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August was full of good news along with some great physical and online events for the Estonian job market. Let’s start with two of them: 🎆

👉 The flagship tech and startup event, Latitude 59 took place online and also in Tallinn with some physical events. 

👉 Estonian fintech EvoEstate raised €320K to grow its next-gen investment platform globally.

Even though the Estonian job market is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, we are keeping our hopes high for a fresh start in September. 🙌

As we said in the title; new season, new updates, and new job opportunities! 😊

Let’s discover what the new season has brought so far for employers and job seekers! 💡

Job Market Overview

In our previous report, we shared that August saw a long-awaited increase in the number of job openings. 

🔊 In the last 4 weeks, there has been a very small change in the number of job openings. On the other hand, the last week of August and the first week of September saw the highest increase. 📈

openings in Estonia on September

🔊The number of job applications saw a notable increase since mid-August. Job-seekers are finally on track. 😉

applications in Estonia in September

Let’s dive into market competitiveness. 

Market competitiveness in the Estonian job markets on September 17

Compared to August, market competitiveness has become more challenging in the Estonian job market. This could be related to the increasing number of job applications in September (one of the favourite months for job seekers). 🤔

While it is at the ‘OK level’ for Data & Analytics professionals to find a job in Estonia, it is sadly difficult for Design experts. Fingers crossed, design people: good times will come! ✌️

So how is the situation with offered and expected salaries in relation to this?

Gross historical salaries in the Estonian job market on September 2020

Both the offered and expected salaries have seen a slight increase by mid-September. 

Despite the small change, there is still a gap between the two numbers. Whereas employers are ready to pay a bit more to hire the best talent, job seekers seem to be reevaluating their expected salaries to some extent. 💰

Top 6 Specialties with the Most Openings

🏹 The job hunting season has begun. So which industries are welcoming the most new talent?

top 6 specialties with the most openings in Estonia


Looking at the chart, it is clear why it is at the ‘OK level’ for software engineers to find a job in Estonia seeing while it is challenging in general. The field ranks first in the list, far ahead of the IT & Sysadmin jobs, which is on the second place. 🥇

Customer Support and Sales & Business Development rank in third and fourth places respectively, followed by (Tech) Project Management. There are only slight differences between them. 

Surprisingly, the last place belongs to Data & Analytics as it used to be one of the most popular industries in the last 6 months. 😎

It seems the Estonian job market needs engineers and IT people the most nowadays. If you are looking for an opportunity in one of these sectors, chances are your dream job is waiting for you. 🤝

Salaries Offered by Employers: September vs January 2020

A lot has changed since January. Where to begin? The pandemic conquered the whole world, it has affected every single economy on Earth and the way we live and work have completely changed. 😷

Now, let’s check how the offered salaries have changed in the last 9 months. 🕵

salaries in Estonia in September vs January 2020

👉The good news is each of the top 6 specialties have seen an increase in the offered salaries

👉 (Tech) Project Management saw the highest increase. 📈

👉 Data & Analytics saw the lowest increase. This also justifies the point we shared in the previous section: the number of job openings in this sector is lower than in others. It seems the demand for the Data & Analytics experts has changed a bit during the pandemic. 💡

👉 Despite the turmoil the pandemic created, companies are willing to pay more in order to hire the best talent. 💪

Companies with the Most Remote Options

If you are looking for a remote option and want to work for an Estonia-based company, you are reading the right section. 😊

Let’s discover the most remote work friendly companies in the Estonian job market. 🖥

Estonian companies with the most remote options

🏆 First place goes to Testlio, a leading company in app testing. If ‘testing’, ‘mobile’ and ‘app’ are some of your favourite words, download the MeetFrank app and check their openings!

In second place, we see WebARX, a web application security program. Needless to say, cybersecurity has gained significant importance as more people have started working from home. If web security is your thing, WebARX could be ‘the’ company for you. ❤️️

The list continues with Softwerk EU, an Estonian company providing software solutions and Timbeter OÜ, a forest tech company. 👏

Surprisingly, starting from third place, the companies are offering an equal number of job openings. The list continues with Toolsale, Acty OÜ, ONLINE ONLY OÜ, MindTitan, and Outvio OÜ. 👍

💡 All of the companies in the list are web-based tech companies. That’s probably why they have more room for flexibility and capability to offer more remote options. 😉

Welcome to the MeetFrank Family!

🥁 The MeetFrank family is growing! Lately, we welcomed two new members to our family: Nordic Digital AS, North Coast Code, WebARX, Basaar Group OÜ, Koemo OÜ, Aurora Solutions OÜ, Põllumajandusuuringute Keskus, Toolsale, Bercman Technologies AS and OÜ. 

Check their latest job openings and download the MeetFrank app to see more: