As a part of the larger global business services sector, the customer support industry in Lithuania has been thriving of late.

Due to its incredibly inviting business landscape and the unsaturated nature of the industry, many international companies now choose to call Lithuania home. Their service centers in the country provide various back room and front-facing services to clients all over the world in over 30 languages.

The presence of these international companies has greatly helped the Lithuanian business services sector grow. These companies now form the nucleus of the growing customer service industry and are fueling demand for qualified candidates in customer support jobs in Lithuania.

This article outlines these companies and the top ten that are currently hiring for customer support jobs in Lithuania. You’ll also learn other important data including hiring trends, average salaries and the skills that set some candidates apart from the rest.


Overview of industry for customer support jobs in Lithuania


It would not be wrong to say that the Lithuanian global business services sector has become an international force to be reckoned with.

Now home to at least 78 global service centers, the sector caters to international clients from Africa, North America, Europe to Australia/Oceania, Asia and South America. These include massive names such as Nasdaq, Western Union and Danske Bank.

The sector grew by 13% in 2018 and currently employs over 17,000 highly educated individuals.

The customer support industry comprises a substantial part of the Lithuanian business services sector, constituting fully 34% of the whole. It provides a comfortable backdrop to a wide variety of business functions including IT, finance & accounts, global HR, analytics, R&D and a host of others.

The premium placed by these companies on customer support and operations indicates that they understand where the market is going.

Reports indicate that customer experience will become more important than great price and quality by 2020. With 55% of consumers already resolved to spend more on a brand that guarantees a satisfying experience, it’s obvious where the smart money lies.

MeetFrank data indicates that offers on the platform for customer support jobs in Lithuania grew substantially in the first 6 months of 2019. Compared to the period between July to December 2018, these job offers increased by 57%.

Clearly, companies are more actively making offers for these jobs on MeetFrank, underlining the buoyant outlook of the industry.


Top ten companies hiring for customer support jobs in Lithuania


Several companies have led the charge in hiring customer support reps in Lithuania. The top ten include international names such as Intrum Global Business Services, Danske Group IT Lithuania and Blockchain LT.

hiring in customer support lithuania

The rest of the top ten are Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania, ORCA Alliance, CoinGate, Kilo.Health, Interactio, Rokkex and Telia Lietuvoje.

As mentioned earlier, these companies already employ over 17,000 people in Lithuania, including locals and foreigners. It is expected that the number they employ would have increased to 22, 130 by 2020.


Employer and employee preferences: What are the trends?


Current hiring trends indicate that the most offers are currently being made to employees in junior customer support positions. Offers for entry and mid-level roles also enjoy significant and almost similar support.

Interestingly, there is much less in the way of demand for senior, lead and executive positions. To the casual observer, this may indicate that there are many companies building out their customer support teams from scratch in Lithuania.

customer support jobs in lithuania

However, the figures may be better explained by the unsaturated nature of the industry for customer support jobs in Lithuania. Vilnius and Kaunas, two of the leading locations for global business service centres have only 25.6 and 9.5 people employed per 1,000 in these centres.

This indicates that there’s a lot of scope for growth and the Lithuanian market can still absorb a lot of candidates, both experienced and relatively inexperienced.

Employees, on their own part, also indicate what their employment preferences are. Most of our users in Lithuania want to work for companies in this industry that are startups, run the coolest offices and provide remote workspaces.

There are several companies that fit this and are also looking to hire candidates for customer support jobs in Lithuania. They include Orca alliance, CoinGate, Rokkex, Telia, Kilo,Health, Blockchain, Cognizant and Rely in the Baltics.


How much can you earn from customer support jobs in Lithuania?


This is one area that will definitely interest talent. Are companies hiring for customer support jobs in Lithuania ready to walk the talk?

Our data on overall average salaries indicate that the average minimum during the first 6 months of 2019 was €818 while the average maximum was €1,568. The total highest salary offer during the period was for €2,645.

Entry level employees started out their career with a tidy average of €1,487 per month while juniors earned €1,554 on average. Senior and lead employees continued to be the highest paid with average monthly salaries of €1,774 and €1,760 respectively.

customer support average salary lithuania

Averages per month indicated that the general level of salaries per month held between €950 and €1,500. Although, both extremes were only experienced within the last two months of the period.


Top 5 skills you need to get ahead


What do employers consider the most important skill for customer support jobs in Lithuania? No prizes for guessing this one.

English communication skills were the most in-demand, being required in 24% of job offers. There’s no mystery here, since English is the single most popular language in all the service centres run in the country.

Fully 100% of all the centers offer services in English. Considering the international clientele they serve, this can only be par for the course.

Other skills that make up the top five include help desk, account management, technical support and front desk skills, with 9%, 8%, 8% and 7% of the demand respectively.

What skills do you need to earn more than €2,500? You’ll need to be proficient in English, account management and technical support.

That’s interesting, considering that IT service desk, general ledger & accounting and customer help desk are three of the most common functions performed by Lithuanian service centers. Coincidence? We think not.




From all facts presented above, it remains clear that the Lithuanian customer support industry is in fine fettle. It constitutes a fine investment for companies that want to expand and for talent that want to bring their skills to bear.

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