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As the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic is expected in Europe, Finland has brought in new measures such as restrictions on the operations of bars and restaurants. If you are planning to have a trip to Finland, we suggest you check all the rules from travel to daily life. 🕵

In our previous report, we saw that there was an increase in the number of job applications, but a decrease in job openings.

How has the market been so far? 🤔 Did the September excitement of job seekers bring some more joy to Finland?

Time to discover more about October’s news, from openings to market competitiveness per specialty in the Finnish job market. 🙌


Job Market Overview

First a recap: September saw a decrease in the number of openings and a visible increase of 25% in the number of job applications. 📈

Let’s see what the data tells us as of today. 

number of job openings in Finland

Both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline from mid-September. Let’s see what the rest of October will bring. 

number of job applications in Finland

What about market competitiveness in the Finnish job market?

Market competitiveness in Finland

Similar to Estonia, Finland saw a slight change in market competitiveness this month. Unfortunately, job seekers will find it a bit difficult to find a job in mid-October.

There may be several reasons for that. Firstly, the openings apparently can’t meet the demand in all specialties in the Finnish job market. Secondly, the CV rush in September may have resulted in higher competitiveness in general.

What are the offered and expected salaries saying about this? 💶

salaries in Finland

This month saw a decrease in the offered salaries. On the other hand, job seekers increased their expectations a bit. It seems companies are not finding it that difficult to find talent at the moment.


Offered Gross Salaries per Specialty

Are you wondering how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the offered salaries this year? A lot has changed, so have the gross salaries.

Let’s see the salary rollercoaster from February to October: 🎢

offered salaries in Finland

Here are the main findings:

👉 Data & Analytics and (Tech) Project Management are the only specialties that saw a decrease in the offered gross salaries in October, compared to those in February. 📉

👉 The Design industry saw the highest increase in the Finnish job market. Good luck in your job search, Design people! 🤩

👉 Offered salaries per specialty in Finland seem like a rollercoaster, and we can see different patterns in each industry. 🎢

For instance, when Marketing & PR & Media faced a sharp decrease in August and an increase in September, it is the other way around for Sales & Business Development.

Overall, companies in Finland have struggled to adjust to the new normal just like all businesses across the world, which we can see in the ups and downs of the chart above. ⬆️


Top 6 Specialties with the Most Applications

In our previous article, we shared the top 6 specialties with the most openings in the Finnish job market. Let’s rewind for a second and have a look at the top 3: 👏

  • Software Engineering
  • IT & Sysadmin
  • Sales & Business Development

Here come the top 6 specialties with the most applications lately. Let’s see if there is any similarity between last month’s data on the companies with the most openings. 👇

top specialties with the most openings in Finland

✅ The leader when it comes to the highest number of applications remained the same: Software Engineering. 

✅ It is followed by Sales & Business Development that also ranked 3rd in the specialties with the most openings.

✅ Marketing & Design & PR is in 3rd place which makes it clear why it is a bit challenging for professionals in this field to find a job in the Finnish job market nowadays. 

✅ What comes as a surprise is that Data & Analytics is in 5th place. During the global pandemic, this has been one of the most popular industries. 

✅ Tech (Project) Management follows right behind Data & Analytics with only very slightly less applications.. 


Market Competitiveness per Specialty 

The job market has been quite challenging in Finland lately. 

😊We don’t want to cause despair— this is only a reminder before we dive into the market competitiveness per specialty in the last 4 weeks!

market competitiveness in Finland

💡 All industries have become more challenging for job seekers to find a job in except for Marketing & PR & Media. But please note that it is still at the “difficult level”. 

Dear active job seekers, if you don’t receive as many replies to your applications nowadays as you have hoped for, it is because of the high market competitiveness. 😵

💡 One of the industries that has seen ups and downs is Data & Analytics. This industry saw an improvement in the last week of September. 

💡 It is relatively easy to find a job in the Software Engineering industry.

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