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In the past few months, Lithuania has been recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Lately, new travel restrictions have been introduced due to the increasing case numbers in Europe.😷

If you are planning to travel to Lithuania and coming from one of the countries that is subject to the 14-day quarantine – just like Germany – be aware in the first place! ✈

Despite an upward trend in coronavirus cases, Lithuania continues to be a startup hub of the region. And there is more good news:  in the first half of 2020, Lithuanian start-ups showed a 30% growth in turnover. 👏

Want to hear more news from the Lithuanian job market and interested in learning more about job opportunities in the country? If so, let’s keep reading! 👀

Job Market Overview

In the previous report, what really stood out was the fact that the number of job openings increased by 63% compared to July. This was a pretty good sign that the Lithuanian economy is recovering. 🙏

So what is the data showing this month?

👉 The number of job openings did not change much in the 4 weeks from mid-August to mid-September. 🤔

openings in Lithuania

On the other hand, the first week of September saw the biggest increase. 📈

👉 How is the number of job applications doing?

applications in Lithuania

Apparently, it has made a leap since mid-August. The second week of September saw the highest increase. This shows the job seekers are back in town. 🤓

And here is some good news! Finding a job in Lithuania is at the ‘OK level’. This is much better compared to the situation in Estonia and Finland. 🤩

If you are a software engineer, you will find it very easy to get a job in Lithuania. 💪

Gross salaries in Lithuania in September 2020

Both the offered and expected salaries have seen an increase in September. The job seekers seem to have adjusted their salary expectations. 💶

💡 The gap between both salaries have been stable since the beginning of August. 

Top 6 Specialties with the Most Openings

Are you actively looking for a job? Is Lithuania the country where you want to continue developing your career? 

Here are the top 6 specialties offering the highest number of job openings! 👇

top 6 specialties with the most openings in Lithuania

Similar to Estonia and Finland, the Software Engineering specialty is the most active one when it comes to hiring new talent. If you are a software engineer, don’t miss out on the job openings from the Lithuania-based companies! 🍀

Software Engineering is followed by the Marketing & PR & Media and Sales & Business Development. Especially good news for the Marketing people – they have not seen such a demand for a long time. 

While Customer Support is in 4th place, Data & Analytics and IT & Sysadmin have the same number of openings closing the list in joint 5th place. 

Data & Analytics has hardly found a spot in the list in Estonia and Finland as well. 

Compared to the rest of the list, Software Engineering is by far the most active specialty nowadays.

Salaries Offered by Employers: September vs January 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has stirred the economy worldwide. So, what about the offered salaries in Lithuania? Let’s check how the numbers have changed since January.

salaries offered in Lithuania in September vs January

👉The offered salaries have been on the rise for all industries except for IT & Sysadmin. Unfortunately, this sector saw a decrease of 25%. 

👉 Data & Analytics and Software Engineering saw the highest increase.  💶

👉 Marketing & PR & Media saw the lowest increase. But no worries, Marketing people! The winds have changed. 🌬

Now that the companies operating in this sector are more active, chances are your salary in your new job may be even higher than you expected. 💰

👉 Overall, employers are ready to pay more in order to find the best talent for their companies. 

Companies with the Most Remote Options

Lithuania is a startup heaven and there are lots of companies waiting for the best talent and that are open for remote workers!

Let’s delve into the list of the companies with the most remote working options. 🚀

top Lithuanian companies with the most remote openings

🏆 And the remote working Oscar goes to AdKings, an industry leading ecommerce Facebook ads growth agency. If you are working in the Marketing industry (oh you lucky Marketing people🍀), check out their job openings in the MeetFrank app.

Second place goes to Vegvisir, an IT company based in Vilnius. If you are looking for a job in the IT sector, this could be your chance. ✌️

Starting from third place, the companies in the rest of the list offer the same number of remote options. Smart Brands Laboratory LLC, Indigroup, and KEVIN make up the top 5 along with the companies mentioned above. 

So, what is this list telling us?

💡The most active industries in the Lithuanian job market for remote workers are Marketing, FinTech, HR, and SaaS. 

💡 Also, based on what we have shared in the previous sections, Marketing has become very popular as of mid-September.


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