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The accounting and finance profession, like many other professional occupations, is very reliant on skill. More than this, professionals rise or fall by the currency of their skills and how well they are able to stay with trends. 

For instance, 85% of accountants believe that gaining an edge internationally depends on keeping up with the pace of technological adoption. Another 83% of accountants say that understanding tech is just as vital to their roles, as understanding accountancy. 

Considering this, it makes sense that you are interested in learning what skills set candidates apart for success in the market for finance jobs in Lithuania. 

Should your focus be on brushing up your bookkeeping skills? Or are you better off going deeper in financial consulting and management? 

In this article, we’ll unravel the trends behind finance jobs in Lithuania and what skills you need to add to your portfolio in 2019. 


Top 5 in-demand skills for finance jobs in Lithuania 


From our data on offers for finance jobs in Lithuania in the first 6 months of 2019, the most in-demand skill for the period was accounting, being required in 15% of offers. 

skills in finance jobs

Financial management, financial consultation, financial planning and other skills made up the rest of the top five. They were required in 12%, 12%, 10% and 9% of offers respectively. 

Importantly, it must be noted that technology has found a place in the accounting and finance industry. According to the Journal of Accountancy, 79% of business owners now say that accounting AI is the key to increasing their company’s productivity. 

80% of executives believe this tech will give them a business edge and due to this, 49% of accounting firms will be reviewing their business practices in line with tech. 

To make the best of the industry, it makes sense to add good competencies in accounting tech to one’s skillset. Despite this, McKinsey reports that most accounting professionals do not have the skills to operate accounting and automation tools. 

Candidates that are truly interested in making the most of the industry will ensure that they have the necessary AI and tech skills locked down. 


Hiring trends and preferences for companies 


MeetFrank data indicates that offers for finance jobs in Lithuania increased by 67% in 2019. This was an appreciable increase over the first 6 months of 2019, compared to the last 6 months of 2018. 

finance jobs in lithuania

All stats point to the fact that the MeetFrank platform is growing and more companies are now hiring through the platform. It becomes easier by the day for talent to find the companies they want, and for companies to find the right candidates. 

Our data on hiring trends showed that companies were most interested in filling mid-level finance positions. The most offers were made to candidates in these positions, followed by candidates in junior finance positions. 

Offers for seniors followed, with offers for executive positions bringing up the rear. What the data indicates is that the market for finance jobs in Lithuania is very balanced. 

There is no real distinction between the demand for entry level employees and more experienced roles. It looks to be a good market to start out a career. 


Salary averages for finance jobs in Lithuania 


Our data on average salaries for finance jobs in Lithuania is based on overall average during the period, averages per month and average per seniority. 

On overall average, MeetFrank data indicates that the average minimum salary recorded during the first 6 months of 2019 was €995, while the average maximum was €1,996. The highest pay recorded to a candidate during the period was €5,290. Not a bad payday overall. 

Monthly salaries started out in January at an average of €1,800 but they dropped to €1,541 in February. The lowest average was recorded in May with an average of €900 while incidentally, the second highest was recorded in the next month, June, with an average of 1,750. 

finance 6 months salaries in lithuania


Per seniority, employees in entry level positions started out at €1,353, way above the national average. Juniors earned €1,578 on average while mid-level employees earned €1,950.

Executives were once again the highest paid, earning €2,975, with employees in lead finance positions following close behind with an average salary of €2,813. 

average salaries in finance in lithuania

To earn as much as this, what skills do you need to focus on? Well, according to our data, you need to have a combination of accounting, financial consultation and compliance & regulation skills to earn that much. 


Where do users in Lithuania want to work? 


Our MeetFrank users in Lithuania want to work for the hippest companies including Startups, those that have the Coolest Offices and those that offer Remote work. 

Companies that fit this description perfectly and that are also currently hiring for finance jobs in Lithuania include Baltic Amadeus, ORCA Alliance, Kilo.Health and CoinGate.

There are several companies already at the forefront of hiring for finance jobs in Lithuania. We compiled the top 10 from our data on offers for these jobs. 

top 10 companies hiring in finance in lithuania

They include UAB PricewaterhouseCoopers, Intrum Global Business Services and CoinGate. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the largest accounting firms in the world. It is considered one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, and is regarded as possibly the second largest of the four. 

Others in the top 10 are International Fintech UAB, Avia Solutions Group (CY) Plc, Credital, Finolita Unio, Kilo.Health, METAWOOD, and Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania. 

To see more about these companies, the terms they offer and their hiring activities, download the MeetFrank app for Android and Apple here


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