Mid-October Updates from the Global Job Market

Mid-October Updates from the Global Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-specialty reports, visit this page.

The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic may affect the plans of companies and job seekers in the near future. 😷

Looking on the bright side, there are still many companies from various countries across the world with great relocation packages. 🛩

Let’s recall some crucial points from our previous global job market report

👉 There has been a decline in the number of openings. 

👉 The first week of September saw the highest increase in the number of job applications.

👉 The market remained competitive for job seekers. 

Ready to discover what’s new in October? If so, here you go! 🚀


Job Market Overview

As we shared above, the number of job openings and applications went in opposite directions last month. ⬅️➡️

💡 What about now?

no of openings in global

This month saw an increase in the number of job openings by 13% while there has been a decrease in the number of job seekers. 

no of applications in global

👉Trends in the Estonian and Lithuanian job market share similarities with those in the global job market.

competitiveness on the global scale

When it comes to market competitiveness, we see that it has not changed at all since September. The ease of finding a job is still at the “Challenging level”.

🎁 Bonus: We will discuss market competitiveness per specialty further in the upcoming sections.

What about the gross offered and expected salaries on the global scale? Has the gap diminished in October?

salaries in global

Our data says that job seekers have reshaped their goals, and the increase of approximately 12% in the expected salaries definitely justifies this. 💪

How have the gross offered salaries reacted to this? 💸

As for the offered salaries, there has been a slight increase of 2.2%. The gap seems to be smaller now, but another adjustment is still needed from the job seekers’ side. 😉


Offered Gross Salaries per Specialty 

The global pandemic has led to seismic changes, from how we live and work to the status of the worldwide economy and recruitment. 😷

In this section, we will find out how the offered gross salaries have also changed per specialty since March. 

offered salaries in global

🔊 Here is a recap of the chart above: 

👉 When Software Engineering and Data & Analytics saw a slight decrease in offered gross salaries in the last 9 months, it was the opposite for the rest. 

👉 Design is the specialty that saw the highest decrease. We will see what November will bring for Design professionals on the global scale. 🙏

👉 February and March brought an increase in offered salaries except for the Sales & Business Development industry. 

👉 The last 2 months brought a notable increase to offered gross salaries in the Design and Data & Analytics specialties. 🤑


Top 6 Specialties with the Most Applications

Before diving into this section, here are the top 6 specialties with the most openings in the global job market in September: 🔊

  • Software Engineering
  • Design
  • Sales & Business Development

Similar to Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland, Software Engineering made it to first place in the global market as well.

What about the top 6 specialties worldwide with the most applications in mid-October?

top specialties with the most applications in global

✅ The top 3 is the same as in Lithuania: Software Engineering, Sales & Business Development, and Marketing & PR & Media.

✅ Does this also partially remind you of something ? The ones who were highlighted in the previous list – the top 6 specialties with most openings in September – have shared the right answer. 🏆

Design and Tech (Project Management) have a very close number of applications. 

✅ Job seekers have favoured the Data & Analytics specialty the least since mid-September. 

🤔 Despite this fact, market competitiveness is still challenging in Data & Analytics. So, we can conclude that the number of openings in this sector is quite low for this industry. 


Market Competitiveness per Specialty 

Now is the turn of market competitiveness per specialty in the last 4 weeks. We will have a closer look at how easy it is to find a role for job seekers. 👀

competitiveness in global

💡 Finding a job in Software Engineering, Marketing & PR & Media, and Data & Analytics has become a bit more difficult in the last 4 weeks. ⬇️

💡 Competitiveness for the Sales & Business Development and (Tech) Project Management industries has stayed at the same level which is sadly “difficult”. ➡️

💡 Let’s leave some room for the good news: Design experts will find it relatively easier to switch to a new job. ⬆ So, you better hurry, artistic job seekers! 🖌 

Want to learn more? All the above is public information. For more information take a look at MeetFrank Insights! 🔊


Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

🤩 This month, we welcomed new members to the MeetFrank family: Sia Nordic Homes, Ubiquiti, UniteLabs AG, HASH, TWINO, and SIA “MyHR”!

