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It has now been a few days since the emergency situation in Estonia officially ended. Many companies continue to encourage working from home, while others are slowly returning to offices to see if they can still recognize their colleagues. 😬

We hope you do recognize your team members whenever you see them again. 

But if instead you find yourself thinking “This is not my beautiful desk. This is not my beautiful team. How did I get here?” (to the tune of “Once In A Lifetime”), then it may be time to take a closer look at what’s going on in the Estonian job market. 👀

This week, we see some newfound stability in the job market as the numbers of openings and job seekers remain on last week’s levels.

In case you missed it, you can also take a look at last week’s Estonian job market report. 

But now, it is time to deep-dive into the most recents stats from the Estonian job market. Let’s jump right in! 🏊‍♂️

Job Market Overview

The number of active job openings has been falling for a few consecutive weeks now. This week, we see a sign of stabilization. ⚖️

The current number of job openings is about the same it was a week ago. 

We also see that the percentage of active job seekers remains around last week’s levels. About 12% of all talent in Estonia are currently active job seekers.

talent in Estonia may 2020

💸 In May, there has been a 10% uptick in the average expected salaries in Estonia. In fact, we see similar trends in Finland and Lithuania.

The increase in average expected salaries can be an indication of growing job-seeker confidence. Let’s see if it solidifies in the coming weeks!

salaries in Estonia may 2020

The average offered salaries have recently seen a minor increase, but remain more or less on the same level as April.

According to our data, the current ratio of job offers to job seekers shows that the Estonian job market remains somewhere between “Ok” and “Challenging” for finding a job. 

job market competitiveness may 2020

Design, customer support, Marketing & PR and Sales & Business development are currently the most competitive ones for job seekers. 🙇‍♀️

At the same time, job seekers in IT & Sysadmin and Finance should find it relatively easy to find a job in Estonia right now. 

Weekly special chart: Job openings across top specialties

Each week, we share some special data with you in the weekly special chart. 🧙‍♀️ This week’s chart shows active job openings across the top 6 specialties, globally and locally in Estonia.

active job openings across specialties

Globally, most job openings on MeetFrank are in software engineering. In second place, there are job openings in sales & business development. And then, IT & sysadmin and finance are not far behind.

active job openings in Estonia

The chart for Estonia looks quite similar to the global one. Software engineering has the most active job openings in Estonia, followed by sales & business development and IT & Sysadmin.

Compared to the global chart, we do see that marketing & PR & media as well as customer support roles are ahead of finance job openings in Estonia.

Weekly highlight: IT & Sysadmin

Estonia is a country that definitely takes pride in its IT talent. This week, we are taking a closer look at the IT & Sysadmin specialty in the Estonian job market. 👾

it sysadmin talent estonia

The total number of IT & Sysadmin talent on the MeetFrank platform is close to 2000. About 9% of them are currently active job seekers. While this is below the entire job market’s 12%, it still shows a good amount of talent movement on the job market. 🕺

In general, we can see that historically, it has been quite easy to find a job in IT & Sysadmin in the last 6 months. This trend has only solidified itself in recent months, and now it should in fact be very easy to find a job in this field. 👏

it sysadmin competitiveness estonia

In the last 8 weeks, the IT & Sysadmin specialty in Estonia has seen a general downward trend in the number of active job openings. The latest number of available openings is down about 30% as compared to 8 weeks ago. 

Active openings in IT & Sysadmin

When it comes to job applications, we can see that the activity jumps a lot from week to week. As it is not a very competitive field, we can only assume that this activity depends on how appealing the job openings are for the job-seekers. 😉

job Applications in IT & Sysadmin

Salaries in IT & Sysadmin have remained quite stable over the past 6 months, hovering between 2500-3000EUR gross. Most recently, though, there has been a 13% drop in the average expected salaries in the past month.

it sysadmin salaries estonia

So, it seems the general situation in IT & Sysadmin is quite alike the recent weather in Estonia. Mostly sunny, with some chilly winds and occasional rain. 🌦

Or, to put it in the labor market terms: mostly favorable for job-seekers, but seeing a decline trend in the number of job vacancies.

If you are looking for a job in these mostly favorable condition, download the MeetFrank app and match with these recent job offers: 

In order to get hired in IT & Sysadmin, you should pay attention to what skills the market is looking for. Currently, systems administration, Linux and network administration are the most in demand skills in the field in Estonia.

it sysadmin skills estonia

In the last 30 days, the most popular IT & Sysadmin job opening was one for a IT Support Specialist with Tammiste Personalibüroo. 🏆

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

In the past week, we welcomed Logic Technologies, Yaga, AS Tallinna Vesi, Thinnect and Enics to the Estonian MeetFrank Family. Welcome! 🤗

Here are their job openings on MeetFrank: