The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is here – what’s the latest situation in Lithuania? How has the job market been responding to COVID-19 since May? 🤔

In this report, we will compare today’s stats with May’s and see how the first and second waves have been affecting the Lithuanian job market. 🕵️‍♀️

Nowadays, the need for a more strict quarantine is being discussed in the country due to the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus patients. 

Let’s evaluate the current situation in terms of market competitiveness, offered salaries and the number of job openings and see how the first and second waves of the pandemic have been shaping the Lithuanian job market.

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Job Market Overview

In our previous report in mid-October, we saw that the number of job openings increased by 19%. 

This month, there was also an increase – by 23%- in the number of job openings in Lithuania. It seems more employers have sped up their recruitment processes in mid-November.  📈

On the other hand, the number of job applications in the Lithuanian job market has declined over the past 4 weeks. 📉

This gives a clearer picture of the job market – there are either more opportunities than needed or the expectations of job seekers do not match with those of employers.

🕵️‍♀️ Next in line are offered and expected gross salaries. Similar to Estonia, both saw a decline this month. 

offered and expected gross salaries in Lithuania

The gap between the salaries persists. 

market competitiveness in Lithuania

Last month, it was at the “OK level” to find a job in the Lithuanian job market. By mid-November, finding a job is much easier—almost at the “easy level”! 🙏

If your future career plans include Lithuania, your chances of finding your dream job are higher nowadays!


Job openings in Top 6 Specialties: November vs May

In this section, we will compare the number of job openings as of today with May’s.

no of job openings in Lithuania: November vs May 2020

Let’s go where the stats take us: 

All the industries saw a decline in November when compared to May in terms of the number of job openings. 

Sales and Business Development and Software Engineering saw a much sharper fall than the other industries. 

Customer Support and Data & Analytics already had a low number of openings in May. As of mid-November, these numbers are even lower. 

📉 When it comes to the number of job openings, Lithuania is facing a similar situation to Estonia – all industries have seena harsh decline. Let’s see what December will bring and how the Lithuanian job market will end the year. 


Offered Salaries: November vs May

We all know how 2020 changed everything from how we live and work to the state of the global economy. In this section, we will compare the gross offered salaries in November and May to underline the results of the first and second waves of the coronavirus pandemic. 😷

offered gross salaries in Lt: November vs May 2020

Let’s discuss the 3 main takeaways from the chart below:

➡️ There is some good news from the Lithuanian job market. All the industries saw an increase in gross offered salaries except for Customer Support. 

It is at the “OK level” to find a job in this industry. It is possible that the salaries have been lower due to high demand as well as a high number of job opportunities.

➡️ Data & Analytics saw the highest increase in offered salaries. 

➡️ Marketing & PR & Design saw the lowest increase


Market Competitiveness Per Specialty 

Next in line is market competitiveness per specialty. In this section, we will compare the situation in Lithuania in mid-November vs May and see how the country is doing as 2020 is almost (finally!) over.

market competitiveness in Lt: November vs May 2020

The chart above is telling us that: 

💡 The industries where it is easier to find a job are Marketing, PR & Design, IT & Sysadmin and Customer Support. 

We are happy for these industries, particularly for Customer Support, as professionals working in this industry have not been receiving much positive news lately. 😊

💡 Although it is still easy for software engineers to find a job in Lithuania, our data shows that the market was more in their favour 6 months ago. 

💡 The industry that saw the most dramatic fall is Sales and Business Development. In May it was easier to find a job in this specialty, while nowadays job seekers may find it much more challenging. 

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