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If the world was a huge classroom, Lithuania would be one of the countries in Europe that scored a good mark in the coronavirus exam, also coming up with some creative solutions. 🎆 At least we really truly hope so.

If you’re new to the Lithuanian job market, here’s a short tour. Lithuania has proved to be a durable market in the Baltics, succeeding to remain strong during the coronavirus pandemic compared to most countries. But every good story has a twist.😕

In our previous report, we shared that the Lithuanian job market had seen a decrease in the number of job openings after a long period of growth. But it still ranked better than Estonia and Finland in this category.

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Ready for this week’s stats on the Lithuanian job market? Let’s go! 🚀

Job Market Overview

A week ago, the number of active job openings decreased by 19.9% as compared to the previous week. Wondering what today’s news is?

Last week saw an approximately 12% decrease in the number of job openings in Lithuania. What is surprising is that the number of job applications has significantly decreased by 32%. 😲

This might be related to the decrease in the number of job openings. Another possibility might be that the job openings don’t fully match with the needs and goals of the job seekers. 🕵

Talent and job seekers in LithuaniaWhen we have a look at the amount of talent in Lithuania, it seems to have slightly increased compared to last week. 📈

Lithuanian market competitiveness

The market competitiveness remains ‘OK’ in the Lithuanian job market. So, who are the luckiest ones across various sectors? The software engineer candidates! 

If you’re looking for an engineering role nowadays, chances are it’ll be fairly easy for you to find one in Lithuania. ✅

What motivates all the great talent in Lithuania? 

What motivates talent in Lithuania

Looking at the answers above, we can add ‘growth opportunity’ to the chorus of the song ‘Money, Money, Money’. 💶 Growth opportunities and new challenges are in the top 3, just like in Finland and Estonia.

Weekly special chart: TOP 15 Companies with the most applications in 2020

This week, we’ll put the Top 15 companies with the most applications in 2020 under the spotlight. 🕵

Let’s see who the winners of job-seekers’ hearts in the Lithuanian job market have been since the beginning of 2020.

top 15 companies with the most applications in LithuaniaSince January 2020, Intrum Global Business Services, Pipelinepharma, KEVIN, Interactive Brokers, and Smart Brands Laboratory LLC have been leading the top 5.

So, finance/fin-tech, pharmacy, business services, and consultancy, and tech-related industries have attracted the most talent in Lithuania. 👏

When we look further down the list, we see different companies in a wide array of industries: tech-based Adroiti, business-focused UAB Icona, AdFingers, an advertising agency, and Amston, a recruiter, to name a few.

Weekly highlight: Marketing & PR & Media

This week, we will focus on Marketing & PR & Media in Lithuania. 😎 Let’s see what the trends have been in the last 8 weeks. 

As the number of job openings have been facing moderate ups and downs in the last 8 weeks, the past week saw a sharp fall by 50%. This is what we meant by saying “every good story has a twist” at the beginning of our report. 🤐

active openings in marketing & pr & media in LithuaniaThe number of job applications have been like a rollercoaster in the past 8 weeks. In parallel to the recent decrease in job openings, job applications also fell by 30% last week. 🎢

applications in marketing & pr & media in Lithuania

So, what is the situation in the second week of May?

Of the 3,382 members of the talent pool in Lithuania, 14.2% of them are actively looking for a job

talent and job seekers in Lithuania in marketing pr media

This relatively high ratio makes finding a job in Lithuania somewhat challenging after a 8-month period of fluctuation.

Finnish market competitiveness in marketing & pr & media

Let’s move on to the salaries. How are the numbers mentioned above reflected in the offered and expected salaries in the Lithuanian Marketing & Media & PR sector?

While the offered salaries were lower than the expected salaries at the beginning of November 2019, their roles switched in December. historical salaries in Finland in marketing pr media

From the beginning of April, the candidates seem to have lowered their expectations even further. Last week saw a slight increase in expected salaries and a decrease by 11% in offered salaries.

You may need to reconsider your salary expectations, Marketing & PR & Media candidates! And get your resumes ready for the job offerings below: 📝

Just like in Estonia and Finland, the top 3 perks that the companies hiring in Lithuania offer are team events, free coffee, and flexible hours.

Perks in marketing pr media in Lithuania

In the future, flexibility and remote working possibilities are likely to gain more importance worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But one thing will never change—the importance of coffee, regardless of the country. ☕️

🏆The most popular job opening in Marketing & PR & Media has been the ‘Marketing Project Manager’ role at Smart Brands Laboratory LLC!

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