Marketing Jobs in Lithuania: What The 2019 Data Shows So Far

Marketing Jobs in Lithuania: What The 2019 Data Shows So Far

As far as the best countries to find employment go, you can hardly do better than Lithuania. Heck, with its 8.6% annual salary increase and 98% happiness rate amongst residents in its capital city, Vilnius, you’ll have a hard time finding better. 

With a 500% growth rate since gaining independence in 1990, the Lithuanian economy is in solid shape. Following its 3.5% economic growth in 2018, the country looks set to enjoy a very prosperous few years. In fact, the country is looking so good, it is considered one of the standout members of the Baltic states. 

Its super-fast broadband capabilities are rated as one of the finest in the world, clocking speeds over 15mb per second (over 40mbps according to this report). This has in turn spurred massive amounts of internet usage in the country, with an estimated 2.04 million users by 2022. In case you’re wondering, that’s almost 70% of its 2.76 million population. 

Considering the booming online activity, it’s not a surprise that there’s a lot of marketing activity in the country. And with plans in place for the country to become an innovation hub by 2020, there’s more than a bit going around in the way of marketing jobs in Lithuania. 

If you’re looking to snag yourself one of these jobs, you’ll want to know what to expect. Read on to see the 2019 data on what’s trending for marketing jobs in Lithuania. 


How big is the opportunity for marketing jobs in Lithuania?


Quite big really. Data on MeetFrank indicates that there has been a staggering 289% increase in Lithuanian marketing job offers in the app recently. The stats show a significant increase over the first 6 months of 2019 as against the period between July 2018 to December 2018. 

Marketing jobs in lithuaniaAlthough there’s no clear reason for the increase, it is an indication that more companies on MeetFrank are looking to attract marketing talent. As the platform grows, so do your chances of meeting your choice employer. 

Lithuania has already expended much effort into attracting heavy foreign investment into the country. This has been geared towards several sectors including IT services and software development. 

Multinationals such as Microsoft, Barclays and IBM, all heavy on customer-friendly marketing and spin-kings in their own right, are established in the country. It’s not surprising that this is firing up the employment vortices and churning up the waters for marketing jobs in Lithuania. 


Who are employers looking for? 


Demand for marketers in mid-level and senior roles is currently highest on MeetFrank. The data suggests that companies are looking more to experienced heads to help ground their teams and drive innovation. 

Offers for lead roles are a distinct third while there is significantly lower demand for entry and executive roles. This makes sense as companies are unlikely to hire a posse of executives to lead their marketing teams. They don’t seem to be willing to spare the time and resources it would take to train entry level hires either. 

This means if you’re looking to get the marketing job offer you want, it might be necessary for you to skill up. That could go a long way to finding your dream pay too, as our data on average salaries shows. 

How much are they willing to pay?

Executives attracted the highest salary on average, earning €3,310 a month. This correlates with their habitually higher responsibility and required qualifications. Interestingly, juniors attracted lower average salary than employees in entry roles, earning almost €200 lower. 

While this is a surprising quirk, it’s expected that it is no more than that. Companies are usually eager to reward upward movement in their structure with higher pay and better benefits. Data from the next few months should show a reversal to more common trends. 

So far as overall salary data goes, there’s not a lot of spread between opposite ends of the spectrum. Employers were willing to pay an average of at least €1,225 with a maximum offer of €2,040 on average. The maximum recorded salary was more than double the maximum average though, at €4,900. 

The figures for January to July 2019 also reflect the spread of the overall salary data. The average for January was €1,200 while April saw the highest average at €2,242. 

average salaries in marketing lithuaniaThere was a bit of a drop from an average of €1925 in May to €1,630 in June and €1,421 in July. One possible explanation for the drop is the usual reduction in recruitment activity during the summer holidays. 

Summer is usually a time for a bit of rest and relaxation. Apparently, recruiters and the talent they habitually hunt think so too. 


Where do people want to work? 


Most of the requests by our users indicate a healthy interest to work for startups and companies offering remote workspaces. Several others want to work for the coolest offices. 

marketing in lithuaniaThe data indicates that more Lithuanians are jumping on the bandwagon of workspace disruption, favouring companies that are trying out new stuff. That makes sense too, considering that Lithuania already boasts quite a number of businesses that offer options for remote work

With the promises of less pressure, better work-life balance and increased productivity that remote work offers, it’s not hard to see why so many are interested. top 10 companies


Top 5 in demand skills


If you’re going to take a punt on one of the available marketing jobs in Lithuania, you should know what skills recruiters are looking for. 

Marketing strategy leads the way for many recruiters, constituting an important factor in 11% of job offers. Social media management follows at a close 10%, reflecting the increased importance attached to social media interaction by companies. Content marketing, web analytics and branding follow at 9%, 8% and 7% respectively.

The fact that there’s not a lot of spread to the requirements for these skills is a pointed reference to the increasing preference of recruiters for very skilled employees. Individuals possessing two or more of these skills will likely find interesting job offers with very handsome pay. 

Our data on the mix of skills that attract high paying offers also confirms this. For offers paying more than €2,500, content marketing, marketing strategy and project management were important requirements. 