Have a look at their latest offerings below: 👇

Download the MeetFrank app and see more job postings from different companies! 📱

Meet the 10 Most Popular Companies on MeetFrank App

Meet the 10 Most Popular Companies on MeetFrank App

September is the favourite month of job seekers—as much as it’s the back-to-school season, it’s also “back-to-work” or “let’s search for the dream job” time for most. 💪

Luckily, employers are not thinking differently at all this September. From Software Engineering to Marketing, there are many openings that  job seekers would fancy. 😎

Let’s discover the 10 most popular companies on MeetFrank during the month of September. 🥁 

top 10 companies with the most job offers on MeetFrank in September 2020

Let’s delve into the four points that caught our eye.

💡 Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and Poland-based companies make up the list in terms of the highest number of job openings.

💡 The industries that those companies operate in range from Gaming to loT, fromTransportation to Finance to Recruitment

💡 The top three spots are occupied by a corporate, a unicorn and a scaleup company respectively

💡 Lithuania has the highest number of active companies this month. 

Now, let’s dive into each company and look at what they are offering to job seekers. Ready? 🕵


1. UAB Teltonika

UAB Teltonika Academy office

Congrats to the most actively hiring company in our list, UAB Teltonika from Lithuania. 👏

The Vilnius-based company has been developing loT solutions for over 20 years for clients around the world. Their mission is to create products and solutions to be used globally and to become indispensable for all businesses. 📈

Do the terms “telematics”, “smart autonomous solutions” or “telemedic” sound familiar to you? 

Are you looking for an opportunity to be part of a big established company that has been a long-time industry player (and definitely one of the strongest)? 🏢

Do professional teammates, fun team events and a cozy office sound good? 🤩

If yes, check out the latest openings from UAB Teltonika. The company is currently looking to fill the positions below: 

👉Technical Support Engineer

👉 Testing Engineer

👉 Backend Developer (Node.js)

Want to see more openings? Download the MeetFrank app now! 📱


2. Bolt

bolt ad in LondonHave you come across Bolt’s latest advertising campaign in London?

Second place goes to Bolt, an Estonian unicorn ride-hailing service provider. Just so you know, it’s the 3rd fastest-growing company in Europe with over 30M customers in 35+ countries. 🦄

The company expanded across Europe and Africa in recent years with the mission of “building the future of transport”. 

Compared to most companies worldwide, Bolt had fairly a good year in 2020. The company managed to close a new funding round, boosting its valuation by more than half in May.

Moreover, the Bolt team has recently added a zero emission and zero cost feature for their customers—walking

Thinking it’s the end of Bolt-related news? Not at all. The company has announced that they will make their e-scooters climate positive by the end of 2020, and become the first e-scooter operator to achieve this

Bolt also offers their employees countless perks such  flexible hours, gym membership, company retreats, and of course, stock options! 👏

We bet you are now motivated enough to check the recent job openings from this amazing company. So, here you go! At the moment Bolt is looking for a:

👉 Deeply Passionate Data Scientist

👉 Senior Software Engineer – Backend

👉 Senior Android Developer

👉 Mobile QA Engineer

👉 Marketing Design Lead

👉 Customer Support Specialist – Estonian & Russian


3. Tesonet

tesonet office

The third place winner is the Lithuania-based Tesonet, a tech company specialising in cybersecurity, machine learning, and business hosting as well as technical support and media & PR. 🙌

The company works with 200+ experts across various products, servicing 80+ countries worldwide. 

