Lithuania is an exciting market to look at, as it has proven itself as a hotbed of fintech and is hungry for international talent.

Our data from the recent weeks shows that the Lithuanian job market has remained strong despite the global turmoil. If that’s not a sign of a solid ecosystem, then we don’t know what is. 

This is the first weekly report on the Lithuanian job market, where we dissect employment trends. We also publish similar reports on Estonia and Finland, if that strikes your fancy. 

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⭐️So, what’s going on in the Lithuanian job market? Let’s dig in.

Job market overview

Recently, the Lithuanian job market has been outperforming all the other markets, and even its own pre-crisis numbers. This week, there are 44% more active job openings than there were a month ago. 🔥

It’s certainly a good time to be a job-seeker in Lithuania. While the number of job openings has seen fast growth, the number of job-seekers has only grown by 5% as compared to a month ago. As a result, it is quite easy to find a job in Lithuania.

Lithuanian job market

However, not all specialties are created equal. For example, finding a job is very easy if you’re a software developer, but remains challenging for people in Marketing & PR. 

Lithuanian talent

💸The only strong downward trend can be seen in salary numbers. The average expected gross salary is down from €2,597 in February to just €2,033 in April. 

Lithuanian salaries

Of the top hiring tracks, the decrease in average expected salaries has been the biggest among the Marketing & PR job-seekers. We’d encourage the Lithuanian Marketing & PR aficionados to keep their heads high though, as the offered salaries have not seen such a strong decrease. 🧐

See the salary trends for Marketing & PR yourself in the chart below.

Lithuania Marketing & PR salaries

Weekly special chart:

This week’s special chart is dedicated to active job offers numbers of the last 8 weeks. 

As you can see, the Lithuanian employers are on a roll. Despite a short-lived slowdown in March, the general trend of growth is very evident. With the numbers of the last 3 weeks staying stable, there is reason to believe that the trend of active hiring is here to stay. 🚀

job openings in Lithuania

Weekly highlight: Software Development

Every week, we take a closer look at one field of work, evaluating how easy it is to find a job, what’s the situation with hiring talent, and what are the salaries like. This week’s spotlight is on software development. 

📈Like the Lithuanian job market as a whole, software development is seeing a lot of hiring activity. The number of active job openings has increased in the recent weeks. 

software engineering job openings in Lithuania

The percentage of active job seekers among software developers is a little lower than that of the entire job market. However, we have seen gradually increasing numbers of applications in recent weeks, so the job market is certainly not dormant. 🙇‍♂️

Lithuanian Software Engineering talent

Due to relatively lower numbers of job-seekers and increasing numbers of active job openings, finding a job in software engineering is now very easy. 

finding a software engineering job in Lithuania

🎣 So, if you’re a software developer looking for a job, now is a good time to go fishing for some offers. Here are some recent job offers in the Lithuanian job market:

The salary trends show that while Lithuanian software developers have lowered their expectations, the employers are offering even higher salaries than before. What a time to be a software developer in Lithuania! 🤑

You can see the up-to-date data on this in the graph below.

software engineering salaries Lithuania

Currently, the most popular software development job offer is that of Flutter Developer at Adroiti. It’s still open, if you’d like to see how you fare with the competition! 🏆

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