What comes to your mind when we say Nokia, Supercell, Angry Birds, Wolt, and thrilling job opportunities? Yes, it’s Finland we are talking about. 

The good news is the Finnish job market remained relatively resilient during the worldwide turmoil. And even better news is that recently there have been even more positive changes to the market in general. 🎉

In this weekly report, we will share the latest trends, updates and hopefully good news from the job market in Finland. You can also have a look at the Estonian and Lithuanian reports to have a better understanding of the region. 

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👀 Already curious? Let’s find out what has been happening in the Finnish job market lately. 

Job Market Overview

Last week’s report showed that there were 12% more job openings as compared to a month ago.

Talent in Finland and active job seekersThe upward trend continues this weekthere has been an approximately 10% increase in the number of job openings in the Finnish market. Happy and relieved, we can now say good-bye to April and keep our expectations even higher for May. 👋

When it comes to the number of active job seekers, we see that there is a slight increase as well. Although finding a job is in the ‘OK’ level in the Finnish job market, the signs of recovery outstrips the rest, and Finland proves to be one of the most solid markets in these tough times. 

historical salaries in finland
The expected salaries have gone parallel with offered salaries in Finland in the last 8 months, which has been a very steady ride compared to that of most countries. Recently, there has been a 4.5% decrease in the offered salaries and a 7.4% decrease in the expected salaries. The COVID-19 seems to bring the expectations of the employers and employees closer in the Finnish market. 

Now, let’s find out the changes in the average salaries in Finland. 

Weekly special chart: Average salary per industry

Each week, we’ll take one special chart and further discuss it from different angles. For today, our highlight is the average salary in Finland in the last 8 months.

📈average gross salary per profession in finlandWhile the average offered salary in the software engineering, sales & marketing, and IT & tech project job openings is higher than at the beginning of this 8-month period, it was not a calm journey for any of them. 📈

There have been significant fluctuations in the average salary stats which shows that the market has faced many changes in demand for the last 8 months.

When we look at the chart above, what strikes us at first glance is the dramatic increase in the average salary offered in IT & tech management openings from September to November. Now, it seems to have reached a more stabilised point, which is higher than the initial value. 

Let’s have a closer look at the market and see how the sales & business development industry in Finland is doing nowadays. 🔎

Weekly highlight: Sales and business development 

Every week, we focus on a hiring track and see what the trends show us. In this weekly report, we will discuss sales and business development jobs in Finland.

Let’s start with the good news. This week, the Finnish job market saw a 20% increase in the number of sales & business development jobs. Given the numbers from last week’s report, it’s noticeable that Finland is steadily recovering from the recent effects of the coronavirus. 

Change in job offers in EE
In the Finnish job market, the expected salary is higher than the offered salary by approximately 10% by today’s numbers. It’s worth noting that both of them are on decline and so is their disparity. It’s no surprise that the recent changes to the economy seem to almost close the gap in April.

historical salaries in Finland
Despite the increasing number of job offerings and the relatively low number of job-seekers, competition in the market seems to be high. The reason why it is challenging to find a sales and business development job nowadays in Finland may be related to the higher salary expectations. 

market competitiveness in finland

These are some of the exciting job offerings in the Finnish market which may be worth lowering  your salary expectations a bit for (just saying 😊):

Wondering which skills would make you a good candidate for these positions given the competition? Have a look at the most in demand skills in the sales & development industry in Finland in the chart below:

in demand skills in Finland for sales

🏆The favorite job offering in the sales and development industry in the past 30 days was the ‘Entrepreneurial Sales/Project Director and Co-founder’ role at ReFaMo.

🏅The second place went to Fiuge Lth with its ‘Product Manager’ role. 

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