The recruitment landscape is changing every day. The same is the case for HR jobs in Lithuania. To really get ahead in the job market and find the perfect job or talent, you need to work with the right information.

Imagine accepting that job offer only to find out that you could have been double the royalty with a cherry on top elsewhere.

So, take the doubt out of your job or talent search. Read here to learn the 2019 data on HR jobs in Lithuania and what it might mean for you or your company.


Current stats on HR jobs in Lithuania: Who do companies want to hire

Continuing a general trend for recruiters, Lithuanian companies are most interested in hiring for higher roles. Out of a total of 40 job offers tracked between January and July 2019, the most offers (11) went to candidates for mid-level roles.

Offers for senior and junior roles followed in close second and third. The least number of offers were made for recruiters in executive roles. This makes sense, since it would be absurd for companies to build their teams out of 5 executives and 7 other team members. There’d be four pilots too many on that plane.

The more interesting part of the data is in the spread of offers though. Unlike what we found from our data on HR jobs in Estonia, the recruiting focus of Lithuanian companies is more on lower level staff.

It might be indicative of a drive on the part of these companies to build their HR teams out for the first time. So, if you’re just looking to cut your spurs in the HR landscape, you’ll definitely have your shot at HR jobs in Lithuania.


Top recruiting companies for HR jobs in Lithuania


More than a few companies have been actively hiring recruiters this year. We came up with a list of ten of the most active. The top ten are:

Most in-demand skills for HR jobs in Lithuania


Working in HR ordinarily requires a very broad skillset. Companies ordinarily prefer candidates to possess higher than average administrative skills, in addition any technical requirements.

You should have strong interpersonal skills, at the very least. So you don’t go John Wick on someone that abducts your dog, or meat pie.

Our data for the most in-demand skills for HR jobs in Lithuania also represents this preference for administrative competence. HR management and organisational development were each required by companies in 10% of job offers.

That makes sense too. You probably won’t want to work at a company where John Wick is the HR manager any more than other talent would.

Companies however displayed a strong preference for candidates with recruitment skills, requiring this competence 16% of the time. Headhunting and sourcing make up the top five, each being required in 13% of job offers.


Average salaries for HR professionals

What are companies on MeetFrank willing to pay talent for HR jobs in Lithuania? Well, quite a bit actually, especially when the national average is compared with our data on average salaries for HR jobs in Lithuania.

Trading Economics reports that the general average in Lithuania held at €1,289 per month. Our own data indicates that the average minimum salary during the first few months of 2019 was €940. The average maximum that companies offered was €1,659 while the total maximum recorded was €2,780. 

When prorated for the mean average, average salary on MeetFrank falls around €1350. This indicates a slightly better figure than the national average for workers in Lithuania.

This is also consistent with our data on averages over the first 7 months of 2019, from January to July. The year started out in January with an average of €1,150, which rose to €1,300 in February. Although there was a slight dip to €1,050 in March, June was better, with €1,585.

These averages should not be taken at face value though, since they are more representative of the general spread in salaries from entry to executive level. While the big boys will obviously earn more, employees in lower level roles outnumber them. This makes for a generally lower average.

Our data on averages per seniority supports this. Employees in entry level roles earned €1,460 on average in 2019. Lead recruiters earned more than €300 more although, weirdly, executives earned less on average, almost €100 less.

The quirk may have been caused by a radically low salary offer. Somebody must have hired one very unlucky executive.

hire with meetfrank

Top skills to earn over €2,500 from HR jobs in Lithuania


To earn upwards of €2,500 while working in HR jobs in Lithuania, you need to have competencies in headhunting, HR management and recruitment.

The mix of required skills are representative of what would be expected from a high-level member of any company’s HR team. To increase your chances of securing an offer within this range, it would be in your best interest to skill up.

Get as much experience as you can, even while obtaining the necessary skills. This way you have the best shot at getting the offer of your dreams.  


Where do people want to work?


In a variety of 21st century establishments, no doubt. Our data confirms, once again, that the preferences of employees are rapidly moving away from traditional workspaces.

Our users want to work for the coolest offices, in startups and companies that allow remote work. With over 150,000 users from countries all over the Baltic on MeetFrank, this data may just confirm where employers should be looking to if they want to be the top choice.

There are companies that already fit this bill though. Baltic Amadeus, Telia Lietuvoje, UAB Icona, Interactio and Kilo Health already offer candidates these opportunities.

Baltic Amadeus, for instance, is a Vilnius based software development company that provides custom business solutions to companies in Europe and the US. It has over 200 employees and more than 500 clients. Its core values are continuous learning, expertise and, if you’ll believe this, fun. Check them out on MeetFrank to see if they tick the right boxes for you.  


Find the jobs and talent that tick all the boxes


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