MeetFrank Raises €1.5M to Tear Down Borders for Global Talent

MeetFrank Raises €1.5M to Tear Down Borders for Global Talent

Woohoo, we’ve got some wonderful news! Big thanks to everyone for the trust!


Our team has been working very hard for the past few months to do something out of the ordinary. We believe that aspiration comes before location. And we’ve made it our mission to show the best job offers that align with our users vision, globally. In today’s interconnected world, we see that location doesn’t matter as much.

Furthermore as there are some big companies today that are completely office-free, such as Automattic for example. We want to bring the world closer together and make sure everyone can discover their full potential, globally.


And here is our latest press release:


MeetFrank announced today its closure of a €1.5M funding round led by investors, Enern VC, Change Ventures, and Hummingbird. MeetFrank will use the capital to launch its new “relocation without location” feature that opens up international borders and helps global talent relocate for work.

The demand for talent is not being met on a global scale. According to research by HAYS, talent mismatches – the gap between skills employers are seeking and the skills available among job applicants – is increasing and could significantly thwart business growth.

MeetFrank’s secret career app, a machine learning and chatbot combo that anonymously matches companies with top talent based on data such as salary expectations, skill set and experience, is helping to solve the mismatch problem with its new “relocation without location” app feature. MeetFrank’s philosophy is that aspiration, not location, is essential for attracting the best talent. Applicants can now easily discover new opportunities abroad, and companies get talent that best aligns with their job requirements from outside of their local talent pool. 


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“Talent is willing to move for the right opportunity, but in most cases, the right opportunity never arises. Job opportunities outside your ecosystem are often inaccessible and global talent doesn’t know what their global options are. Additionally, great companies miss out on the best people because they don’t know how to reach them,” says MeetFrank CEO Kaarel Holm. “We want to match people to the companies that align with their views, values, and aspirations. Currently, the global talent pool is too biased towards location instead of attracting the best talent,” he continues.

Users are not required to provide their real name or any other identifying personal information in order to get matches with potential positions. The company aims to otherwise bring transparency to the job market with explicit salary offers and by helping passive job seekers assess their employment options without alerting their current bosses to their job search.

“MeetFrank has built an amazing platform that we believe will fundamentally change the way talent relocates and acquires work around the world. Employers will be able to find candidates across functions and geographies on a single platform that will become mission-critical in attracting talent,” says Filip Popovic, Principal at Enern VC. “We chose to invest in MeetFrank because they have a great team, the capability to build further traction, and they are on the cutting edge of technology to disrupt the recruitment process globally,” Filip Popovic continues.

To date, MeetFrank has raised €2.45M in total funding and currently has over 265,000 users, with its largest markets being Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Germany. Founded in 2017, MeetFrank has achieved hockey stick growth in local job markets and now aims to become the go-to talent-focused global job marketplace.


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MeetFrank aims to democratise the job market. Our secret career app tells you who wants to hire you and how much they are willing to pay. For jobseekers, the service is completely anonymous – the employer does not receive the applicant’s personal information unless they declare interest in the job. The app also shows the average salary of jobs that directly match the jobseekers profile.

MeetFrank was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with an office in Helsinki. The app has over 265,000 users worldwide. The service was launched as the official recruitment platform for Slush 2017. Companies who have used the recruitment service include Futurice, Wolt, Accenture, Smartly and Bolt. 

Our New Global Job Marketplace is Live!

Our New Global Job Marketplace is Live!

We’ve been cooking up something for the past few months and we’ve now launched our new app!

So, let’s dig right in: What is a global job marketplace? Why do you need it? How does it work?

You can find companies that interest you based on your aspirations rather than location. Happy with your location? We’ve got that too!


Before we get into the details, let me show you! Check out these videos on how it actually works.


You can choose offers from your local job market or go global. Go big or go home, right?

Set up your profile: skills, experience and industry and we will start matching you with the right companies.

Once matched you can see offers, potential salary and can decide whether you want to chat to the company further.

Don’t tie yourself down to a location just because you may think jobs elsewhere are hard to find. Now they’re right here with you in your pocket.

Like your post code? No problem, still get the best companies pitching to get you on their team locally.


Discover the coolest companies out there


Browse global companies by what interest you. There’s some many cool companies doing great stuff out there that you may not have heard of yet.

That brings us to another issue. Let’s say you want to work for a scale-up or a unicorn even – who doesn’t want to build unicorns, right?

Where do you find them? In MeetFrank app you can request to work for multiple unicorns in just one click!


Why we love this? 


Anyone who has ever applied for multiple different companies and jobs, modified tens or hundreds of CV’s and cover letters knows that in the end it comes down to the skill set, experience and most importantly – personality. You personality will not show on a CV, hence we’ve culled it!

And on the receiving end – when looking for your next dream team, is the CV important or is it the skills, experience and most importantly – personality? You get our drift…

P.S. Looking for a new team? Look here!


Check out company profiles and send a direct request


Interested in something specific? Track them down on MeetFrank – we’ll connect you to them directly!

One click, no hassle needed.


Our Vision


We believe that talent is borderless. In today’s age it doesn’t always matter where you are based. You are free to choose your best career path based on aspirations, not location. And even better, in many cases jobs can be completely remote.

Don’t get stuck on the borders of a country. Believe me, opportunities are everywhere, now you know where to look.

Let us know your thoughts on our new app, we’re dying to know.