In addition to truly becoming a Lithuanian startup success story, the Tesonet team also knows how to have fun. Check their Instagram account to see what life at Tesonet looks like! 🥁  They also offer health insurance, ompany retreats, team events, and free food. 🍕

If your favourite words are PHP, Python and Golang, and working for a thrilling company in Lithuania sounds good, check out their recent job openings below! 🔊

👉 Senior QA Engineer (Security Product)

👉 PHP Developer (Business Security Solutions)

👉 Low Level Software Engineer (Security Product)

👉 Junior IT Customer Success Manager (Day/evening/night/weekend shifts


4. UAB People Link

UAB People Link

Our list continues with a recruitment company from Lithuania. Meet UAB People Link! 😊

As one of the important players in the talent management and consultancy industry, The UAB People Link team’s strength lies in their ability to attract and select successful middle managers and qualified specialists. 👨👩

🕵 Recently, the company has been looking for more talent, mostly in the Software Engineering specialty. Bearing in mind that it has been relatively easy for software engineers to find a job in Lithuania as of the end of September, this is not very surprising. 

There is strong demand for you in Lithuania, dear software engineers. 😎 If you are also interested in the remote work option, gym membership, flexible hours, and lots of free coffee, UAB People Link could be ‘the’ place for you. 😉

Interested? Check out the recent job postings from the company below. 👇

👉 PHP (Symfony) Developer

👉 Mid .NET Developer

👉 Linux Admin / DevOps

👉 Senior C++ Developer

If you want to pursue a career in recruitment and Lithuania is on your radar, your next stop might be UAB People Link, who knows? 🙏


5. Intrum Global Business Services

Intrum Global Business Services

Another ranking, another company, location-wise the same country— Lithuania-based but Norwegian-owned Intrum Global Business Services shines in fifth place. 👏 

Established in 2014, Intrum Global Business Services provides credit management services. 💶

If you prefer working at a global giant rather than at a startup, you will like the next paragraph. 🏢

Intrum Global Business Services has a big team of 400 experts across Europe. The company offers a wide range of services from operations and finance to business analytics and accounts receivable management. 💰 

So, what do they offer to their employees in addition to a great career opportunity? Well, the answer sounds quite good: company retreats, team events, health insurance, gym membership, and free parking! 🤸

If you are a Finance person or want to pivot your career towards accounting, have a look at their job openings below. To see more, you know what you should do. 😊 

(Hint: Download the MeetFrank app.)

Here are the available spots at Intrum Global Business Services at the moment: 👇

👉 Operations Specialist (Collection)

👉 Financial Controller

👉 Accountant

👉 Norwegian Speaking Operations Specialist

👉 1st Line Support Specialist


6. Indigroup

Indigroup Vilnius

Sixth place goes to another Human Resources Consulting company from Lithuania—welcome to our list, Indigroup

Operating in the market since 2010, the company has completed nearly 1000 projects over the past 10 years with over 250 clients. On their website, they also proudly announce that their customer loyalty is 96%. 😵

Nowadays, talent management is facing more challenges than ever due to the continued uncertainty of the current situation for both employers and job seekers. 🤔

However, Indigroup definitely seems to be good at what they are doing! 👏 Plus, they have a great team of experts and an inspiring office in Vilnius. 🤩

If Human Resources Consulting is a sector you want to get into, check out the company’s recent job openings now. Maybe your next job is one of them. 😉

👉 Head of Digital Media Strategy

👉 Sr. React Native Developer

👉 Mid./ Senior C++ Developer

👉 Senior Java Developer

👉 Media Strategist


7. Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä Helsinki

“Enabling sustainable societies with smart technology.” Does this resonate with you? If so, here comes the winner of the seventh spotWärtsilä, from Finland

The company has over 200 locations in 80+ countries worldwide. 🌍 As a global leader in smart technologies for marine and energy markets, Wärtsilä’s favorite terms are “sustabinability”, “innovation”, and “efficiency”.  💚

In 2019, Wärtsilä’s net sales totalled EUR 5.2 billion with approximately 19,000 employees. If you are planning to work at a big company with a solid track record of success and to be part of a multicultural team, Wärtsilä is the place for you. 