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2019 Stats on Marketing Jobs in Finland: What You Need to Know

2019 Stats on Marketing Jobs in Finland: What You Need to Know

Opportunities in marketing have grown in leaps and bounds in recent times, especially for marketing jobs in Finland, as seen on our app. Everywhere you look, there’s one more insane stat confirming that it’s crazy to not be involved in digital marketing right now. 

Roughly 40% of all marketing job openings now require digital marketing skills. That’s twice as many as there were 5 years ago and the figure is steadily increasing. 91% of B2B marketers now actively use content marketing and 86% of B2C marketers swear by the marketing strategy, believing it to be key for business. 

Seriously, this shows that if you haven’t really considered it before, now might be the time to bet on marketing. And if you live or work in Finland, you’re in just about one of the best environments to get a great head start. 

Finland is currently doing its level best to position the country as a “smart” tourist destination that provides the “ideal digital customer” experience. It’s moving pretty close to that goal too, if reports are anything to go by. 

In a country that’s doing everything possible to improve the digital experiences of its visitors and citizens, there’s bound to be plenty of business for digital marketers. Cue our data on the booming digital marketing industry in Finland and how things might play out for you. 

In this article, we’ll share insights that we have gleaned from people working in marketing jobs in Finland. We’ll also share what we’ve learned from employers using MeetFrank to solve their recruitment needs and all the interesting data you’ll want to know. Let’s get in!


How big is marketing in Finland right now? 


Offers for marketing jobs on the Meetfrank platform in Finland grew by a gigantic 661% compared to the period between July 2018 to December 2018.

The reason for the increase? Hard to pinpoint any individual factor. Although, considering the increasing social media presence of a good majority of the Finnish population, it’s understandable that companies are doing more to reach them. 

Statista reports that nearly 70% of people in Finland aged 18 to 64 were active on social media in 2017. It was estimated that daily social media usage grew by more than 20% in 2018 alone and the figures are expected to keep rising. 

This, perhaps, underscores the sizable growth that is being experienced in the Finnish marketing industry. Ad spending in 2019 is currently estimated at $590 million, an increase of 11.5% year on year. Considering that the figures were $464 million in 2017 and $529 million in 2018, it’s easier to understand why there’s such a clamor for skilled marketers. 

If you have the skills to enter into this job market, you’ll be interested in the next set of stats. Here’s how much you could be looking to earn. 


Average salaries for marketing jobs in Finland


According to our data, the average of minimum salaries during the first half of 2019 was €2,447. At the other end of the scale, employers shelled out an average of €4,003 for higher paid jobs. 

This takes nothing away from the maximum salary offered though. At €7,000 a month, the lucky individual taking home our maximum recorded salary will be making it rain all through this year.

The average salaries for marketing jobs in Finland are much closer to the general average though. Trading Economics reported that salaries in Finland held at around €3534 per month in the second quarter of 2019. This was up from the average of €2,857 recorded between 2000 to 2019. 

Our data correlates with the 2019 figures with the highest recorded average of €3,740 occurring in May. Although, there was a drop in the average recorded between June and July, from €3,070 to €2,688. 

Although there’s no clear explanation for the drop, one likely factor is the summer holidays. We’ve observed that recruiters are generally less active during this period and the same goes for the talent they’re out hunting.  


What roles are currently in demand? 


The two most in-demand roles for 2019 are mid-level and senior roles, taking up 55% of recorded offers between them. This makes sense too. As the marketing boom in Finland continues, companies are understandably looking to populate their teams with more experienced heads. For many companies, it’s a time to consolidate and find a platform for better growth. 

Entry and executive roles are in much lower demand, with just 5% and 7% of recorded offer respectively. Again, the data for executive positions is understandable since you companies are unlikely to be looking for more than a handful of captains to man their marketing ships.

The more significant data is for entry roles. The implication is if you want to get in on the scene for marketing jobs in Finland this year, you’ll have to skill up and gain some experience. It’ll pay you handsomely too. 

Just by stepping up your skills to junior level, you can look to earn up to €800 more than an entry level marketer, at €3,636 average salary. And the bigger your role, the higher your average salary as our data shows. 


Where do people want to work? 


Most of our Finnish users are looking to hitch a ride on the coat tails of beautiful disruption. There’s a strong preference for startups, fintech and the next big thing. You can hardly blame them. What’s there to love about a job that doesn’t get your heart pumping?

Top 5 in demand skills


What do you have to focus on to ensure that recruiters come calling? Well, the top 5 in-demand skills for marketing jobs in Finland indicate preference for an interesting mix of talents. 

Although web analytics edges out at a slim 11%, SEO, content marketing and marketing strategy are considered just as important at 10%. PPC skills bring up the rear at a close 9%.

The almost negligible spread between these talents indicates that companies may not really be looking for an “either/or” bargain here. Each of these skills seems to be considered as important as the others. 

This is confirmed by our data on the mix of skills that attract high paying offers. Job offers paying more than €3500 require content marketing, marketing strategy and PPC advertising skills. 

So, it might be in your best interest to add a minimum of one more competence to your area of strength. That way you’d be at least twice as likely to get your dream offer. Good deal eh?


Find the perfect marketers and marketing jobs in Finland on MeetFrank


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