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As the COVID-19 pandemic has affected economies from Europe to Australia, job seekers might have found it difficult to relocate in the last 6 months. 😷

On the other hand, we have lots of reasons to keep our hopes high. Many companies are offering relocation packages to talent working in various industries from all around the world. 🗺

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In this report, we will share data from and insights into the global job market. Let’s begin! 🚀

Job Market Overview

Before starting with the recent data, let’s rewind to our previous post. There, we shared that there was a decline of 12% in the number of job openings.

What has changed as of mid-September?

👉 By mid-September, there has been a slight increase in the number of job openings compared to mid-August. 

openings in the global job market

The first week of September saw the highest increase. There has been a slight decrease after that. 📉

applications in the global job market

👉 Looking at the chart, we can see that there has been a visible increase in the number of job applications. It has increased gradually since mid-August. 💪

Welcome back to the job hunt, dear job seekers. 😊

What about market competitiveness?

competitiveness in the global job market in September 2020

Given the situation worldwide, this should come as no surprise: at the moment, it is challenging to find a job in the global job market. And yes, this even applies to software engineers. 😵

On the other hand, if you are a Data & Analytics expert, it will be much easier to find your dream job. 🏆

historical gross salaries in the global job market in September 2020

Both the offered and expected salaries have seen an increase in September. The gap started to increase in July, reached a peak in August, and has now slightly reduced. 

We will see if the expectations of job seekers and offerings of employers align in the near future. 💰

Top 6 Specialties with the Most Openings

Let’s find out which industries are offering more openings in the month of September. 

top 6 specialties with the most openings in global

Similar to Estonia, Finland and Lithuania, Software Engineering is the top specialty with the most number of openings. 🖥

The surprising fact in the list is that Design, in which it has been competitive to find a job for the past few months, now ranks in second place! Now is your time, Design experts. 👏

Design is followed by Sales and Business Development in third place and Marketing & PR & Media in fourth place

The last 2 specialties on the list are IT & Sysadmin and Data & Analytics. Specialists in the latter have been finding it a bit difficult to find a job lately. 😔

Overall, all the jobs are slowly trying to recover. Obviously, the Software Engineering specialty is doing better worldwide. 

Salaries Offered by Employers: September vs January 2020

A lot has changed since January on the global scene. One of those changes has been the salaries offered by employers. 

offered salaries in global in september vs january 2020

👉The chart above shows that the offered salaries have been on the rise for all industries except for Design (with a very slight decrease) and Marketing & PR & Media.

👉 As for Design, this comes as a surprise as the number of job openings have recently been on the rise. It could also be related to the fact that now there have been more job seekers in this industry. 👩👨

👉 Data & Analytics and Software Engineering saw the highest increase by approximately 15%. 💰 

👉 The industry which has seen the lowest increase has been Sales & Business Development. Think positive, an increase is still an increase! Grab happiness, Sales people! 😊

👉 Overall, the economy is slowly recovering worldwide which can be observed in companies offering more and more job positions every day. 

Companies with the Most Remote Options

Are you open to remote options in addition to positions with relocation? If yes, this section is for you. 🤩

global companies with the most remote options

Now that the whole world has become online, remote work is enjoying its golden era. 🥇

👏 The company with the most remote options is Lokalise from Latvia, a translation and localisation management platformIf this sounds good, check their recent openings in the MeetFrank app 

Second place goes to Flocker from the UK, a self-service marketing platform. If you’re in Marketing, this could be the company for you.

In third place, we see Cavai, a programmatic advertising company from Norway, followed by zenloop GmbH from Germany. Congrats to the top 4 in advance! 👏

🙌 iPhone Photography School, from Latvia and SD Media AS, a marketing agency from Norway have the same number of openings. 

💡 Overall, Marketing and SaaS rock the list of companies with the most remote options.

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