If your expertise is in Data & Analytics, Accounting or Software Engineering, don’t scroll to the next section without having a look at the openings below! 👀

👉 Master Data Expert

👉 Enterprise Architect Technology

👉 Data Privacy & Compliance Lead (HR)

👉 Product Security Development (SDL) Expert

👉 Account Sales Coordinator Finland & Sweden


8. Vinted/Kleiderkreisel


Come over here, fashionistas! 👖👚

Did you know that the 8th place winner Vinted/Kleiderkreisel is the largest online international C2C (customer to customer) marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion

From a local website to a community of 30M people in 12 countries, Vinted/Kleiderkreisel is one of the most popular Lithuania-born companies. 😎

On the platform, you can sell, buy, and swap secondhand clothing items and accessories. A great idea that serves the customers by offering them variety, the company due to huge worldwide expansion and also the world from a sustainability point of view. 👏 

Besides, their perks range from remote work and stock options to gym membership and team events. Sounds great, doesn’t it? If so, let’s find out who Vinted/Kleiderkreisel is looking for:

👉 Security Engineer

👉 iOS Software Engineer

👉 Financial Reporting Specialist

👉 Digital Attribution ETL Developer/Data Analyst

👉 Senior Accountant M&A

9. Nortal

Nortal office

In 9th place, we see Nortal, a multinational strategic change and technology company.

With headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, the company also operates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 🌍

With the motto of “building a seamless society”, Nortal provides public sector and private sector clients with data-driven business transformations.

The company’s recent news section makes for interesting reading. First, the Nortal team announced that they are set to acquire Schütze AG, a leading strategic consulting and software engineering company in Germany. 💪 💪

The second news story is that Nortal won silver at the Estonian Design Awards 2020 in the Service Design category in the public sector. Congratulations from the MeetFrank team! 🤩

Interested in team events? Aside from being a quite successful company, Nortal organises cool team events such as the Nortal Walking Challenge. 🚶🚶‍♀️

Now is time to have a look at the recent openings from this thrilling Estonian company.

👉 Business Analyst

👉 JAVA Developer (Mid or Senior)

👉 Full-Stack Java Developer Tech Lead / SKAIS

👉 Front-End Developer Angular

👉 BI Expert

10. Ten Square Games

Ten Square Games office

Our list ends with Ten Square Games from Poland. 📱

The company’s name speaks for itself, but to make it even more clear, Ten Square Games is one of the biggest mobile games development companies in Poland. 👏

Founded in 2011 in Wrocław, the company now has a team of 250 people serving 21M active players.🤩 Their company culture leaves room for lots of fun and puppies as well. 🐶 Ten Square Games is a great place to work at, not to mention their cool perks such as team events, company retreats, health insurance, gym membership, and lunch benefit. 👏

If gaming is not only your hobby but also your career goal, check out their recent openings. 

👉 Product Owner

👉 Game Designer (Studio Level Expert)

👉 Software Engineer

👉 Lead Game Server Engineer

👉 Lead Game Developer

To see even more openings and meet with top companies worldwide, don’t forget to download the MeetFrank app. Wishing you lots of success in your job hunt! 🍀


Global Job Market in August 2020 – What to Expect?

Global Job Market in August 2020 – What to Expect?

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

While the recovery process slowly and cautiously goes on worldwide, the number of coronavirus cases in Europe has recently begun to increase again. We’ll see how this will affect the global job market. 😷

In our previous report, we had shared that the number of global job applications in the MeetFrank app was a bit higher in July vs June – there were still lots of companies looking for talent worldwide. 👍

If you’re ready, let’s find out more about the July and August stats and discover the ‘mosts’ of the global job market. 🥁


Job Market Overview

As of the first week of August, there has been a decline in the number of job openings. 📉

number of active job openings globally

On the other hand, the number of job applications seems to have slightly decreased as well. Let’s see what the rest of August will bring.

