FinTech is a big thing in Finland. Currently there are 170+ FinTech companies that generated over a billion euros in revenue in Finland in 2018. Over 400M euros have been invested into Finnish FinTech powerhouses and demand seems to be growing according to Helsinki Fintech Farm.

Taking all that into consideration it comes as no surprise that most MeetFrank users from Finland want to work for startups, companies seen as the next big thing and FinTech. 

Let’s take a look at some of the companies on MeetFrank you probably know about and some you should get to know making waves in FinTech in Finland.



Ferratum is a true market leader in Finnish FinTech. Generating over 200M euros in revenue, others don’t even come close. They have over 14 years of experience providing digital financial services. Today, they are a FinTech that develops and operates a big data based global financial platform for real-time scoring, lending and banking services.

Ferratum has offices in addition to Helsinki also in Tallinn, Malaga, Prague and Riga. 



Northmill identifies as a fintech-company, meaning that their DNA is made of technology and their business is finance. They believe that the best and most innovative financial products are created by blending technology with finance.

Since 2006, they provide customers with access to better credit by converting big data into smart data.Today, Northmill has 200,000 customers and 125 employees, with over 50 percent working with IT, in three countries.



Sievo, established in 2006 is a global leader in procurement analytics. Up to date they have over 180 employees, enjoy over 82k cups of coffee annually and manage spend over €350B annually. Sounds pretty impressive to me.

What is it like working at Sievo? They don’t care if you speak Finnish, they care if you can do quality tech. Whilst they do serious business for big global corporations, you can genuinely be your awesome self and the whole organisation is jointly against assholism. 

P.S. Over 30% Sievonians are female (in IT!). 

fintech in finland

LVS Brokers

LSV Brokers have developed a smooth and secure way of connecting consumers and companies. LVS Brokers has already connected more than 50 financial service providers to the Money API and helped more than 500,000 people make better financial decisions in the digital world. 

What is their work culture like? Everyone works independently towards the same common goals, and celebrate impressively together when the targets are met. Work hard, play hard. They are also keen on sports – all of LVS Brokers traveled to the Kosice IIHF 2019 Ice Hockey Championships together to see Finland play.  



Visma offers software and services that simplify and digitise core business processes in the private and public sector. They operate across the entire Nordic region along with Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe. With over 9,000 employees, 900,000 customers and net revenue of NOK 11,389 million in 2018, Visma are one of Europe’s leading software companies.

Want to join this Norwegian giant? Check out who they seek on MeetFrank.


IPF Digital

IPF Digital want to introduce new technologies and tools to enable more benefits as well as visibility and knowledge to the customer about their finances. Some practical examples are already available in Creditea Mobile Wallet such as rewarding customers from their daily usage.

They have a very flat organization and everyone is constantly allowed and expected to challenge the status quo. They have clear targets but also have lots of fun whilst reaching them.

Fun fact: Their team goes for sessions personal trainer twice a year to learn how to increase internal and external strength.



F-Secure help Fintech firms to best prepare for cyber attack by helping them to understand their current measure of cyber resilience and to improve it. If you own a computer you probably have used or know about F-Secure already. True veterans in the industry – running since 1988.

Their red teamers always have a banana in their bag. Here’s why



LIMESTONE is an independent and flexible fund service provider established in 2007. The company has had an active presence in Luxembourg since 2007 via UCITS and SIF umbrellas more recently via our local Branch. 

LIMESTONE provides a variety of Fund services and solutions, which can be tailored according to our customer needs. 



Sortter is a Finnish loan comparison service. They compare bank loan offers – just like hotel comparison pages compare hotels for you. 

They work with trusted banks and only qualify as partners for loan providers who offer loans on fair terms.They keep the small print out of our service and always look for the cheapest option for their customers from all their partners.


Heat Ledger

In addition to the great pun in their company name honouring the remarkable late actor, HEAT’s blockchain lowers the entry barrier and becomes the perfect solution for anyone to run their own microservices and benefit from all the efficiency gains of a blockchain infrastructure.

The HEAT Blockchain operates live since January 2017. It is capable of doing 1,000+ (real) tx/sec in a decentralized network.

heath ledger


SkenarioLabs is an AI-driven real estate analytics company specialized in providing automated property valuation and technical risk assessments for both residential and commercial real estate. Their clients range from asset managers, property owners and financial institutions, just to name a few. 

The company is funded by innogy Innovation Hub and is expanding towards international markets.



Bigbank AS was established in 1992 in Tartu, Estonia. It specialises in term deposits and consumer loans and now operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Sweden, while providing cross-border services on the German, Austrian and Dutch markets. The company operates under the trademark Bigbank on all markets.

Bigbank As Finland branch opened in 2009 and offers deposit and loan services. Bigbank is a bank that specializes in consumer credit, which is why Bigbank is faster and more flexible than traditional credit institutions.


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