More and more companies are catching on the benefits of remote work in Lithuania. Even though there may still be a bias on the topic whether work will actually get done if the team is not in the office.

There is plenty of data to prove the positives of remote work far outweigh the negatives. It affects people positively in many ways – productivity, happiness and your team is less likely to leave if you give them some freedom. Many people have turned remote work into the norm in their career.  

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at a list of  coolest companies that offer remote work in Lithuania.


Telia Company

Telia is one of the biggest telecoms in the Nordic and Baltic countries and have established their brand as one of the market leaders in the region. Currently employing over 20 000 people and they’re on a mission to create a New Generation Telco. Bringing people together through technology.

If you are after some corporate experience working for an innovative market leader in their field, Telia may be the right place for you. They offer flexible working hours, and a few days per week welcome to work from home if your tasks support it.

Telia remote work in lithuania


BTT Cloud

BTT Cloud is a managed IT services provider of complex hybrid solutions, including cloud IaaS, PaaS and CaaS (Competence as a Service) services. Most customers of BTT Cloud are leaders in their own field (e.g. all 5-star hotels in Lithuania). 

They currently have offices in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai and Panevėžys. But if none of these cities float your boat, working remotely in Lithuania and maybe even elsewhere is also an option. Why don’t you send them a request through the app.



THINKT Digital is an innovation hub backed by a leading manufacturer of Power Cables & Accessories. Our focus lies on leveraging new technologies to solve challenges in the energy sector & beyond. The IOT plays an important part in their solutions.

They have a small but dynamic techy team with an eclectic mix of nationalities. Offices both in Berlin and Kaunas but if you wish to work from home or elsewhere completely, they do have a remote work policy.


Traidenis UAB

Traidenis is the first producer of wastewater treatment equipment from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) in Lithuania. Made with 100% solar energy. Their mission is to make the Nemunas River basin and the Baltic Sea the cleanest in the world. 

Established in 1996 they have offices in Alytus and Vilnius. Team is just under 200 people today and depending on the role there are remote working positions available.


Baltic Amadeus

Baltic Amadeus is an established software development company. Hailing since 1988, they have become a trusted IT partner in a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, finance, shipping and logistics.

Their office has everything you need to inspire and relax you in times of need. If you’re not that keen on best coffee in town, a library and foosball, you can also work remotely for them. Check out their availability here.

baltic amadeus remote work in lithuania

Rely in the Baltics

Rely ITS is a development house with offices in Lithuania and Sweden. They started with HR and payroll systems admin but services and swiftly moved the focus to integration. Both because of their expertise in it and understanding how much business value this can bring their clients.

With offices in 3 locations Rely ITS embraces the benefits of remote work. Either full time or part time, they are rather flexible when it comes to helping their team be most productive.



Rokkex is a fully regulated, security-first crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat exchange platform for beginners and advanced traders. In the sea of hacked crypto exchanges Rokkex has decided to put their key focus on keeping their users’ funds safe.

They work hard and play hard together. And they are totally happy to trust you to work remotely in addition to other nice perks like: gym membership, team events and free drinks & food in the office. is email marketing software with a unique story and strict values focused on best customer experience and interface simplicity. More than 10k companies from all over the world trust to deliver effective email campaigns.

If you get tired of their cool office with the option of giving your brain a break and have some fun on the Xbox the team is happy for you to work remotely if your role supports it. Some team members already use this, commuting to the office a few times a week for meetings.



Baltpool is the operator of the Lithuanian Energy Exchange entitled to organise trade of solid biofuel products. Their mission is to create value for society by promoting competition and transparency in the market.

They have their office in Vilnius and employ just under 50 people. As their shareholders are mostly state owned companies, you’d expect a corporate environment but they do have a remote work policy in place.

remote work


UAB Icona

BeDigital is a business intelligence company that is specialised in the application of the latest technologies and in the process of business development and expansion. They’ve created digital marketing campaigns for big brands like Microsoft, Nissan, Toshiba, 3M and many more.

In addition to flexible working hours and team events they do have positions where people can work remotely either part time or what suits their needs. The company also offers stock options.



Toughlex is a development house focusing on customer and growth focused software solutions for their clients. They create, upgrade and support digital products for international companies as well as small businesses.

