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3 Hybrid & Onsite Jobs in Oulu matching "Data Science"

Data Science Team Leader

FI flagOulu
Lead Data Sciencefrank ai
Exciting opportunity to lead a passionate Data Science team at Wapice, an award-winning Finnish software company excelling in IoT and AI.
Lead Data Science
Company Overviewfrank ai
Wapice Ltd empowers leading industrial companies worldwide with full-service software solutions, specializing in IoT, AI, and cloud technologies.
Company Overview
Innovative Workfrank ai
Drive transformation by leveraging advanced technologies for insightful decision-making in an environment that values innovation and teamwork.
Unique Benefitsfrank ai
Wapice stands out with a flexible hybrid working model, vast occupational healthcare, Epassi benefits, bike benefit, and a supportive, inclusive culture.
Team Leadershipfrank ai
Lead and support a dynamic Data Science team, facilitating operations, steering discussions, and mentoring team members to foster their growth.
Technical Expertisefrank ai
Combine technical proficiency in big data, machine learning, cloud technologies, and more with strong people leadership and project management skills.
Required Qualificationsfrank ai
A degree in Data Science, Computer Science, or related fields, experience in data science or cloud roles, leadership experience, and fluent English.
Flexible Locationfrank ai
Position available in Finland in Tampere, Vaasa, Helsinki, Turku, Seinäjoki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Hyvinkää, Oulu, or flexible remote work within Finland.
Interview Processfrank ai
The recruitment process includes two interviews where technical, personality, and leadership topics are discussed, ensuring a straightforward hiring experience.
Join Wapicefrank ai
Be part of a leading IoT and AI company, gain professional growth, enjoy a supportive culture, and transform business strategies through data science.
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Senior Software Developer (Geographic Information Systems)

4 (13)
FI flagOulu
Join Vincitfrank ai
Join Vincit, the awarded Best Workplace in Europe, and make tomorrow better with the world's most sensible digital services.
Join Vincit
Company Missionfrank ai
Vincit is on a mission to conquer and win by ensuring 100% satisfaction in creating world-class digital services for its clients.
Company Mission
Unique Traitsfrank ai
Love for work and hard work sets Vincit apart. Every Vincit employee and 100% of clients are extremely satisfied, making the company unique.
Industry Focusfrank ai
Vincit operates in the digital services industry, excelling in customer and employee satisfaction and recognized as a premier workplace.
Senior Developerfrank ai
The Senior Software Developer will design, develop, and optimize backend services using Java or Node.js, with a focus on Geographic Information Systems.
Main Requirementsfrank ai
Candidates must have over 5 years of experience in Java or Node.js, proficiency in English and Finnish, and knowledge in geospatial information processing tools like PostGIS.
Responsibilitiesfrank ai
Key tasks include working on public sector projects, collaborating with top-level developers, and engaging in a variety of technological domains, ensuring no monotony.
Flexibility Offeredfrank ai
Enjoy maximal flexibility and location independence at Vincit, utilizing our offices as you see fit, from Turku to Helsinki and hybrid work options.
Compensation Packagefrank ai
Competitive salary based on experience, plus Vincit’s bonus model, personnel fund, and transparent salary weeks ensuring a rewarding compensation.
Team Culturefrank ai
Be part of a modern, transparent, and humane organization, working alongside some of the top developers and experts in a local and international environment.
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Senior Java Developer

4 (13)
FI flagOulu
Join Vincitfrank ai
Be part of our fun-loving team as a Senior Java Developer, working alongside top-level developers and global talent.
Join Vincit
Company Overviewfrank ai
Vincit excels in delivering superior digital services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, distinguished by their client and employee-driven success.
Company Overview
Unique Culturefrank ai
Vincit boasts an award-winning workplace with a mission fueled by love for work and dedication, evident in our client satisfaction and employee happiness.
Project Varietyfrank ai
Work on a range of projects— from start-ups to global enterprises, legacy maintenance to AR/VR— ensuring you'll always find engaging and diverse challenges.
Position Requirementsfrank ai
Applicants need over 5 years of Java and Spring experience, familiarity with AWS, GCP, or Azure, and proficiency in Finnish and English for seamless client communication.
Main Responsibilitiesfrank ai
Design, develop, and optimize customer's backend services using Java, working alongside a multi-talented team of developers and experts.
Competitive Salaryfrank ai
Enjoy a competitive salary complemented by a robust bonus model and a personnel fund to ensure you're compensated fairly for your expertise and contributions.
Flexible Workfrank ai
Relish in maximal flexibility and location independence, setting up your workstation anywhere, supported by our exceptional office spaces when needed.
Development Opportunitiesfrank ai
Advance your skills and career through Univincity, our platform designed to support workplace learning, and our wide range of internal career opportunities.
Join Us Nowfrank ai
Apply to Vincit to be part of an innovative, supportive community, driving client successes while growing alongside Finland's top developers and experts.
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