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May has brought warmth, storms, and rainbows all at the same time, and the current situation in the Finnish job market is no different. 🌞🌧

Last week, we had a rollercoaster tour of the Finnish job market. Given the current global situation, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Finland is also getting its share, despite the durability of its market. 

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As you’re now equipped to dive into the pool of stats, let’s find out the latest news from the Finnish job market! 🏊‍♀️

Job Market Overview

In last week’s report, we had shared that the number of active job openings was down by 12%. This week saw a slight increase by 3%.

Talent and job seekers in Finland

There was also a slight decrease in the number of active job seekers in the past week. The lower the ratio of the active job seekers to talent, the higher the chance of finding a job. ✅

The ease of finding a job in the Finnish job market is better than the ‘OK-level’ this week, thanks to the decrease in the number of active job-seekers.

Finnish market competitiveness

So, are all industries at the same ease level? Fortunately and unfortunately, no. 🎭

If you’re looking for a job in the IT & Sysadmin sector, luck is with you. However, if your industry is Marketing & PR & Media, the situation will be a bit challenging for you. Wondering how and why? You’ll get the answer in a section later in this article! 👀

what motivates people in Finland

The saying “Money doesn’t make you happy” might have Finnish origins. 💸 Lately, the top 2 motivation factors of the job-seekers in Finland have been new challenges and growth opportunities.

Let’s find out which companies have been favoured the most by those challenge-lovers since the beginning of January 2020.

Weekly special chart: TOP 15 Companies with the most applications in 2020

This week, we’ll dig into the Top15 companies with the most applications in 2020 in the Finnish job market. 🤓 top 15 companies with the most applications in FinlandLet’s celebrate the success of the top 5 companies firstAppgyver, Visma, Screenful, Supermetrics, and Mount Kelvin Oy. These companies managed to attract the most talent in the past four months. 👏

The job-seekers looking for jobs in the Finnish job market are apparently more interested in regional and local companies than global giants. 

When it comes to the industry; software, IT, data technology, and automation technologies seem to have been leading the path since January 2020. 🖥📱 There has been a similar trend in Estonia and Lithuania as well.

Weekly highlight: Marketing & PR & Media

In the previous sections, we gave a hint of the challenges the Marketing & PR & Media sector in Finland is currently facing. Now, we will dig deeper. 🕵

We’ll begin with the data from the last 8 weeks. 

There has been a sharp fall in the number of job openings in the second week of April, as the coronavirus hit the Finnish job market. It seems to have increased since then and has not changed the last 2 weeks. active job openings in marketing & pr & media in FinlandThe number of job applications in the Marketing & PR & Media industry in Finland has been fluctuating in the last 8 weeks. When there was a noticeable increase at the end of April, last week saw a 50% decrease. 📉

applications in marketing & pr & media in Finland

Given the recent fluctuation in the number of job openings, it’s no surprise that it has become difficult to find a job in the Marketing & PR & Media sector in Finland. The slight decrease in the number of active job seekers hasn’t helped either. 

Finnish talent & job seekers in marketing pr media

This week, market competitiveness dropped to ‘difficult-level’ for job-seekers which represents the well-not-that-good zone for finding a job. 😟 On the other hand, our data shows that finding a job in this industry has never been a low-hanging fruit for job-seekers

Finnish market competitiveness in marketing pr media

So, how do these insights affect the salaries? 

salaries in Finland in marketing pr media

With the majority of businesses facing the impacts of a slowdown, the offered salaries saw a decrease in the Marketing & PR & Media sector in the Finnish job market. On the other hand, the expected salaries have been on the rise in the past few weeks. 

Let’s discover the job openings and companies that welcome new talent:

And which perks do companies offer to their teams?

FI perks marketing pr media

The most common perks offered by companies are flexible hours, team events, and free coffee in Finland. What stands out from the list is health insurance which can be interpreted as a nice offer considering the current situation worldwide. 😷

👏The most popular job opening in Marketing & PR & Media has been the ‘Head of Marketing’ role at Cavai!

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