number of job applications globally in August

The global market has been competitive for job seekers in general. The needle is pointing to the yellow ‘challenging’ level for now. 🤔

global competition

While it’s even more difficult for Sales and Business Development professionals, Data & Analytics experts will find it much easier compared to others. 🍀

What about the average and expected salaries?

global average salaries

The global trends are no different to the situation in Finland, Estonia, and Lithuania. It seems the average offered salaries exceed the expectations of job seekers

Although both have decreased a bit lately, there is still a visible gap between them. 👀


Top 6 specialties with the most applications in July

Which industries have had their names in lights in July?

top specialties with most applications globally

The top industry in the global job market with the most applications in July has been Customer Support, unlike in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania. 

If your expertise is this industry, well, you’re the lucky one nowadays! 🤓🍀

Software Engineering, the cool kid at school, ranks second. 👯

The list continues with Design and Marketing & PR & Media industries. The former could hardly find a place in the top 6 in our other reports for Estonia, Finland, and Lithuania.

So, Design is much more popular worldwide than in these countries. 😎 This could also be related to the opportunities and number of job openings as well. 


Top 10 companies with the most replies to applicants in July

When we apply for a job, receiving a positive reply is our dream. What if we get rejected? Wouldn’t it be good to hear about this as well? 🤔

The companies below share the same opinion! Here are the top 10 companies with the most replies to applicants in July: 👇

companies with the most replies globally

The ‘Kindness Oscar’ goes to Arundo Analyticsa software company headquartered in the US. The company develops proprietary software for asset-intensive industries, like oil & gas, maritime, and power. 👯 Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it!

It’s followed by the Aklamio, a referral marketing company providing SaaS solutions from Berlin, Germany and Latvian Httpool, a digital marketing and performance company which is the largest international partner of the major media platforms.

The rest of the list continues with Flockler, Cavai, SadaPay, Lokalise, ACELR8, sMover, and Sparq

When we have a closer look at this list, what stands out the most is that the most active companies worldwide when it comes to replying to applicants operate in the Marketing and Software Development industries. 

There are two companies from the US, the United Kingdom, Germany and Latvia on the list. Pakistan and Norway are both represented by one company. 🎆

Companies with the most openings in July

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the slow recovery, and the summer laziness, some companies are still actively hiring. 

Let’s have a deeper look into which companies have been sharing the most job openings since July. 🕵

companies with the most openings globally

1st place goes to SadaPay from Pakistan, also one of the most active companies when it comes to replying job seekers. 🤩

It’s followed by Lokalise from the UK and OGD ict-diensten from Netherlands. Well done and congrats! 

Sparq OU, personal finance platform for every day use from Latvia is in 4th place. The winner of 5th place is Visual Meta from Germany.

Westernacher Solutions from Germany, iPhone Photography School from Latvia, Flockler from the UK ready2order from Austria and Arundo Analytics from the US are the other active companies of the last month.

💡 The stats say that July’s ‘most active’ country is the UK. 


Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

This month, Phonebot from Pakistan joined the MeetFrank family! Keep in mind that the company is actively hiring and they’re looking for a PHP Developer. 🖥

Download the MeetFrank app today and check out more openings! 

Top 10 companies globally with the most applications in June 2020

Top 10 companies globally with the most applications in June 2020

Nowadays the global job market is a bit like the European countries which are opening their borders. It is recovering slowly with cautious steps, but things are better than in May and June. 💪 Hopefully, there’ll be even more opportunities in August. 👀

In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 companies globally on MeetFrank with the most applications in June. First, let’s start with the general country profile on MeetFrank globally.

countries with the most companies on MeetFrank

As we can see in the chart above, there are 91 companies from 14 countries on MeetFrank. The top 3 are Pakistan, Latvia, and Germany

Now is time to meet the winners! 🌟

top 10 companıes wıth the most applicatıons on MeetFrank ın June

Let’s delve into these companies. What about their company type and size?

company size and type of the top 10 companies with the most applications on MeetFrank in June 2020

As we can see above, startups and scaleups make up the majority of the list. In June, job seekers seem to have preferred working with companies with a fresh mindset yet with a strong growth potential.

