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The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic may affect the plans of companies and job seekers in the near future. 😷

Looking on the bright side, there are still many companies from various countries across the world with great relocation packages. 🛩

Let’s recall some crucial points from our previous global job market report

👉 There has been a decline in the number of openings. 

👉 The first week of September saw the highest increase in the number of job applications.

👉 The market remained competitive for job seekers. 

Ready to discover what’s new in October? If so, here you go! 🚀


Job Market Overview

As we shared above, the number of job openings and applications went in opposite directions last month. ⬅️➡️

💡 What about now?

no of openings in global

This month saw an increase in the number of job openings by 13% while there has been a decrease in the number of job seekers. 

no of applications in global

👉Trends in the Estonian and Lithuanian job market share similarities with those in the global job market.

competitiveness on the global scale

When it comes to market competitiveness, we see that it has not changed at all since September. The ease of finding a job is still at the “Challenging level”.

🎁 Bonus: We will discuss market competitiveness per specialty further in the upcoming sections.

What about the gross offered and expected salaries on the global scale? Has the gap diminished in October?

salaries in global

Our data says that job seekers have reshaped their goals, and the increase of approximately 12% in the expected salaries definitely justifies this. 💪

How have the gross offered salaries reacted to this? 💸

As for the offered salaries, there has been a slight increase of 2.2%. The gap seems to be smaller now, but another adjustment is still needed from the job seekers’ side. 😉


Offered Gross Salaries per Specialty 

The global pandemic has led to seismic changes, from how we live and work to the status of the worldwide economy and recruitment. 😷

In this section, we will find out how the offered gross salaries have also changed per specialty since March. 

offered salaries in global

🔊 Here is a recap of the chart above: 

👉 When Software Engineering and Data & Analytics saw a slight decrease in offered gross salaries in the last 9 months, it was the opposite for the rest. 

👉 Design is the specialty that saw the highest decrease. We will see what November will bring for Design professionals on the global scale. 🙏

👉 February and March brought an increase in offered salaries except for the Sales & Business Development industry. 

👉 The last 2 months brought a notable increase to offered gross salaries in the Design and Data & Analytics specialties. 🤑


Top 6 Specialties with the Most Applications

Before diving into this section, here are the top 6 specialties with the most openings in the global job market in September: 🔊

  • Software Engineering
  • Design
  • Sales & Business Development

Similar to Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland, Software Engineering made it to first place in the global market as well.

What about the top 6 specialties worldwide with the most applications in mid-October?

top specialties with the most applications in global

✅ The top 3 is the same as in Lithuania: Software Engineering, Sales & Business Development, and Marketing & PR & Media.

✅ Does this also partially remind you of something ? The ones who were highlighted in the previous list – the top 6 specialties with most openings in September – have shared the right answer. 🏆

Design and Tech (Project Management) have a very close number of applications. 

✅ Job seekers have favoured the Data & Analytics specialty the least since mid-September. 

🤔 Despite this fact, market competitiveness is still challenging in Data & Analytics. So, we can conclude that the number of openings in this sector is quite low for this industry. 


Market Competitiveness per Specialty 

Now is the turn of market competitiveness per specialty in the last 4 weeks. We will have a closer look at how easy it is to find a role for job seekers. 👀

competitiveness in global

💡 Finding a job in Software Engineering, Marketing & PR & Media, and Data & Analytics has become a bit more difficult in the last 4 weeks. ⬇️

💡 Competitiveness for the Sales & Business Development and (Tech) Project Management industries has stayed at the same level which is sadly “difficult”. ➡️

💡 Let’s leave some room for the good news: Design experts will find it relatively easier to switch to a new job. ⬆ So, you better hurry, artistic job seekers! 🖌 

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