Having a good overview of job market data can give recruiters a huge advantage over the competition. 😉

By knowing the level of competition for experts in a specific field, the expected salary levels, and the most common skills will help you write more attractive job offers.

To help you win in the talent attracting game, we have launched MeetFrank Insights – a real-time platform for monitoring the job market trends, salary levels, competitiveness, and much more. 🚀

meetfrank insights

You can browse MeetFrank Insights per country per role (or both!) to find the following information about the job market:

  • The average offered and expected salaries
  • The overall competitiveness of the job market
  • The number of active job-seekers and employers
  • The most common skill sets among talent
  • The most popular motivations and perks that people expect
  • The currently active job offers in MeetFrank


Without further ado, you can access the MeetFrank Insights here. Browse it by country and by track, or view the global overview of the Remote job market:


We’ve heard some great feedback about the Insights! – Image source


While it’s a pretty simple tool, there are a few tips that you may want to know about Insights to get the most out of it. Take a look below! 👇

How to benefit from MeetFrank Insights as an employer?

If you’re a company or recruiter in need of extra talent, make sure to check out MeetFrank Insights every time you’re about to publish a job offer.


Because you’ll be able to create much more attractive job openings with a competitive salary offer. 

💡 Switch to the “Companies” view to access data on how competitive it is to find good talent.

meetfrank companies view

🍪 You can also zoom in to the most popular perks offered by other companies, so that you can also offer these in your own job openings. 

meetfrank insights

🤩 And to make your job offers more attractive to top talent, make sure to address the most common motivations like a solid salary offer, interesting challenges, and the possibility of working remotely. 

meetfrank motivations

🔮 If you don’t have previous experience in hiring for a specific position, you can browse the top skills that other companies are looking for. This will give you a hint on what to search for in a job candidate.

meetfrank top developer skills

🕵️ And if you really want to beat the other companies hiring for similar roles, check out their job offers! You can see who’s hiring,  what they’re promising, and how they have phrased the job offer.

concise job offer

You can access MeetFrank Insights here. Good luck hiring top talent!

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