People are the company’s most valuable asset. Those extra things that companies do for their employees are something that makes working there truly special. If there’s one thing that’s worthy of bragging about at the happy hour, it’s the cool perks and benefits that your employer has to offer.

Here at MeetFrank, we always want to showcase all the sweetest things that make some companies the best place to work at. In the MeetFrank app, you can find the Perks and Benefits section where job-seekers can grasp on what the company has to offer. 

To make it easier for you, we compiled the list of top 10 companies hiring with MeetFrank that are the shining stars with the coolest perks and benefits and plenty of active job openings. From stock options to limitless snacks, these remarkable workplaces are worth a look. 



Perks and Benefits is a tech-oriented startup with a solid foundation for rapid scaling. On their online B2B marketplace, small businesses can compare and buy business support services, fast and easy. 

These guys nailed the perks and benefits game. They literally have all the perks you can imagine. 

Free Friday beers and unlimited holiday are there when you need it. They take stress seriously and are willing to support their employees in times of any mental imbalance. 

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2. Polar Squad 

Perks and Benefits

Polar Squad is a DevOps consultancy operating in Helsinki, Berlin, and Tampere.

Polar Squad focuses on finding the best talent in the field and creating an environment where everyone develops themselves and others.

For those soon to be a parent, there are plenty of perks at Polar Squad. They are ready to cover daycare and offer you a remote work option along with flexible working hours.

They are looking for a DevOps Consultant 👉



Perks and Benefits provides open-source databases as a service (DBaaS) – services that are reliable, relevant, and secure at competitive price points. Their mission is to allow developers to focus on building awesome applications without worrying about data infrastructure management.

Aiven is growing fast and has an impressive list of perks and benefits to offer. Such as stock options for permanent employees, sports & massage, office snacks, and mobile phone & subscription. And to make that bonus stretch, every employee gets private health and dental care.

They are looking for a Software Engineer, Security 👉


4. Factory Harmonizer  

Perks and Benefits

Factory Harmonizer uses the power of data and computing to prevent breaks in paper and cardboard production. Their clients are some of the most prominent players in the global paper & board industry. 

Apart from working together with positive and super-smart colleagues, employees at Factory Harmonizer enjoy flexible working hours and gym membership. Stock options are also a part of the deal.

They are looking for a Data Monster 👉


5. Kodan 

Perks and Benefits

Kodan excels in modern web development and user interface design. They are working with API, video streaming, progressive web applications, a service that utilizes blockchain and a digital service platform for startups.

They have competitive salaries and all the benefits you would expect from an IT company: extensive dental care, insurance benefits, remote work, and flexible working hours. Kodan has tuition reimbursement for those looking to advance their education.

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Perks and Benefits Labs is a fast-growing, diamond-tier, technical growth agency rising in the global HubSpot ecosystem. Labs employees enjoy a menu of fringe benefits designed to add personal convenience and value to their lives. It includes continuous skill training, possibility to travel, family-friendly work culture, and stock options.

They are looking for a Full Stack developer 👉


7. Circles Consulting 

Perks and Benefits

Circles Consulting is a modern IT-consultancy. They help their clients in finding their way in the digital jungle, completing the journey together from start to finish.

Would you like everyday life to be easier?

Would you like to be involved in deciding the future of the company? 

Would you like to be able to influence your salary directly and transparently? 

Then apply to work at Circles Consulting. Not to mention you will get your health insurance covered and will enjoy free food

They are looking for a Data Engineer 👉


8. Surrogate Games

Perks and Benefits is creating the next generation of gaming – they call it Surrogate Gaming. Controlling and playing with real-life robotics, toys, vehicles, and more.

Surrogate Games offers a comprehensive arrangement of benefits such as extra vacations, stock options, and gym membership. Employees work hard, but they are also encouraged to play hard. They can work off stress (if there is one) at team activities of all sorts. 

They are looking for a Lead UI/UX Designer 👉


9. Knowit 

Perks and Benefits

Knowit is a consultancy company that creates unique client value by offering interdisciplinary deliveries in three business fields: Experience, Insight, and Solutions. 

Knowit was given the title of Career Company 2019, as one of the 100 most attractive employers. They offer traineeships in several countries and collaborate with multiple universities in the Nordic region. Not only does the company support growth and development, but also an enjoyable work-life balance with health insurance and flexible working hours

They are looking for a Senior Developer 👉


10. AddSearch 

Perks and Benefits

AddSearch is dedicated to helping its client’s website visitors find what they want, using the almighty Site Search solution. They work hard to make AddSearch the best possible solution for their clients, both large and small.

Their list of perks and benefits includes reasonable compensation, access to modern tools, lunch, and healthcare.

They are looking for SDR / Enterprise Sales Executive 👉


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