up your Wednesday(!) evening.

Register here!



14.00-15.30 – Change – Serverless Applications in Fintech

Explore with Change Invest how to make serverless work for those of us that work in the Java/RDBMS/Spring dominant world of FinTech.

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Startup week in 2018 and 2017 were a blast and brought together the startup community with some incredible events around town. This year they’ve pushed the boat out even further. Come join the week full of success stories, fail stories and invaluable knowledge on how to build successful startups.


We’re here supporting the talent and startups meet and build their dream teams 🙂


See you there!