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Senior Mobile Developer

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Role Overviewfrank ai
Join Vincit as a Senior Mobile Developer, revolutionizing mobile development for a diverse range of clients and projects.
Role Overview
Company Missionfrank ai
Vincit strives to make tomorrow better by providing world-class digital services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, conquering challenges together.
Company Mission
Award-Winning Culturefrank ai
Recognized as the Best Workplace in Europe and Finland multiple times, Vincit boasts a transparent and humane organizational culture.
Diverse Projectsfrank ai
Work on a variety of projects, from startups to large enterprises, and explore different technologies including AR/VR and legacy systems.
Skill Requirementsfrank ai
Candidates must be experts in native (iOS/Android) or cross-platform development with at least 4-5 years of experience in technologies like Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, or Flutter.
Client-Focusedfrank ai
Possess a customer service mindset and a willingness to collaborate closely with clients, maintaining a positive culture fit within the Vincit community.
Language Proficiencyfrank ai
Proficiency in both English and Finnish is essential for effective communication with clients on many projects.
Ultimate Flexibilityfrank ai
Vincit offers maximal flexibility and location independence, allowing you to set up your workstation wherever you feel most productive.
Competitive Salaryfrank ai
Enjoy a competitive salary based on experience, alongside a bonus model, personnel fund, and transparent salary weeks.
Top-Tier Teamfrank ai
Join a team of equally skilled experts, foster your development through Univincity, and harness various career opportunities at Vincit.
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