SaaS, Technology, and Finance are leading the way when it comes to industries.

But what has made these companies so favorable? Why have job seekers preferred working with them? Let’s  focus on each company that made it to June’s list of global stars. 🥁 

1. iPhone Photography School

photo by iPhone

Wouldn’t it be great if you got the most out of your iPhone by taking awesome photos?

It seems someone else has asked this question before, thus the iPhone Photography School, also known as “the number 1 company with the most applications on MeetFrank globally”, was born in Lithuania. 👏

The Riga-based company offers in-depth photography learning resources to those who want to unleash their potential in this art form. In their words, they want to “bring joy to people’s lives by inspiring and empowering them to create beautiful photos”. 🤳📱

It’s a no brainer that the iPhone Photography School is the job seekers’ favourite globally! 

If you want to be part of an creative team and work at an inspirational office in Riga, here are the latest openings. iPhone Photography School is looking for: 👇

Download the MeetFrank app and apply today! 👍📱

2. Blockchain.com

office scene from blockchain.com

Blockchain technologies are reshaping the finance world and more and more people are becoming interested in them. 💻

So, not that surprisingly, Blockchain.com from the United Kingdom is celebrating second place on the list. As the world’s leading software platform for digital assets, Blockchain.com has a large team of 51-200 people. 👩👨

If you want to build your career in the finance sector and are looking for a new role at the moment, Blockchain.com can offer you many opportunities, an open finance future and the chance to be part of a prestigious company with a strong culture, to name but a few! 


Cavai logo

🤑 A revenue of 1M to 3M, a large team of professionals and a great office in Oslo. Meet Cavai, a market-leading conversational adtech company from Norway

As the third most applied for company, Cavai works with advertisers, agencies, and publishers. 

If you are working in the Marketing industry, chances are you might be finding it a bit challenging to find a job nowadays. It’s also good to remember from our previous global job market report that there has been a decline in gross salaries for Marketing professionals. 

So, the point is, Cavai might be offering your dream job right now. Currently Cavai is looking for: 👇

4. SadaPay

sadapay card visual

When we look at the top 4 in the list, we can see that job seekers have mostly applied for successful startups in June. And SadaPay from Pakistan is one of them. 👏

Offering the highest number of openings as of today, SadaPay is a free debit card and mobile wallet with no monthly fees. They have three offices in Lahore, Dubai, and Islamabad

Recently, the company has announced a new exclusive partnership with Mastercard, which is likely to grow their number of users.

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity in one of these cities and want to work with a fresh team, tweaking their tagline which is “Say goodbye to annual fees”, we tell you to say goodbye to your job search and have a look at their openings below. 🤩

SadaPay is looking for:

5. Visual Meta

man drawing something on the board

Based in Berlin, Visual Meta is a prestigious company, founded in 2009 and acquired by the Axel Springer Group in 2011. 

The company connects online shops and consumers through their online shopping portals. 📱 As a corporate company, Visual Meta has a large team of professionals. 

If you’re seeking opportunities in Germany, this could be the one!

6. OLX Group

OLX Group

In 6th place, we see OLX Group from the Netherlands, a company with over 1000 employees. Want to work at a corporate giant? Here it is! 🏆

OLX Group is the world’s fastest-growing network of trading platforms and their services are used by 300 million people every month. 

Have you heard their latest news? Recently, it was announced that the company joined forces with Encuentra24 in Central America. 💪

If you’re interested in working in the Consumer, Retail, and Fashion industries, then OLX Group may have lots of opportunities for you. Keep an eye on the MeetFrank app to catch their job openings!

7. Aklamio

Aklamio office berlin

Berlin, referral marketing, a large team from 51 to 200 people, a promising scaleup company. If these sound good to you, then Aklamio, 7th in the list, might be your next company. 🤩

With the goal of becoming one of the strongest acquisition channels, Aklamio is a referral marketing company providing SaaS solutions in and out of Berlin. 

