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Similarly to other countries in the region, Finland has begun a gradual reopening of the country. This includes reopening borders with neighbouring countries for seasonal laborers and work-related travel. We bet this is a welcome change for many employers in Finland. 🙏

Speaking of change — this week, we noticed some changes on the Finnish job market. More specifically, we see that the number of job openings has fallen noticeably. At the same time, the job seekers seem to have regained some confidence as the average expected salary is up.

The last few weeks have seen quite a few ups and downs in the job market stats, so it’s perhaps no surprise that the turbulence is still present. You can review last week’s Finnish job market review here, if you’d like.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the current week’s Finnish job market report. 🏃‍

Job Market Overview

In recent weeks, the numbers of job openings in Finland have seen noticeable jumps up and down. This week, yet again, the number of active job openings is down by 10.5%. 📉 

We also see that, 8.8% of the talent in Finland are currently active job seekers. This remains quite modest, if compared to some other countries in the region: the percentage is around 10-12% for Estonia and Lithuania, for example. 

talent in Finland may 2020

Despite the weekly turbulence, we can see that it has become slightly easier to find a job in Finland in recent months. This is due to an increase in the number of job offers available, without a significant increase in job seekers.

job market competitiveness finland 20

Not all fields are equal, of course. For example, we see that finding a job in software engineering has become easier in recent weeks. At the same time, job seekers in marketing & PR have tougher competition than before. 🙅‍♂️

Next, let’s talk about average salaries in the Finnish job market. We can see that the average expected salary has recently increased and is now closer to the average offered salary. ⚖️

finland salaries may 2020

The average offered salary remains around the same level as it was in April. As you can see, employers are still offering higher salaries than job seekers expect

So, if you are a job seeker, don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth! But just to be sure, check out the salary data for your field first. 😉  

Weekly special chart: Job openings across top specialties

This week’s special chart looks at numbers of job openings across the top 6 specialties, globally and locally in Finland. First, let’s take a look at the global data. 🔍

active job openings across specialties

As you can see, software engineering leads the chart with the most job openings globally. Among the rest of the top specialties, sales & business development job openings are doing good numbers, with IT & sysadmin not too far behind.

job openings in finland

Similarly to the global numbers, software engineering also has the most active job openings in Finland, followed by sales & business development. Next in line are customer support and IT & sysadmin, followed by finance and marketing & PR & Media.

From these charts, it is clear that software engineering talent is still in great demand both in Finland and globally. We at MeetFrank are happy help companies with hiring in software engineering roles. You can join the MeetFrank family here. 🕺

Weekly highlight: IT & Sysadmin

🕵️‍♀️ This week, we are zooming in on the IT & Sysadmin specialty in Finland. Let’s see what the numbers tell us about how the field is faring.

it & sysadmin talent in Finland

Right off the bat, we can see that there are over 1000 IT & Sysadmin specialists on the MeetFrank platform. About 7.5% of the IT & Sysadmin talent in Finland are currently active job seekers.

Looking at the last 6 months’ data, we can see that historically, finding a job in IT & Sysadmin in Finland has been relatively easy. This has been especially so in the more recent months. 👇

it sysadmin job market finland

Now, when we look at the numbers of active openings in the specialty, it gets really interesting. We see that since the end of March, the number of active job openings has been going up pretty consistently.  📈

it & sysadmin job openings in Finland

With a relatively low percentage of talent actively looking for new challenges and an increasing number of job openings, the IT & Sysadmin field is in a sweet spot for job-seekers at this time.

The numbers of applications in IT & Sysadmin vary a lot from week to week. It does look like recent weeks have seen an increase in job applications, as compared to March and April.

it & sysadmin job applications in Finland

Salaries in IT & Sysadmin are far above the market averages in Finland. This shows it is a cherished and valued field. 🦾

In the last few months, offered salaries have seen a slight downward trend, while expected salaries have remained relatively stable.

According to this data, we can encourage job seekers to ask for higher compensation. See for yourself, the employers are willing to pay almost 10% more than is expected, on average. 💰

it & sysadmin salaries Finland

Want to try out asking for a higher compensation? Here are the most recent openings where you could give it a go:

Now, what would it take to get hired in an IT & Sysadmin role? We see that currently, cyber security and familiarity with Linux are the currently most cherished skills in the field in Finland.

IT & sysadmin skills in Finland

🥇We don’t give out awards to the most popular job openings. But if we did, then the winner in IT & Sysadmin in Finland would be Saint-Gobain Finland’s job opening for an IT Specialist for their Nordic & Baltic team. This opening has received the most applications in the last 30 days! You can check it out here.

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

This week, we are happy to extend a warm welcome to Thales DIS Finland for joining the MeetFrank family. 🏆 You can see their latest job offer and a few other recent job openings on the Finnish job market below.