A few months ago we reported how Estonia’s tech job market is experiencing fast growth. However, as the 2020 coronavirus pandemic develops, so does its impact on the job market.

In the past month, we have seen the Estonian job market cool down a little bit and noticed some interesting changes to the salaries in different specialties. 📉

In this weekly job market report series, we’ll share such developments in the labor market with you. You can also take a look at the Lithuanian and Finnish job market reports for this week, if you’d like.

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⭐️Now, let’s take a look at how the Estonian job market is doing.

Job market overview

📉The biggest change in the Estonian job market is a drop in the number of job openings. This week, there are 18% fewer active job openings compared to a month ago. 

This is perhaps not too surprising, as some of our insider friends in the startup community in Estonia confirm that many companies have frozen hiring or put it on hold, until the air clears on the state of their sales, fundraising and the economy at large.

📈At the same time, the number of job-seekers has increased by 8% as compared to a month ago. While there have been no news of major layoffs in the tech sector, this definitely indicates some movement of the workforce. And it’s good news for all the companies that are hiring!

Estonian talent

The average expected and offered salaries are in the same ballpark as last month’s salaries. We do see that the trend of lower expectations and higher offers continues.

Estonia salaries

The trend of lower salary expectations is perhaps unsurprising in a time when the global economy is getting a shake-up! Many job-seekers may be deciding that a lower-paying job is better than no job at all.

Weekly special chart: Active job offers in the last 8 weeks

This week, we’re going to show how the number of active job offers has fluctuated over the past 8 weeks in Estonia.

The general trend is very evident: the number of active job openings has been decreasing for 6 weeks in a row now.

While this is a discouraging trend for the job market as a whole, the coming weeks will tell whether it’s a temporary cooldown or a sign of a more fundamental shift on the market. 🎢

job openings in Estonia

Weekly highlight: Software Development

Each week, we zoom in on one specialty and take a closer look at how easy it is to find a job, how difficult to hire talent, and what is the average compensation offered. This week, we’re taking a closer look at trends in software development. 

In general, the software development job market in Estonia is seeing a slowdown. But we wouldn’t call it an ice age just yet. 🐿️ 

On the job offers side, there is a clear decline in the number of active openings. Since the beginning of March, new published openings have been outnumbered by paused job openings. This has resulted in a lower number of active job openings for software developers, as can be seen in the graph below.

software development jobs in Estonia

When it comes to job-seekers, recent weeks have seen a general decrease in the number of applications. At the same time, our active Estonian job-seekers in software development have nearly doubled their user sessions on the MeetFrank platform. 

So, it sure looks like our many talented developers are looking for job offers, but not necessarily findinging ones they’d be eager to apply to. This may just be a great opportunity for companies to start hiring top talent in software engineering now! 😉

Estonia software development talent

Here are a few of the companies making use of this opportunity, with their latest software development job offers in the Estonian job market:

Looking at salaries in software development, we can see that the job-seekers are in a good spot. The average salary expectation has consistently been lower than the average salary offered, and this disparity has even grown in the last few months. Maybe lowering expectations is indeed the key to happiness?


Estonia software engineering salaries


🥇The most in-demand software development job offer in Estonia in the past 30 days was a Backend Senior Software Engineer role at Bolt, with 41 people applying via the MeetFrank app. 

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