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Data Science Team Leader

FI flagJyväskylä
Lead Data Sciencefrank ai
Exciting opportunity to lead a passionate Data Science team at Wapice, an award-winning Finnish software company excelling in IoT and AI.
Lead Data Science
Company Overviewfrank ai
Wapice Ltd empowers leading industrial companies worldwide with full-service software solutions, specializing in IoT, AI, and cloud technologies.
Innovative Workfrank ai
Drive transformation by leveraging advanced technologies for insightful decision-making in an environment that values innovation and teamwork.
Unique Benefitsfrank ai
Wapice stands out with a flexible hybrid working model, vast occupational healthcare, Epassi benefits, bike benefit, and a supportive, inclusive culture.
Team Leadershipfrank ai
Lead and support a dynamic Data Science team, facilitating operations, steering discussions, and mentoring team members to foster their growth.
Technical Expertisefrank ai
Combine technical proficiency in big data, machine learning, cloud technologies, and more with strong people leadership and project management skills.
Required Qualificationsfrank ai
A degree in Data Science, Computer Science, or related fields, experience in data science or cloud roles, leadership experience, and fluent English.
Flexible Locationfrank ai
Position available in Finland in Tampere, Vaasa, Helsinki, Turku, Seinäjoki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Hyvinkää, Oulu, or flexible remote work within Finland.
Interview Processfrank ai
The recruitment process includes two interviews where technical, personality, and leadership topics are discussed, ensuring a straightforward hiring experience.
Join Wapicefrank ai
Be part of a leading IoT and AI company, gain professional growth, enjoy a supportive culture, and transform business strategies through data science.
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