Remote work is also an option if needed and they already work with a lot of freelancers. If you seek to work on open high-scale projects and products that are used by tons of people all over the world, check their availability here.


Hand over work

Hand over work is an outsourcing business. Their mission is to reduce their clients’ business running cost and increase productivity and worth. They find the right people to complete tasks in customer support, data entry, accounting and social media.

Everyone in the company is working remotely so this is perfect for a digital nomad.

hand over work



OSOS focuses on developing innovative web solutions for their clients. They mainly engage in long-term projects with a customer-centric view and have been doing so since 2012.

Their  main office is based in the capital Vilnius but also happy to have their team members work remotely.


Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe is a global leader in marketing, communication, and business transformation. Publicis Groupe offers its clients seamless access to the expertise of its 80,000 talents across four Solution hubs. These include: creative with Publicis Communications, Publicis Media, Publicis.Sapient and Publicis Health.

Many team members are already working remotely and they fully support the option. If you would like to work for the 3rd largest communications group in the world, this one’s for you.


Wooshii Video Agency

Wooshii is a management tool to power video production teams. Furthermore, Wooshii helps anyone that needs to manage video projects and has worked with huge brands like Google, British Airways, ebay, Unilever and hp.

They already have offices in Vilnius, London and San Francisco but many positions can be filled from anywhere and are completely remote. Wooshii has raised just under €5M and has been running since 2009. 



KORDIS designs and produces natural wooden gift items that are sold globally. They believe that the magic fills an important spiritual need. Practical products are great, but they are just that. What people truly crave is something elevating them above routine and ‘regular life’.

They have a small team based in Kaunas and are flexible with remote work options. If you want to join a team that creates little trinkets that spark joy for people, check out their availability here.

remote work in lihtuania


Evergrowth are a team of lead generation specialists. They support B2B sales teams with a dedicated team of lead research specialists. They use their own tech to capture clients’ total addressable market and build custom leads databases.

Alltogether, Evergrowth is a team of smart geeks who love data. They’ve worked with the likes of boredpanda, Templafy, Interactio and many more. HQ is based in Vilnius and they have a remote work policy in place. If you believe in making sales smart, this is the place for you.


Adroiti Technologies

Adroiti is a is a software and technology powerhouse. At the core they are diverse crew of entrepreneurs, engineers, and artists empowered by technology, who build disruptive, meaningful and incremental innovations. 

They’ve been doing this since 2009, have offices in Vilnius and Santa Monica and on top of flexible working hours and the remote work possibility. In addition to this they also offer stock options. 


MB Galerita

Galerita is a translation agency, providing translation services in 30 languages. Their mission is to deliver high quality work at a reasonable price by translators with over a decade of experience

Based in Kaunas and work with a lot of freelancers from all over the place. If you are a linguistic wizard and prefer to work from where it suits you, check them out.

work from home in lithuania


IT Skill House is a high-quality service provider in supply and end-to-end management of temporary IT resources on ad-hoc basis. Furthermore, they’ve already helped hundreds of customers from all over Europe and have more than 10 years of experience in the field.

They have a number of remote positions available for software developers. If this is you, check them out here.



Zenitech is a no-nonsense provider of high-tech software services. They believe that 3rd-party engagements can be highly productive, rewarding and fun. Zenitech works across different business verticals using bleeding-edge technology to build new products and systems for their customers worldwide. 

They have offices in Vilnius, London and Cluj-Napoca. Even though they do not support full time remote work, taking a few days working from home is totally normal in their office.



Remote work in Lithuania – a growing trend?


So here were some great companies that are open for remote work in Lithuania. Some interesting finds here, from small promising startups to international telecoms. Remote work in Lithuania as in many other countries is definitely picking up.

In a fast paced startup world you can also find many companies that are completely distributed and do not even have a centralised office. This is definitely a growing trend in a digital era. If all you need for remote work in Lithuania is a laptop and an internet connection, why not do it from where it suits you most.

New employees may need some in house on boarding and training at first but otherwise many companies offering remote work in Lithuania have already figured  out a process for them. If remote work in Lithuania is what you seek, why don’t you check them out!


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