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It has been 10 days since the emergency situation officially ended in Estonia. Even the border restrictions have been eased with Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, which is a sign of slow yet very promising recovery. 😊

Another big news this week is that the ride-hailing company Bolt raised a funding round of €100M. (They’re also hiring with MeetFrank!)

The recent news on loosening restrictions seems to have had a positive effect on the Estonian job market, as we saw some newfound stability in the numbers of openings and job seekers last week. 

Want to learn more about the last week’s stats? Have a look at our previous report here. 👀

Let’s dig into this week’s numbers and find out how the Estonian job market is currently doing. 🕵

Job Market Overview

Last week, the current number of job openings was about the same as it was two weeks ago. 

This week saw a sharp fall in the number of job openings by 23%. In parallel, the number of job applications fell by approximately 50%. 📉 

Lately, out of approximately 29,000 people in Estonia’s talent pool, just over 12% of them are actively looking for a job. It has not changed that much since last week. talent and job seekers in EstoniaWhen it comes to historical salaries, an upward trend continues for both expected and offered salaries. We’ll see if the gap between them increases in the upcoming weeks. 👀historical salaries in Estonia

Market competitiveness remained the same as last week staying at the ‘almost-OK’ level for finding a job in Estonia.

ease of finding a job in Estonia

Guess which industry is luckiest nowadays? The answer is the ‘IT & Sysadmin’ sector which reached the 4.5 point, meaning that it is almost ‘very easy’ to find a job in this industry.

Weekly special chart: Expected vs offered salaries across top specialties

The ongoing crisis has changed the demand for various industries in different ways all over the world. To have a closer look at this matter, we will compare the expected and offered salaries across the top 8 specialties globally and in Estonia in the past 30 days. 

Overall, out of these 8 specialties in the Estonian job market, the salary offerings of 5 industries have been higher than the expectations of job seekers. 💶expected vs offered salaries in Estonia

Here are the main takeaways from the stats👇

✅We see the biggest difference between expected and offered salaries in the Data & Analytics sector in the Estonian job market. The salaries offered are considerably higher than expected! 🥳

✅In addition to the Data & Analytics candidates, job seekers looking for opportunities in the IT & Sysadmin, Finance, Customer Support, and especially Software Engineering industries should raise their salary expectations too. Companies are offering higher salaries than you think! 😉

✅While there’s only a small difference between expected and offered salaries in (Tech) Project Management, Marketing & PR & Media and Sales & Business Development candidates may need to lower their expectations a bit more. 

This also goes in parallel with the market competitiveness which is relatively higher in these sectors compared to others.

Globally speaking, 6 industries out of these 8 are offering higher salaries than expected even in these challenging times. 🎊offered and expected salaries globally👉Global trends are in line with those of Estonia when it comes to the Software Engineering industry. Expected salaries are higher than offered salaries.

👉As opposed to Estonia, companies looking for Marketing & PR & Media, (Tech) Project Management and Sales & Business Development are ready to pay more for talent. 

In general, the salaries in Estonia seem to be lower in both expected and offered salaries than the global average.

Weekly highlight: Customer Support

Knowledge, communication, and patience—this week, we’re focusing on Customer Support. 😎

Let’s see what the trends have been in the last 9 months. 

March was the most active month in terms of job openings. May saw the lowest number of openings so far, but many things can change before the end of the month. 🤞job openings in CS in EstoniaThe number of job applications have been fluctuating in parallel with that of job openings in the last 9 months. 

applications in CS in Estonia

However, job seekers in need of a Customer Support role significantly outnumber the demand in the Estonian job market. This may also be related to the recent layoffs in the industry. 

The talent pool in Estonia contains over 2,000 people, and more than 20% of them are actively looking for a job. talent, job seekers, companies in CS in EstoniaGiven this high ratio, it is no surprise that finding a job in the industry is difficult nowadays. 🤐

ease of finding a job in CS in Estonia

So, what about the salaries? How has this competitive job environment affected expected and offered salaries?historical salaries in CS in EstoniaSince February, there has been a growing gap between offered and expected salaries which might be considered as one of the inevitable results of COVID-19. 😷

At a time when we can mostly get support via email or phone, customer support has gained even more importance. So, as of May,  companies seem to be ready to pay even more to find the best talent. 💰

Interested in a Customer Support role in Estonia? Here are the most recent openings for you:

When we look at the skills in demand, we see that English and (surprise surprise) customer service & support beat Estonian. So, you can still have a chance to build a career in the Estonian job market, even if you can’t speak the language. 💪in demand skills for CS in Estonia

But we suggest you give it a try, not only because this would increase your chance of finding a job, but also because it sounds so harmonical. 🎶

👏Here comes the ‘congrats’ part. The most popular job opening in Customer Support is the ‘Customer Happiness Specialist’ role at Yaga!

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