Product management is moving front and center in many business’ strategies. Due to the increasing importance of data in decision making and increased customer and design focus, the role of the product manager is expanding. 

McKinsey describes product managers as “the glue that bind[s] the many functions that touch a product…” Their influence extends to not only what products get built but also “every aspect of how it gets built and launched”. 

Why are they so important? In an increasingly consumer-oriented world, businesses that can connect with their customers and thoroughly solve their problems are the ones that are flying high. You only need to look at brands like Apple and Google to appreciate this. 

Considering the climate, it makes sense to invest in a role occupied by someone that can make that connection and translate it into every aspect of the product. This is why product management jobs in Lithuania are only set to grow bigger.

Lithuania itself is a country that is supremely focused on becoming a preferred business location for countries around the world. In this country of lean, infectious growth, product management jobs are doing as well as they ever have. 

This article discusses the recent trends for product management jobs in Lithuania. Using data from the MeetFrank app, it explains what the market for these jobs looks like and the key data to keep in mind. 


Who are employers in Lithuania looking for? 


Offers for product management jobs in Lithuania increased by 50% in the first half of 2019, compared to the second half of 2018. 

The burst in hiring activity signals the expansion of the MeetFrank platform and greater interest of companies in candidates for these positions. 

Employers hiring for product management jobs in Lithuania have set their eye on a variety of candidates that can occupy more experienced roles. 

product development jobs in Lithuania

According to MeetFrank data, offers for product managers in mid-level roles were highest between January and July 2019. Candidates for senior roles received almost as many offers, coming in second. 

The least offers were however made to less experienced candidates in entry and junior roles. 


While the market seems favourable to more experienced candidates, fresh talent may have to skill up if they’ll have a chance in the market. Companies seem more interested in snapping up more experienced candidates at the moment, although that may change as teams start getting built out. 


Average salaries for product management jobs in Lithuania 


MeetFrank data on average salaries for product managers in Lithuania was studied along three main tracks: average overall, average per month and average per seniority. 

Salaries in product management jobs lithuania

The overall averages showed that the average minimum salary for the first half of 2019 was €1,264 while the average maximum was €2,541. The highest salary during the period was €5,517 per month. 

For averages per month, average salaries started out low at the beginning of the year before improving towards mid-period and then tapering off at the end of the period. The average in January was €1,962 and February was €1,710. 

average salaries in product management lithuania

March was much better at €2,078 and April was even better with an average of €2,350. Perhaps due to the characteristic drop in recruiting activities during the summer period, averages dropped to €1,500 in May. While there was a rally to €1,963 in June, the first half of the end year at €1,725 in July.

For averages per seniority, executives were the highest paid, earning €3,600 on average per month, while entry candidates were the least paid with an average of €1,650 per month. 


Most in-demand skills for Lithuanian product management jobs


Project management was the most in-demand skill for product management jobs in Lithuania. Out of 11 tracked skills, it was required in 20% of offers. 

in demand skills in product management in lithuania

Team leading was the second most preferred skill, required in 14% of offers, while competencies in Scrum, Kanban and Agile came third, required in 13% of offers. 

Other skills making up the top five are business development and analytics and BI, required in 10% of offers each. 

To make more than €2,500 in product management jobs in Lithuania, you need to have competencies in project management, team leading, Scrum, Kanban and Agile. 

The data for in-demand skills reinforces the high-level role that product managers are expected to play in relation to a company’s product. 

top skills in lithuania

Sadly, many companies fail to provide appropriate systems and processes that will help product managers do their work well. This 2016 study found that about 50% of product managers are not impressed with their organization’s product management process. 

Worse, 6% of organizations affected had no plans to improve their processes. In this situation, product managers are forced to navigate a system that makes decision making, accountability and communication harder than it should be. 

However, this does not necessarily translate to a disadvantage. It can even be an opportunity. By finding tools and processes that can integrate into any business, you can be the one to make the C-suite executives see the light. 


Where do MeetFrank users want to work? 


Our data shows that most MeetFrank users would like to work in startups, coolest offices and in companies that offer remote workspaces. 

There are several companies that fit this bill and are also looking for product managers. They include Telesoftas, Baltic Amadeus, Kilo.Health, Telia and ORCA Alliance. 

top companies in lithuania

Some of these companies are also part of the top ten currently hiring for product management jobs in Lithuania. They include TeleSoftas, Danske Group IT Lithuania, Intrum Global Business Services, Baltic Amadeus, Horion Digital, Umega Group AB, ACC Distribution, Credital, Kilo.Health and Energus Power Solutions. 


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