Writing a great job opening takes time – you can easily spend 3-4 hours putting together a well-researched offer.

Next, you’ll hit the “publish” button on your Careers page and start waiting for the talent to knock on the door.

But that’s only when the real work begins. The key to successful hiring is to find several top candidates and to pick the best match among them. 🍪

To make sure that thousands of people see your job offer, you’ll have to post it to multiple websites, share it on LinkedIn and Facebook, and headhunt for an extra 20-50 top applicants… 

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Finding good people takes a lot of work – Image source


Promoting job offers is not the easiest job in the world, especially if you haven’t done it before. Sometimes, recruiters ask the marketing team for advice, but what if there’s nobody to help you out?

In this article, we will share some easy tactics for getting your job offers before the eyes of more relevant people.

Here are the hiring channels that we’re going to cover:

  • Your Careers page
  • LinkedIn
  • Social media
  • Community and team
  • Paid advertising
  • The easiest of them all – MeetFrank? 😌


1. Publish your job offer on your Careers page or MeetFrank

The first step is to create a job offer with a URL and landing page that you can start to share and promote.

Usually, companies publish their job openings on their company’s Careers page. 

However, if you don’t have a Careers page or you think it doesn’t look good, you can also add your job offer directly to MeetFrank and it will get its own pretty landing page. 😍

See an example job description page here.


job offer example


The job offers published via MeetFrank have high-quality images, lots of context and all social media profiles included. This makes them just perfect for sharing on your company’s social media accounts and for asking your team members to share with their friends.

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If you published your job offer via MeetFrank, you’ll have quite an advantage as we are going to automatically share your opening with hundreds of high-match job-seekers from among our 300,000+ app users.


2. Publish your job opening on LinkedIn

Depending on whether you published your job offer on your Careers page or at MeetFrank, copy the job offer’s URL and share it on your company’s LinkedIn account.

Make sure to mention some of the key information about the role already in the post’s text. 

If your company already has a strong employer brand, you will likely have a healthy number of LinkedIn followers that will see your post.

For example, Bolt has more than 40,000 followers on LinkedIn.


Bolt Linkedin account


What to do if you don’t have a huge followership on LinkedIn?

As a marketer, I wouldn’t recommend you to set up LinkedIn ads to promote your post with the job offer on this platform. LinkedIn ad costs are crazy high compared to Facebook and other channels. 💰🙅

Use the methods described in point 4 of this article to get free LinkedIn reach for your job offer.


3. Post your job offer to other social media channels

Social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – are a treasure trove for hiring, meaning that they help you reach an extended audience for free. 

Head to your company’s Facebook page and make a post about your job offer. Here’s an example of a Facebook post that we published when we were looking to fill a new role in our marketing team.

meetfrank facebook post


You can also share the job opening in all of your other social media channels. When sharing it on Twitter, make sure to include relevant hashtags like #hiring and #joboffer.

Go the extra mile:

Find some relevant Facebook groups where industry people share advice and news. E.g. there are Facebook groups for marketers, data scientists, software engineers… You name it! 

Ask to become a member in some of them (local ones with smaller audiences work usually better than big international groups) and post your job offer.


4. Ask your team and friends to share the job offer…

… and share the job offer on your own!

In addition to posting the job opening to your company accounts, share it with your personal LinkedIn network, and ask your colleagues to do the same.

For example, my LinkedIn post about a growth marketing role in MeetFrank got 3,800 views. That’s more than three thousand people who saw the job offer at no extra cost.


get more job applicants


If your own social media network doesn’t include people from the industries that you ended to hire from, ask your team for help. 

If you have already published the social media posts on your company accounts, you can share the post’s links with your team and ask them to share those posts.


5. Use Facebook ads to promote your job offers

If you only publish your job offers to your Careers page and job portals, you will reach people actively looking for a job.

The problem with many of the best people in the market is that they never look – the jobs will come to them, be it as a direct outreach by a recruiter or via their personal network.

If you want to reach top talent not actively looking for a job, you will need to reach them through non-traditional channels such as Facebook ads.

For example, here’s a Facebook ad by Scoro.


scoro facebook ad


The easiest way to set up an advertisement on Facebook is to publish a post on your Facebook page and then use the “Promote” button to set up a timeline, audience, and budget.

However, we can’t help but mention that if you’re hiring with MeetFrank, we design, write, and set up Facebook ads promoting your job offers on our own. And we even pay for the ads. 

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s very much real: in September 2020, we ran Facebook hiring ads for more than 100 different companies, all of them MeetFrank customers. ❤️

Here’s an example of how the ads look like.


meetfrank facebook ads


So, if you want to be sure that your job offers reach significantly more relevant people, hiring with MeetFrank seems like a pretty good option.

To learn more about hiring with MeetFrank and all the benefits and perks, see this article: 5 Reasons to Start Hiring with MeetFrank

Hint: Your job offers will look better, you will reach more relevant job-seekers (both active and inactive talent), and you will find the perfectly matching person to your team faster.


Building a better hiring experience ❤️

In MeetFrank, we believe that building long-term relationships with our customers and helping them find top talent is the key to success on all sides. Let’s build your employer brand together!

If you don’t have a MeetFrank account yet, sign up here for a free trial.