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June brought an abundance of news in Estonia: the loosening of restrictions, the opening of the borders, and the announcement of the new digital nomad visa. 🔊

Wondering how the Estonian Job Market has been doing before we get to July’s news? Let’s rewind to June and refresh our memories first:

✅ There was a slight increase in the number of job applications.

✅ In general, there wasn’t a significant change in market competitiveness. However, the ease of finding a job varied per industry. 

We’ll see what July will bring and how things’ll be for companies and job seekers. We hope for more opportunities and signs of getting back to a better normal. 😊

Now, get ready to delve into the most current stats! 🚀

Job Market Overview: July vs June 

In our latest report, we had shared that there wasn’t a significant change when it came to market competitiveness and the number of job applications. 

So, what’s the news as of today?

number of active job seekers in Estonia

The first week of July saw a very slight increase in the number of active job seekers. As of today, there was no difference at all! There might be several reasons for that. 

The fallout of the coronavirus is affecting both job seekers and companies. It’s also common to have less openings and less applications during the summer. 🌞

Estonia market competitiveness

At the end of the first week of July, we can see a slight change in market competitiveness. It’s still challenging to find a job in Estonia. 📈 

Is it the same for Marketing, Engineering or Sales people? Well, not really. 

While IT & Sysadmin specialists have more opportunities in the Estonian job market nowadays, it’s sadly difficult for people in the Design industry. 

We’ll share a more detailed analysis on this topic in our report. Coming soon! 😉

Salaries in Top 6 Specialties

Finding a job may still be a bit challenging in Estonia, but it seems employers are currently willing to pay more, compared to May. 💰

By the first week of July, it seems the upward trend in the average gross salaries is set to continue. 📈

average gross salary in May vs June in Estonia

  Let’s recap the 3 main points from the stats:

The average gross salaries in Software Engineering, Sales & Business Development, IT & Sysadmin, Marketing & PR & Media industries have increased

✅ The only industry that couldn’t manage to increase salaries has been Finance. 🤔

IT & Sysadmin saw the highest increase with 381EUR. 🤑

What about the expected salaries? Let’s see if the expectations of job seekers and companies align with each other. 👀

Average expected salary in Estonia, May vs June
✅In parallel to the average offered salaries, the expected salaries have also increased. 💰

✅ The highest increase has been in the Sales & Business Development industry. 

✅It seems Finance people have been more cautious, as there has been a tiny increase in their expectations of only 2.7%

Overall, the average offered and expected salaries have both increased. It’s a good sign that nowadays job seekers and companies are more or less on the same page. 🤝

Competition in Top 6 Specialties

In this section, we’ll elaborate on market competitiveness in the Estonian job market, which we briefly mentioned in the Job Overview part. 

The ease of finding a job remained at the same level for most industries in May. So, what about now?

Market competitiveness in Estonia, May vs June

Finding a job has become more challenging in Estonia since May, except for in the Finance industry. 🕵

If you’re a finance expert, the chances are you will have more opportunities compared to professionals working in other sectors. 🍀

While there is a slight increase in the market competitiveness of the Sales and Business Development and Software Engineering industries, things seem to have become more challenging for Marketing & PR & Media professionals

(Tech) Project Management also saw a sharp drop in the number of opportunities. Hopefully, next month will make it easier for job seekers in all industries to find their dream job. 🙏

TOP 10 Companies with the Most Applications in June 2020

Wondering which companies attracted the most talent in June 2020? Here you go! 👇

Top Estonian 10 companies with the most applications in June

🔊 As of today, the first place goes to Bolt, a ride-hailing service provider and the 3rd fastest growing company in Europe. 

If you’re interested in being part of this thrilling company, have a look at our recent interview with Nikolai Kabatsikov, Head of Talent at Bolt and get some tips for the application process. 😉

In second place, we see ONLINE ONLY, which offers digital marketing solutions for SaaS business. It’s followed by Viveo, a healthcare app for individuals and companies. It’s no surprise that the healthcare sector has become more popular in these times. 😷

Look who’s in fourth place? 🥁 (Drum roll please) MeetFrank! It’s great to be one of the companies with the top number of applications. 

The list continues with companies operating in Finance, Software, SaaS, Transportation, and Logistics. These are the industries managing to attract the most talent nowadays. 

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