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The month of June saw the loosening of the restrictions in many countries in Europe. And Finland’s one of them. 🎆

The Finnish government has decided to allow tourists from Estonia and other neighboring countries (except Sweden for now) from June 15. Planning to take a vacation? Finland could be ‘the’ destination. 🧳️

Finland’s opening up and navigating its way in the new normal. So, what’s the current situation in the job market in Finland?

In our latest report, we mentioned that Finland saw a drop in the number of job applications. In addition to this, finding a job became more challenging.

Let’s keep our hopes high this month, and see what the Finnish job market is up to nowadays! 🕵

Job Market Overview: June vs July

By the first week of July, there has been a slight increase of 1% in the number of active job seekers in Finland. 

number of active job seekers in Finland

Coronavirus times combined with summer mode might stop this number from increasing. 🌞 We’ll see how the situation changes by the end of the month. 

What about market competitiveness?

market competitiveness in Finland

According to our market competitiveness indicator, the ease of finding a job in Finland has remained quite stable over the last few months. We shared these stats in our recovery report.

Market competitiveness has increased very slightly since mid-June. This means that job seekers will find it a bit challenging to find a job in Finland. 

The good news is that it’s leaning towards the “OK-level”. 🙏

We’ll talk about the competition among the top 6 industries in the coming sections. Stay tuned for even more data! 🤓

Salaries in Top 6 Specialties

Last month, all the industries saw an increase in the offered salaries except for Finance in Finland. Let’s see how things go in July. 

When looking at the average gross salaries in the Finnish job market, we can see that they have increased in all industries except for Tech (Project Management).

average gross salary in Finland, May vs June

Sales & Business Development saw the highest increase with an average of 565EUR since May. If your profession fits this sector, the chances are employers will be very interested in you nowadays. 💪

The lowest increase was in Software Engineering. Even though software engineers are normally some of the most sought-after experts with relatively higher salary rates, it seems the employers aren’t in an urgent need of finding software talent nowadays. 🤐

Wondering about the average expected salaries in June?

Average expected salary in Finland, May vs June


✅ Surprisingly, the average expected salaries have decreased in all industries except for Software Engineering. At the end of the day, companies are willing to pay higher than job seekers are expecting.

✅ The highest drop was in Finance with an average of 401EUR. 

So, what do these numbers mean? Why have most industries seen a fall in the expected salaries when it’s been the other way around for the offered salaries? 🤔

👉 While job seekers are trying to increase their chances of finding a job by lowering their salary expectations, companies are actually fine with paying more to find the best talent. 

Competition in Top 6 Specialties

Now, it’s time to compare market competition in the top 6 specialties in June with that of May. 

competition on the job market in Finland

The only two industries in which it’s now easier to find a job are (Tech) Project Management and IT & Sysadmin in Finland. 👍

While Software Engineering has recently seen a sharp fall, the Marketing & PR & Media sector, in which it was already difficult to find a job, has become even more challenging for job seekers. 

Finance also faced a drop in the number of opportunities, but falling from the “very easy-level” to “easy-level” doesn’t really sound too bad, does it? 😊

TOP 10 Companies with the Most Applications in June 2020

Some companies have stood out from others, as they were the favourites of job seekers in June 2020. Let’s have a look at these stars. 🌟

Top 10 Finnish companies with the most applications in June

🥁 So, who’s in first place? The answer is Supermetrics, a tool that helps marketers get data. They also featured in our chart of top desirable companies to work with. 👏

Get your resumes ready. 📝 If you’re looking for a job nowadays, Supermetrics may be ‘the’ one for you. 

In second place is Appgyver, who was leading the list for the year until two months ago. Congrats, Appgyver!

Going down the list, we see that Oura, a fast-growing consumer company that helps people track and improve their sleep, is in third place.  

Oura is followed by NurseBuddy, software that helps manage homecare and Vello Solutions, an appointment scheduling calendar app. Apparently, job seekers are interested in tech-related industries nowadays. 🤓

The rest of the list contains companies operating in Postal Services, Design, Engineering, and Consultancy. 

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