Interview: Tomas Unikauskis, CEO at Smart Brands Laboratory

How do we define a microbrand?   The main characteristic is its small-scale. The brand might be known only at limited geographic locations or it might be selling niche products that a limited number of consumers are using. Imagine selling delicacy cheese 🧀 from a...
recruiting during covid-19

Recruiting During COVID-19: What Has Changed?

The effects of quarantine are kicking in, and recruitment during COVID-19 is not the same as before. Europe has gradually closed down and all of the countries represented in the MeetFrank job market. People are experiencing restrictions of movement and physical...
Lithuanian Job Market Report May 6 2020

Lithuanian Job Market Report, May 6, 2020

We ran the numbers and can report that the Lithuanian job market remains an active and strong one in Europe. Read on for more info!

Infographic: Marketing Jobs in Lithuania First Half of 2019

The economy in Lithuania is booming. The FinTech scene has really evolved in the last few years. Need for marketers is on the rise. Check out what companies are after.

designer jobs in finland

What is Trending for The Best Designer Jobs in Finland?

For a country that proudly calls itself the world’s design capital, designer jobs in Finland should be on another level. Here’s why that may be the case.

how to fire

How to Fire People Without Getting Into a Scandal

Sometimes conflicts arise in the workplace. What are the next steps? How do you make this not turn into an ugly mess? What’s the protocol here?

Risto Rossar Interview - What Really Matters in The Workplace

What Really Matters in the Workplace – Interview with Risto Rossar, CEO of Insly

I would like to introduce you to Risto Rossar. Risto is an insurance innovator and investor, he has been in the insurance business for over two decades. He started with working in an insurance company and went on to build 5 insurtech startups from there. Among them...

Hospitality Jobs Opportunities in Europe 2020

We are growing non-stop so do employment opportunities. Please, welcome a new Hospitality industry many of our users have been waiting for.

HR jobs in Estonia

2019 Trends for HR Jobs in Estonia

If you could have your pick of HR jobs in Estonia, which company would top your list? Well, that choice just may change after you’ve seen our fresh data on HR jobs in Estonia.

99 Remote Job Openings in Marketing, HR, Software Engineering and more

Hundreds of companies that hire with MeetFrank have come forward with their remote job openings. From our side, we launched the Remote Work feed in the MeetFrank app, where you can see all the remote job offers. We teamed up with other companies that facilitate remote...