It has been challenging for Marketing & PR & Media professionals to find a job in the past 3 months globally, which you can also see in our previous global job market report. If your expertise is Marketing or you want to make a ‘pandemic pivot’ in your career to this industry, this could be your chance. 

Download the MeetFrank app, check the openings below, and apply today! 🌟

Aklamio is looking for:

8. Komoot


Interested in traveling? Can’t say no to adventurous trails? Want to be part of a company that makes it easier for adventure lovers (like you) to plan and navigate routes easily? 

If so, join the ranks of those who have made Komoot one of the top 10 companies with the most applications globally. 🚀

Based in Germany, Komoot is a scaleup company providing navigation and recommendation technology for cycling and hiking tours. Founded in 2014, the company has become popular among the biking community. 🚵

If you want to build a career at an exciting scaleup in Germany, Komoot might be the one. Check the MeetFrank app to see their future openings. 

9. ready2order

ready2order team picture

🎆 Here comes an inspiring success story. Ready2order, 9th in our list, was born as a simple hobby project. By 2015, it became quite a successful company, having helped more than 10,000 small business entrepreneurs with their point of sale

Based in Austria, ready2order offers a simple and easy to use point-of-sale system designed for small businesses, retail and restaurants. 🏢

If you’re a fan of team events, keep in mind that ready2order has lots of creative ideas to keep you fresh and feel part of the team! Besides, there’s the opportunity of remote work and flexible working hours as well. ⏱

Want to be a part of this thrilling company? ready2order is looking for: 👇

10. Orange LV

orange lv

Last but not least; based in Riga, Lithuania, Orange LV offers creative solutions, custom tools, big data management, and experiential design for industries such as Gaming and Media. 📱🖥

Their expertise ranges from animation and VFX content production to content creation, platform and application design for AR/VR/MR/Mobile and software solutions. 🤓

🔊 Attention, software engineers, creatives and geeks all around the world! if you want to work at a full-range interactive media company, this one is for you. 

🌍 To hear more about the top companies, promising startups and thrilling scaleups worldwide, download the MeetFrank app, see all the openings and take your career to the next step!  



Chainalytics is a recognized global leader in supply chain consulting, analytics and market intelligence.

Their mission is simple: To help companies capture the maximum value from their supply chain. With end-to-end supply chain expertise and market intelligence, we support supply chain transformation at every planning horizon.

Chainalytics accelerates fact-based transformation for supply chain leaders around the globe, including 18 of Gartner’s Top 25 supply chains. We bring unparalleled passion to our core purpose

Their approach is unique: We combine decades of experience with leading-edge analytics and market intelligence to provide proven methods and the actionable insight necessary to help organizations stay at the forefront of changing trends and practices across all areas of the supply chain.

Their specialties include: Supply Chain Design, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Logistics Operations, Transportation, Service Supply Chain, Packaging Optimization, Integrated Supply and Demand Planning, Freight Market Intelligence, and Managed Analytics Services.


Office locations*

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Atlanta, GA, United States
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Denver, CO, United States
Helsinki, Finland
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Nobody knows cyber security like F-Secure. For three decades, F-Secure has driven innovations in cyber security, defending tens of thousands of companies and millions of people.

F-Secure’s sophisticated technology combines the power of machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security. F-Secure’s security experts have participated in more European cyber crime scene investigations than any other company in the market.


Office locations*

Helsinki, Finland
Poznań, Poland
Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Solna, Sweden
Warren, NJ, USA
Munich, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Rueil-Malmaison, France
Oulu, Finland
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Paris, France
Bordeaux, France
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Trieste, Province of Trieste, Italy
Warsaw, Poland
Basingstoke, UK
London, United Kingdom
Manchester, United Kingdom
Bourne End, UK
New York, NY, United States
San Jose, CA, United States