What comes to mind first when we think of Lithuania is the exciting startup ecosystem, the strong business environment, and the increasing success of Lithuanian fintech companies lately.

In our previous report, we discussed how the Lithuanian job market challenged the negative impacts of the novel coronavirus. Recently, there are even more surprising stats coming from this rising star of the Baltics.🌟

After reading this weekly report, you’ll have a better understanding of the Lithuanian job market and the recent trends. If you’re hungry for more information, you can have a look at our recent reports on Estonia and Finland.

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🔎Last but definitely not least, let’s dig into the Lithuanian job market.

Job Market Overview

Just like Finland, Lithuania has proved to be one of the most durable markets in these times of crisis, which you can also see in last week’s job market report.

📈In the past week, there has been a 3% increase in the number of job openings along with a 5% increase in the number of active job seekers.

talent in lithuania and active job seekers

The chart for the historical salaries in Lithuania reveals an outstanding fact—before the crisis, there wasn’t a significant gap between the expected and offered salaries. However, the COVID-19 created a visible disparity since February, which seems to have increased with the significant decrease in the expected salaries in the past week.

historical salaries in lithuania

Despite the increasing number of job openings and the decrease in expected salaries, finding a job in Lithuania isn’t the easiest thing in the world nowadays. 

market competitiveness in lithuania

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming month! Keep in mind that the Lithuanian labour market has been one of the most outstanding markets in the region lately. 🤞

Weekly special chart: Average salary per industry

This week’s special chart is dedicated to the average salary by sector in Lithuania. Let’s stalk the numbers 8 months back from today and see what they tell us. 🕵

average gross salary in Lithuania per professionIn the Lithuanian job market, all the industries finished April with higher numbers than in September 2019, except for in data analytics. But no worries, data people! The future is yours anyway. 😉

While all the industries saw ups and downs during this 8-month period, software engineering remained one of the steadiest tracks with a gargantuan increase in average salary offered of approximately 20% by the end of April. Designers and sales & marketing people followed software engineers in seeing considerable increases in offered salaries over the period. 

What this means is that companies are still looking for top talent and willing to offer them competitive salaries. However, the number of job offers in the market has dropped, driving up the competition among job-seekers.

So, let’s have a look at the secret behind the average salary increase of sales professionals in Lithuania. 

Weekly highlight: Sales and business development

Every week, we take one hiring track and discuss it from different aspects. Our goal is to analyse the current situation in terms of the number of active job openings and job seekers, along with the average salary offers. This week’s focus is sales & business development jobs.

Lithuania continues proving to be a strong market despite the worldwide turbulence. Need a proof? Here you gothe number of job openings in the sales & business development industry has increased by 22% in the past week.🎆

Change in job offers in LT EE FI✅If you’re looking for a job in the sales and business development sector, Lithuania may be the place for you! There’s a visible difference between the average expected and offered salaries which is, in this case, favourable for job seekers. 

historical salaries in lithuaniaSo, dear job seekers, rethink your salary range, maybe consider increasing it a bit, and have a look at the current job offerings below:

Having an active business environment comes with some downsides. Due to the relatively high number of active job seekers and the big pool of job openings, market competitiveness is relatively high in the sales and business development sectors in Lithuania. 

But the good news is it’s still at the ‘OK-easy’ level to find a job and there’s been a recent improvement in the past week. So, it might reach the 3rd or even the lovely 4th level in the chart. Who knows…

market competitiveness in Lithuania

While the most in demand skills for the sales and business development jobs are English and sales management, the job market does not seem to prioritise Lithuanian for the openings. This sounds like a subtle call for global talent to us. What do you think?

in demand skills in Lithuania for sales

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