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Visual Designer

Flo Health
3.5 (11)
GB flagLondon
2.8 - 3.35/hr
Empower Womenfrank ai
Join Flo Health, empowering 200+ million women globally with cutting-edge Health & Fitness apps.
Empower Women
Innovative HealthTechfrank ai
Be part of Flo Health, an innovative HealthTech startup harnessing data analytics and AI to revolutionize female health, with a near $1B valuation and rapid growth trajectory.
Design with Impactfrank ai
As a Visual Designer, evoke emotional appeal creating visuals for diverse app segments that align perfectly with Flo's brand identity, along with a team of expert designers.
Global Influencefrank ai
Leverage Flo's global reach by localizing visual content for an international audience across 22 languages, catering to users in over 100 countries.
Creative Expertisefrank ai
Bring 5+ years of graphic design experience, proficiency in Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, and a strong grasp of design trends to deliver compelling visual content.
Collaborative Environmentfrank ai
Thrive in a collaborative setting, partnering with product managers, content editors, analysts, UX researchers, and medical experts to design user-centric content.
Employee Benefitsfrank ai
Enjoy extensive perks including equity grants, paid leave, workations, and more, with a salary range of €2800 – €3350 gross per month in Lithuania.
Career Developmentfrank ai
Engage with career growth and learning resources in a role that offers annual salary reviews and unlimited opportunities for progression.
Cultural Diversityfrank ai
Join a diverse and inclusive team united in empowering users with no discrimination, making individual impact in a mission-driven and multi-cultural setting.
Apply to Innovatefrank ai
If you’re driven to innovate in a female-focused HealthTech space, apply now to shape the future of health at Flo Health.
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