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In our previous report, we shared that the Estonian job market started to shake off from the effects of the global pandemic, as the number of job applications were on the up. Let’s see what else has happened since then. 👀

But first, some news from the vibrant Estonian startup scene: 

👉 The self-driving test car by Bolt and the University of Tartu became the world’s first self-driving car to drive at an official World Rally Championship during Rally Estonia. 

👉 The Klaus app raised a $5.4 million investment round to boost enterprise customer service. 

Interested in hearing more about what has been going on in the Estonian job market? Want to hear more insights and see more data about market competitiveness and new openings?

If this piques your interest, let’s begin with the general job overview in Estonia! 🙌


Job Market Overview

In September, there was a small increase in the number of job openings. On the other hand, job seekers got back to business—the number of job applications saw a high increase after a long time. 📈

Let’s see what the data tells us as of today. 

By mid-October, the number of job openings finally increased by 12%. Companies are apparently hearing job seekers! 👯‍♂️

no of job openings in Estonia

In addition to this, the number of job applications has decreased. We hope more job seekers have found their dream job during this period. 🙏

job applications in Estonia

Is market competitiveness in line with the data above?

Market competitiveness Estonia

Compared to the situation in September, it is now slightly more challenging to find a job in the Estonian job market. 🤔

Sadly, Marketing & PR & Media professionals will find it difficult to get their dream job at the moment. Who are the luckiest in this sense? The answer is those in Data & Analytics, which is still at the ‘OK level’. 🍀

Let’s find out how this has affected the gross offered and expected salaries. 👇

salaries in Estonia

This month, there has been a small increase both in the offered and expected salaries. This change means the gap between the two, which has been stable since March, persists.

Now to find out more about offered gross salaries and how they have changed per specialty since March. 🕵


Offered Gross Salaries per Specialty

In this section, we will time travel back to February, when the Coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world with a direct effect on the job market. 😔

Below, we can see how in Estonia the offered gross salaries changed from February to mid-October

offered salaries in Estonia

Here come the main findings:

👉 Offered gross salaries for all the top 6 specialties are higher in October than in February. ⬆️

👉 (Tech) Project Management saw the highest increase by 18%. 💸

👉 Customer Support saw the lowest increase

👉 Software Engineering, (Tech) Project Management, and Sales & Business Development saw the highest increase in the offered salaries in September.

Overall, companies seem to have adjusted their offerings for the last 9 months. We will see what the numbers will tell us in the rest of October. 🍂


Top 6 Specialties with the Most Applications

In our previous article, we focused on the top 6 specialties with the most openings and these made the top 3: 🏆

  • Software Engineering
  • IT & Sysadmin
  • Customer Support

Let’s see if this goes in parallel with the number of applications this month and what has changed so far.

Top-6-specialties-with the most applications in Estonia-

Software Engineering is determined not to give up first place to any specialty. It is the most preferred industry by far. 

This clarifies why it is challenging for professionals in this field to find a job in Estonia nowadays. 💡 The more applications, the more challenging the market is. 

Software Engineering is followed by (Tech) Project Management and Sales & Business Development. The latter is definitely on the rise when it comes to popularity.

✅ Customer Support, Marketing & PR & Media, and lastly IT & Sysadmin make up the rest of the list.

Overall, professionals in technical fields have been most in need of finding a job or changing  jobs by mid-October.


Market Competitiveness per Specialty 

As we stated earlier, it is challenging for job seekers to find a job in Estonia nowadays. Let’s see how it has changed per specialty in the last 4 weeks. 🕵️‍♀️

market competitiveness in Estonia

💡 Market competitiveness has remained at the same levels for Software Engineering and (Tech) Project Management.

💡 Life for Sales & Business Development experts is not at its best. It has apparently become more challenging to find a position in this industry since mid-September. 😔

💡 Marketing & PR & Media and Customer Support are also in the “well, it’s become more challenging to find a job” category as of now.

💡 Among all specialties, Marketing & PR & Media saw the biggest decrease in the ease of finding a job in the Estonian job market. 

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